Hyems – Anatomie des Scheiterns

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Reviewed: June 2020
Released: 2020, Black Sunset/MDD Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

“Anotamie des Schieterns” is the third full-length studio album by Germany’s black metal force, Hyems, who hail from the North Rhine area. Whilst I am not a fluent German speaker, I do know the album deals with examples of extreme failure and how angry and misanthropic it has made the band feel towards human society.

Using historical and personal examples in their lyrics, the band are attacking political, philosophical and cultural catastrophes and giving a proverbial middle-finger to the way society has let such things occur, and it’s delivered in a way that makes the band’s opinions a tad ambiguous.

The delivery of said lyrics is nothing short of majestic, and whilst the album opens with a somewhat cheesy sound of militant drumming, it takes off like a petrol bomb and scorches your ears in a blissful onslaught of well-crafted black metal.

If you’re into black metal that is raw and subversive yet atmospheric at the same time, then Hyems will not disappoint. On each track, there is an atmosphere akin to the type made by fellow Germans Nargaroth and the up-and-coming American demons, Imperialist. A strong and gut-wrenching explosion of sound is heard on “In Diesem Grabem” for example, that will hook the listener from the moment they press play.

Overall, this is a putrid tome of anger and defiance toward the modern world, all the way from the heart of Europe. This album has the strength and vitality of the German scene written all over it and if you really dig what’s coming out of Europe at the moment, this is compulsory listening.


1. Triumph des Scheiterns
2. Vom Bankrott einer Seele
3. Siechtum – Briefe vom Ende
4. In diesem Graben
5. Zerwürfnis im Tal Josaphat
6. Morgendämmerung
7. In Ketten

Band line-up:
FB – Bass
DW – Guitar
DM – Guitar
AEJ – Vocals
CA – Drums

Band Website: