My Wicked Twin – 3 Engines

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My Wicked Twin
3 Engines
2020, Independent
Rating: 4.5

Dr. Doerner has unleashed another album of catchy hooks that makes the songs almost familiar upon the first listen. There is that certain something that makes them easily recognisable despite being new and fresh. If you are expecting to hear music with similarities to what he wrote back in the 80’s with Helix then you will be in for quite the shocker. This is totally different even though you will get some of that signature guitar sound. No matter what Brent does, the guitar always has that tone to the bone.

3 ENGINES is an eclectic album from Brent, who is known for his Heavy Metal guitar playing. On this digital only albuum you do still get some heavy rocking songs but you are also treated to some more mellow music in songs like “Escape California” where you can envision yourself on a Pacific Coast Highway with the sun beating down on you, waves crashing on one side as you cruise down the road. It has that Summer vibe to it. While “House On The Highway” has a Country twang to it, complete with banjo. Not my personal favourite but some good songwriting nonetheless. It’s songs like “Light From Within” and “Gone Nomad” that have the heavy element to it. For me, it’s the last song on the release that does it for me. I really enjoy “Brain Dance” as it captures the upbeat, quirkiness of the lyrics that I really dug on the first couple releases. It’s what really set the band apart from the pact. While I enjoy just about everything that Brent/My Wicked Twin put it, it’s songs like “Brain Dance” that I keep going back too. 

 The musicianship is second to none. How can you go wrong with Brent on guitar and his twin brother on drums? Brian is one of the greatest drummers in Canada having played for the likes of Saga and Helix as well as others like Refugee in his career.

This is a fun listen and it may take a couple plays to get into a couple of the songs but once you do, 3 ENGINES will be a part of your Summer 2020 playlist.