Gomorra – Divine Judgement

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Reviewed: June 2020
Released: 2020, Noble Demon
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Kieron Hayes

Let’s get this out of the way right now: these guys really need to tour with Sodom. They even feature Damir Eskic of Destruction, so there is a German thrash connection. Maybe he can put in a good word?

Jokes aside, Gomorra’s sound isn’t actually that of teutonic thrash metal, though there is definitely a thrashy component to it. It’s pretty conventional power-thrash, dominated by wild solos, aggressive riffing and surging melodies. Divine Judgement, the band’s debut album, reminds me a lot of power-thrashers I got into in my youth, like Imagika or modern Paradox.

Iced Earth is another one that feels an appropriate comparison while listening to Divine Judgement (just listen to “Out of Control”), but it’s more often that band’s weaker offerings that come to mind. Just like on The Crucible of Man of Plagues of Babylon, there’s a feeling that the band has all the necessary components to produce something powerful, but they aren’t put together in the right way for it.

Gomorra’s music certainly isn’t bad, and has a lot going for it. There’s a good amount of variety in pacing and instrumentation, and there’s certainly plenty of energy behind it. But something’s missing. Power-thrash works when it takes the best elements of those two genres, merging the ferocity of thrash with the powerful catchiness of power metal, and Gomorra need to capitalise on that more, adding in more hooks and pushing that aggression further to make the songs more memorable.

The band is certainly at their best when truly cutting loose, as in “Gomorra” itself or “Hope for the Righteous”, where all those elements come together properly. There, we get plenty of drive and ferocity in the verses, punctuated by shrill wails, guttural roars and sprinklings of fiery solos abound. But elsewhere, too often the songs make for pleasant metal background noise, but fail to truly stand out.



1.) Canaan
2.) Gomorra
3.) Flames of Death
4.) Hope for the Righteous
5.) Out of Control
6.) Brother We’re Damned
7.) The City Must Fall
8.) Children of the Land
9.) Cleansing Fire
10.) Angels Amongst Us
11.) Never Look Back

Band line-up:

Jonas Ambühl – Vocals
Damir Eskic – Lead/solo guitars
Dominic Blum – Lead/solo guitars
Nico Ardüser – Bass guitar
Stefan Hösli – Drums