GRAVE DIGGER-Fields Of Blood

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Grave Digger

Reviewed: July, 2020
Released: 2020, Napalm Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP has had a history of supporting Grave Digger since the very beginning. We have reviewed just about everything the band has ever done. Oddly enough somehow we missed reviewing the last studio album THE LIVING DEAD (2018) BUT I’LL get us back on track with this review of the bands 21stalbum FIELDS OF BLOOD

Quite a few bands are mentioned when people talk about consistency, but surely Grave Digger is near the top of the list.  Not too much has changed the band is still on Napalm, and the band still co-produced the album in Germany with Jorg Umbriet, who has worked with the band on the last twelve consecutive studio albums. The only change is that longtime (20 years) drummer Stefan Arnold has left the band and is ably replaced by countryman Marcus Kniep, who has been working for the band for well over a decade.  One minor change was they used the services of Russian artist, Alex Tartus, primarily known for doing Death Metal albums, for the cover art. They replaced long-time collaborator Gyula Havancsák, who did the last nine Grave Digger albums. Maybe the band felt it was time for a change but I like HAVANCSAK’s style a bit better.

I was a bit surprised when the band announced that FIELDS OF BLOOD was a part of the Scottish Highlands trilogy that started in 1995 with TUNES OF WAR  and continued in 2010 with THE CLANS WILL RISE AGAIN.  I’m torn. Is this a uninspired attempt, a third time going back to the well of the arguably most successful album of their career, TUNES OF WAR?  Or is it the natural conclusion of a perfect trilogy?   I’ll give the band the benefit of the doubt.

FIELDS OF BLOOD has everything you could need or want in a Grave Digger albums, some speed, some atmosphere, some anthemic cuts, the guttural roars  of Bothendahl and all of this time around with the added flair of bagpipes. The last few albums have been pretty streamlined in terms of delivery but this album has a bit more dynamics for example the epic 10 minute long title cut FIELDS OF BLOOD. This is the second longest song he band has ever written, first being ‘Heart Of Darkness’ the title track of the album of the same name, back in 1995.

Once again Grave Digger does not disappoint and they continue their relentless climb to be one of the most consistent and prolific Metal bands of all time.

Track listing:

1.The Clansman’s Journey
2. All for the Kingdom
3. Lions of the Sea
4. Freedom
5. The Heart of Scotland
6. Thousand Tears
7. Union of the Crown
8. My Final Fight
9. Gathering of the Clans
10. Barbarian
11. Fields of Blood
12. Requiem for the Fallen

Line Up:

Chris Boltendahl-Vocals
Jens Becker-Bass
Axel  Ritt-Guitar, Keyboards
Marcus Kniep-Drums, Keyboards