White Crone – The Poisoner

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June 2020
February 23rd, 2020 / Self-Release
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

“Lisa Mann made a career as an award-winning blues artist, but never lost her love of metal music. Growing up in the mosh pits of the 1980s, she was inspired by bands such as Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath, Manowar, Dio, and more. A mostly one-woman project, White Crone is a love letter to this grand era of metal, and a lyrical homage to mystical storytelling traditions of yore”.

Positioned in the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon, to be exact, Lisa Mann is, in fact, an award-winning blues artist. Primarily for her amazing vocals and stellar bass playing, With four critically acclaimed blues releases under her belt, I had to dig a little deeper into Mann’s previous works. If you think she sings metal well, you need to check out her blues vocals as well. There are some great tunes there.

So that brings us back to THE POISONER. As stated above, Lisa grew up a metalhead practicing along with all of our favorite metal bands. Without reading up on why she did not choose a path down the metal slopes, to begin with, will be a story for another time. Just the fact that for the past two years, Mann has been creating and honing THE POISONER for release, who really cares about such other details.

THE POISONER in all aspects is a true blue metal opus. While there is no genre-defying creativity in terms of the style here, what we have been presented with is an original sounding band. The musical vibe is that of classic to traditional heavy metal with a bit of the gothic goodness hinted here and there.

Mann does indeed have a voice for metal! There is not one track on the album that ever intends to make the listener think otherwise. Mann can sit right up on the throne with any of the great female metal vocalists of the day. Musically, the same goes for what tunes she has created for this debut. THE POISONER at first listen, took me back to that time in heavy metal history when the genres were few, and the metal was pure.

This album is full of great and powerful and heavy metal goodness. There are some pounding riffs throughout as well as a couple of melodic sounding metal. Maybe commercial sounding is better to say than melodic. But overall, a truly great album from start to finish.

1. The Dream of Tiamat
2. The Poisoner
3. To the Abyss
4. Our Sacred Duty
5. Broken
6. The Seven Gates of Hell (Venom cover)
7. New Planet Earth
8. Interment
9. Edge of Gone
10. Melancholia
11. Under Hag Stones
12. 18 Rabbit


Lisa Mann – Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 1-5, 7-12)

Guest Musicians:

Larry London – Drums (tracks 1-10, 12)
Vinny Appice – Drums (track 11)
Mehdi Farjami – Guitars (lead) (tracks 1, 6), Guitars (rhythm) (tracks 1, 6)
Kevin Hahn – Guitars
Caton Lyles – Percussion (track 5)