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OsyronReviewed: July, 2020
Released: 2020, Indie
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

Time, money, energy and conflicting interests are the enemy of any independent band. It is hard to maintain momentum but fortunately Osyron seem to have been able to combat all those opposing factors and put out some new material.   Just at the tail-end of the global pandemic of 2020 the band have opted to put out a new EP (or MCD if you prefer) to help keep them in the public eye and build on the strength of their last excellent 2017 album, KINGSBANE.

FOUNDATIONS is a five track EP running a solid 30 minutes and it doesn’t have any filler, or cover tunes or novelty songs or any of that crap that often gets assigned to stop-gap EP’s.   The cover art is pretty decent, similar in style and execution of the last album.

Osyron continue on with their excellent style of dark, slightly progressive Power Metal.   I know it is a cliché (or lazy writing) to describe a band by comparing them by other bands, but at times it is a necessary evil, so if I had to pick a band or two I might say I hear some Demons And Wizards, Evergrey, an older lesser known band I like called Wicked Maraya and maybe even some of the cool folk elements of a band like Falconer especially on the acoustically driven cut ‘Battle of The Thames’.  However the band is certainly strong enough to stand on it’s own merit.  The band get a little more loose and rock and roll inspired on ‘The Ones Below’ with some really nice screams from vocalist Reed that are harmonized with the really great soaring solo. The album finishes strong with a cut called that starts with an acoustic guitar intro before heading off for the horizon.

There are so many bands in the pool right now it is really hard to stand out, so many bands, I’m afraid to say go for a gimmick or the comedy route to get noticed, but I’m pleased that Osyron has really just concentrated on writing five rock solid metal songs.

If you will indulge me with one more band comparison, this just struck me while I was listening to the MCD again, I hear a bit of the exciting new-ish band Witherfall, especially with the really well done, acoustic/electric interplay.   Everything about this band is top quality and one of the most proficient, mature, classy and yet still exciting new bands in this field.

Track Listing:

1. The Cross
2. Ignite
3. Battle of the Thames
4. The Ones Below
5. Foundations

Line Up: 

Tyler Corbett-Bass
Cody Ansley-Drums
Krzysztof Stalmach-Guitar
Bobby Harley-Vocals, Guitar