RAMLORD-From Dark Waters

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Reviewed: July, 2020
Released: 2020, Inverse Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

I believe that many people have the perception that all extreme Metal musicians are humourless and misanthropic, based on the music they make, and often the image they portray.   However, I feel that many extreme Metal musicians are musicians first and, like everyone else, just people.  In my experience people like to have fun once in a while so I’m never really surprised when Black Metal dudes for example play something other than Black Metal.  You have to be pretty dedicated to only play one narrow sub-genre and as I said a lot of these guys want to explore musically.   This is the territory where Ramlord is.   They remind me of bands like Audrey Horne, Black Metal dudes who just want to rock out and write songs that would not fit into their main band.

I would not call Ramlord a Finnish ‘supergroup’, they would probably laugh at that, but there is certainly some pedigree in the membership including ex members of Bloodride, Belial, Impaled Nazarene, and National Naplam Syndicate.  This is the bands debut album and already they have had a significant change in sound from the first EP from a few years back.  Our Greek writer reviewed that EP ‘We Are The Night’ a few years back if you are interested.

The new album is straight up traditional Metal and hard rock with a sufficiently dark edge.  No songs about girls, girls, girls on this one!   The band somehow straddles modern and classic all at the same time. You might hear some 70’s inspired cowbell in one song but the modern darker guitar tones give these driving songs some underlying menace and power.

The band has had a vocalist switch and with newcomer Timo Salmenkivi behind the microphone, all the guttural and Black Metal vocal elements are gone leaving just his clear natural voice, which is a little in the high register but has some nice power and delivery.   I would have even liked to hear him a little more upfront in the mix.  Perhaps that confidence will come in time.   The pace is mid-paced with a few bursts of speed but this certainly falls into the classic/traditional ranges, not to fast or too plodding but surging along with good electric energy.

I’m finding a hard time to compare this band to anyone, which is maybe a good thing!  Ramlord have really tapped into something exciting here retro and new at the same time, and above all FROM DARK WATERS is a collection of great songs.

Track listing:

  1. Love Of The Damned

  2. From Dark Waters

  3. Haunting All Over The World

  4. Blindfolded

  5. Chained God

  6. Hell Is Here And Now!

  7. Non Serviam

  8. To The Battle


Timo Salmenkivi -Vocals

Jarno Anttila  -Guitar

Janne Mannonen- Drums

Niko Karppinen- Bass

Tommi Kanerva-Guitar