Amorphia – original member/drummer Vivek Prasad

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Original member/drummer Vivek Prasad – Amorphia

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Michael Lueders at Black-Roos Entertainment for setting up the interview
Thanks to Awakening Records for the promo pictures
Additonal live pictures taken by Credit: Live_t_matsunaga


From India comes the thrash metal trio Amorphia that released their second album MERCILESS STRIKE early 2020. Since I hadn’t heard about an Indian thrash metal act before I was intrigued to learn more about the band and their music and simply hooked up with original member/drummer Vivek Prasad in order to get to know more about this thrash piece and their past endevours in the music industry. So here comes a short but informative interview with the great Amorphia which music you’d like if you’re into bands like early Slayer, Exodus, Testament and Sodom.

Hi Vivek, thanks for taking the time making this interview with me and today. How are you doing? What’s the status regarding covid-19 in India?

Hello, Thanks for having me in the interview. Yes , we are all fine and doing good !

The situation is bad but there is not much restrictions now. Hope the people takes this seriously and be able to live with it like every other country now.

Could you tell me and the readers a bit about the background of Amorphia like when the band was formed and why it was formed?

The band was formed in 2012, we were formed as a college band doing covers of Metallica, Slayer etc and we loved to jam but we weren’t so serious into it! But once we got our first single out in 2014 we felt like we needed to make more and more thrash metal music

Martian Law (Official Audio)


You and singer Vasu are original members, when did bass player Faizan join forces with you? The band have gone through a few bass handlers through the years right?

Yes . Faizan joined in 2018 . Manu was our first bass player so we haven’t gone through so many line-up changes. Sujay filled in for Faizan during our Japan tour due to visa issues.

The band released the 2018 year debut album ARMS TO DEATH on your own with no label backing you up? How come?

We applied for quite few labels but it didn’t work out ! We needed to release it 2018 itself so we did it DIY. Actually we love what we did as full DIY album and we had good sales and promotion too. But it’s too hectic as you have to work on your own to get the PR agents and distros for reaching out your music and being a debut album is even difficult .

Awakening Records later released ARMS TO DEATH last year, how did it feel to have a real label taking care of the release?

Its really good we love working with Awakening records. The press agents, promotion and distribution is all taken care by them which is making out job easier.

Which bands have influenced Amorphia? I think you have a lot in common musicwise with bands like Exodus, Slayer and Testament.

Sodom is our primary influence added on by German thrash bands like Kreator, Accuser. Then comes Demolition Hammer and Slayer!

Radiation Overdose (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


What it’s like playing thrash metal in India? Is the metal/hardrock scene huge and are there many active bands?

Thrash metal its good to play in India but the metal scene in India is not that great compared to European countries. In India the music scene is completely into Bollywood music/Film industry. Bands that are now coming up are more into core metal but I’m glad to see old school acts coming up !

Kryptos is a great band, they have been around for years and influenced us a lot !

In January the band released your second album MERCILESS STRIKE, when did you begin to work on material for the album?

We started work of the album around August/September 2019.

Who writes the material and what are you inspired by when you’re creating music?

Vasu writes major parts. I add drum coloring based on my drumming influences. We don’t listen while creating music, we write about what’s in our minds at the time!

What are the lyrics on MERCILESS STRIKE about?

Its about the humans destroying the planet in different ways Like Artificial intelligence, evolution of science, its after effects on the nature and mother earth, radiation effects etc.

If you compare the debut album with MERCILESS STRIKE do you think the band have developed musicwise? And if so in what way?

Yes , in every aspect! I think our music is sounding more mature now but we didn’t do it purposefully. It evolved with time!

The album clocks in on 35 minutes and includes 8 tracks which in my opinion is quite short. Was it your intention to do a shorter album or did it just happen?

It just happen! We just concentrated on the songs and album quality! We need quite satisfactory results for each track and give out the best tracks in the album!

The band is active on bandcamp where it’s possible to buy your albums, are there many fans that bought the albums on the site so far?

Many actually. Bandcamp we use for international sales and Instamojo for Indian customers. They are both good platforms but bandcamp specifically helps music artists! Yes, we got very good profit this year and its more than enough to spend for next album on promotion, recording and most of the expenses on our own.

In retrospect are you happy with the outcome of MERCILESS STRIKE or do you feel you should have done anything in a different way looking back?

We are happy with the result! More to come in the next album!

During a quite short amount of time Amorphia have become a pretty big name within the old school thrash metal scene in your country, how does that feel?

Feels good ! We had no idea how the thrash metal will be accepted in a country which has no good history about it. But after the release the response we got was amazing and people are really loving the old school thrash metal aggression!

Now there are few thrash metal bands and scene is rising up in India. Last year we had a lethal thrash metal festival too !

Do you have many fans outside of India? Is it hard to be a trash act from India and make it big in other parts of the world like Europe or USA do you think?

Lot of fans actually ! We toured Japan twice in 2019, 2020 and happy to be part of TRUE THRASH FEST 19’ and 20 ‘ . Merch was almost sold out on our second Japan tour !

We have fans following from EU and US. Most of the merch sales in our website are from these two . We hope to do a tour next year in Europe and make our music reach even further!

Have you done a lot of touring yet and when the covid 19 situation have calmed down do you have any plans on heading out on an Asian tour etc? Any plans on heading over to Europe and North America on tour?

Couple of tours. Two Indian tour and Two Japan tour! Definitely a European tour next year! We have offers from Asia as well but need to see how we can work out both! A US tour is very expensive for us at the moment but we will definitely see to it after the next release.

From what I can see there’s only about 1000 copies of MERCILESS STRIKE released by Awakening Records, is that correct and if so why so few copies?

It’s the first album release exclusively via label! It’s the right number for us at the moment! Next album we will push in more sales as we have good amount of reach now!

Are there any plans on releasing the new album on vinyl?

Yes we are working with our label on it.

Are you happy with the work Awakening Records have put into the band the album so far?

Definitely, its good to be on a label that works exclusively for your genre

The band’s Facebook got about 4000 likes so far, do you think the fanbase is going to increase with the release of MERCILESS STRIKE?

Definitely, our sales last year is phenomenal like I said before ! We are working on our new album and we keep the momentum going which is very important!

What would you like to say to the ones who haven’t heard the music of Amorphia yet?

If you love old school thrash metal music then you should check out our both album ! Most of the reviews have mentioned that we’re influenced by Sodom so fans of Teutonic thrash metal will surely dig it !

Well, that was all I had for this time around, once again thanks for taking the time making the interview. I love MERCILESS STRIKE and really hope to see you guys performing on a Scandinavian stage so far, finally do you have any words of wisdom to share with fans and readers?

Would love to have few dates in Scandinavia next year! We will definitely meet soon brother !

Thanks for the support you have given us so far and we hope to catch up soon with everyone in near future! Cheers and stay safe !
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