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Producer/musician Lars König – She Bites
Interviewed by Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Birgitt Schwanke at GerMusica PR for setting up the interview.
Thanks to Pride and Joy Music for the promo pictures of the band.
Additional single promo pictures taken from the band’s Facebook page.

She Bites comes from Germany and is led by singer/actress Melanie Stahlkopf and musician Lars König (Lioncage, ex-Skyline) which who I sat down and had a talk with a little while ago. The band recently released their debut album titled JOYRIDE which is jammed with a bunch of feelgood AOR/Melodic rock tunes. So here follows a shorter interview with Lars König and if you’re into music in the veins of Robin Beck, Fiona and Starship then She Bites is definitely something new and exciting to get your hands on.

Hi Lars, thanks for taking the time making this interview, how are you doing today? What’s the status in Germany regarding the covid-19 situation?

Hi Anders, I’m fine thank you. We just celebrated my birthday and the release of she bites album „joyride“. I’m a bit tired…Laugh.

The covid-19 situation in Germany is relaxed at the moment. But nobody knows what will happen the next weeks or months. But live gigs are still not possible.

Let’s take it back to the beginning, when did you and Melanie Stahlkopf first meet and when did you decide to form a band together?

I’ve known Melanie for a long time, because of different live-bands i was involved. In summer 2019 Carsten (drummer she bites) and i had the idea to make something new. We were looking for good voices, so i called Melanie. I sent here the first song-idea and she wrote „heartbreak hotel“. It was so great, that it was clear that she will be the first choice for she bites.

Heartbreak Hotel (Lyric Video)

Was it easy to find members for the band?

Yes this was really easy, because when we found Melanie, we asked Arvid Lucas (bass she bites). He is one of the best bass players here and so she bites was born.

Who came up with the band name She Bites, and does the name have any special meaning to you two?

To be honest, we had a different band name in mind, but Carsten came up with „She Bites“. And this sounded really good to us. But no special meaning.

When did you first start to write material to the debut album? Are all of the songs specially written for the album or did you use any of your older songs?

No, all these songs were written for she bites. We started in summer 2019 and finished it in January 2020. Really fast.

Who wrote the music and who wrote the lyrics?

I have written all the music and I always had Melanie’s voice and singing in mind.

I tried to write songs, that makes here shining. She is such a good singer, but she has something special on top. So i wanted to write songs that she can show her emotions and great melodies. Some i have written with Krissi (daughter from our drummer Carsten) , because of her more modern style. She is such a great talent.

What are the lyrics about and where do you find the inspiration to create material?

The whole album is about fun and joy. Enjoy your life, especially in these difficult times. It’s about everyday worries and needs and to make the best of it.

Do you consider she bites as a band or a project?

Oh it is definitely a band. I don’t like all these projects, with musicians together for just one album. We want to stay together for a longer time and we will see where that leads us.

When you formed the band what kind of musical vision did you have?

We want the best from pop and rock music. Great melodies and huge guitars. The most important thing is the song. It has to catch you. If a guitar solo or a drum break needed..Ok, but if not, just keep on with the song.

The album contains 11 tracks and clocks in on about 40 minutes, and you also featured a cover of a Sugababes songs, who came up with the idea to make a cover of their song?

This was the idea of our drummer Carsten. He likes this song very much, but he wanted it in a rocking way. And if you have a singer like Melanie, you can do that, because she can really sing anything, and it sounds great.

Joyride (Official Video)

What are the longest songs “rock the night” and “heartbreak hotel” about?

“Rock the night“ is about party and enjoy yourself and “Heartbreak hotel“ is about a hot secret love affair.

Who did the cover art work of the album and are you happy with it?

Carsten made the cover art work and we are really happy with it, because it shows exactly what the music is about.


Who came up with naming the album joyride? I think it’s a proper title for the album since i think joyride is a happy album and it makes you glad..Any references to the old Swedish act Roxette’s album with the same name? 🙂

The title track „joyride“ is our second single and we thought that is a perfect name for the album. This album will be a joyride for you. Melanie is a huge fan of Roxette and it’s a kind of tribute to this band. But our joyride has nothing to do with their song.

On “rock the night” Olaf Senkbeil from Dreamtide makes a guest appearance and sings a duet with Melanie, how did he end up on your album, are you old friends?

Olaf is one of the best singer here in Germany. I played with him in several bands, for example „skyline“. You may know this band from the Wacken open air. We asked Olaf to sing this song, as a demo. Because Steve Overland from „fm“ should maybe sing it. But Olaf did such a great performance on this one, that it was clear, that he will be on the album.

To which people do you think joyride turns to? The hard rock lover or also the mainstream music listener?

I hope both of them. That is she bites about. On one side these mainstream pop melodies and on the other this rock style with big drums and a lot of rocking guitars.

I read AOR as a description of what kind of music genre she bites is in, but how would you like to describe what kind of music the band play?

It’s the best of both worlds. It’s power pop with rock or rock with pop voices. But in the end most important are the songs.

Do you agree with the following statement i read in the biography provided – joyride offers the best of the 80’s in an exciting way. A fairy wheel ride on a summer’s day”?

Yeah I really love this statement. That’s it. It’s all this with a modern sounding production. The album has a really good sound.

Any current plans on starting to work on the next album soon?

At the moment we are working on the promotion for this album. But I’ve already started with some new ideas for the second album.


Well, that was all for me right now. Thanks again for taking the time making the interview, stay healthy and safe! Do you have any words of wisdom to fans and readers out there?

Thank you Anders, a great honor for me.

May people listen to the album and get their copy. Watch out for she bites, because we will play live in 2021, maybe near to you.

And most important stay healthy and enjoy your life.
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