Torrefy – Life Is Bad

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June 2020
July 1st, 2020 / Self-Release
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

When it comes to genre-bending or including several styles of music to classify a band’s sound, it can go either one of two ways. There tend to be some bands that try a bit too hard to include those classifications with an almost forced sense of playability. Not that they do not pull it off, it just stands out as a forced sound.

Canada’s Torrefy does not have this issue. Formed in Victoria, BC, in 2011, Torrefy is set to unleash their third full-length release, which I have here. And yes, you should feel a bit jealous you have to wait a bit longer to hear the thrash metal greatness which spews from the speakers.

Taken from their press release:
“Life is Bad is not a departure for Torrefy. Rather, it is a continuation of the journey to becoming the band that Torrefy was meant to be. Torrefy’s previous work lay more in the realm of Thrash metal, albeit not traditional Thrash due to our leanings towards a more progressive sound and a blending of influences ranging from Thrash metal to Death metal, Black metal, Classic rock, and Punk to name a few. Our new record is another step towards creating a sound that we refer to as Black Speed Death Thrash.”

Ultimately, Torrefy could just list that they are a thrash band. Yes, all the genres mentioned above are intermingled here, but where is the fun in that. And not that they are the first to include all of these genres into one, but Torrefy is maybe one of the best at it. LIFE IS BAD is my first encounter with Torrefy. I must say, I am pretty damn impressed. Their range of influential styles is perfectly mixed. LIFE IS BAD is one of those albums that get the blood boiling.

The album is damn near perfect in all aspects.


  1. Sarcophony
  2. Eye of the Swarm
  3. Outrun by Wolves
  4. GFYD
  5. Arborequiem
  6. The Thin Line
  7. Cells
  8. Torn Apart by Machinery
  9. Plague of Empires



Simon Smith – Bass

Daniel Laughy – Drums

Adam Henry – Guitars (lead)

Ben Gerencser – Guitars (rhythm)

John Ferguson – Vocals