Wilderun – Veil of Imagination

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Reviewed: July 2020
Released: 2019, Century Media Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

On the surface, Veil of Imagination from the Boston-based Wilderun looks like another progressive or experimental metal album, but once you dig deeper you find there’s plenty more to this band and album than meets the eye.

Wilderun has released their third full-length album which makes strong use of orchestration and adds epic range and avant-garde experimentation to their unique take on the folk, symphonic and progressive genres.

I will note that this album is not for the easily distracted, but if you dig a band who can compile epic songs about the weird and wonderful into 66 minutes, you need to hear this record. Melodies reign supreme and the songs are not all guitar-driven, which will make you smile if you think that’s overrated.

One minute you feel like you’re on an epic journey across fantasy lands like Rohan and the next you’re contemplating some very interesting and absurd ideas as the guys touch upon personal problems. There’s something here for everyone who is tuned into the worlds of folk and progressive metal.

What Wilderun signify here is that metal is not just for entertainment, it is a showcase of the amazing talents contemporary musicians possess; this isn’t an album I’d place high on my personal charts, but will give it much credit for amazing me with its content.

Give Wilderun a try if you want a band who take all the best elements of the aforementioned genres and remaster them into an epic tome laden with adventure and ideas.



1. The Unimaginable Zero Summer
2. O Resolution!
3. Sleeping Ambassadors of the Sun
4. Scentless Core (Budding)
5. Far from Where Dreams Unfurl
6. Scentless Core (Fading)
7. The Tyranny of Imagination
8. When the Fire and the Rose Were One

Band line-up:

Evan Anderson Berry – Vocals, guitars, piano
Dan Müller – Bass, Synths, orchestrations
Jon Teachey – Drums
Joe Gettler – Lead Guitar
Wayne Ingram – Orchestrations

Band Website: