Metal-Rules Premiere: Expect The Unexpected With New Single “Wicked Serotonin” From Doom ‘An Blue

Doom ‘An Blue: L-R Jimmy Antle (Drums), Jesse James Dimitri (Guest Vocals), Lee Whiskey (Guitar), Dan Matheson (Guest Bass). Photo Credit-Mihaela Petrescu
Doom ‘An Blue: L-R Jimmy Antle (Drums), Jesse James Dimitri (Guest Vocals), Lee Whiskey (Guitar), Dan Matheson (Guest Bass). Photo Credit-Mihaela Petrescu
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Dynamic Duo Doom ‘An Blue are back with another lively music video, this time inviting collaborators to make the track “Wicked Serotonin” with vocals and bass. The recording and production on the video have taken over a year and they are pumped to finally be dropping it!

On this track, Lee Whiskey (guitar) and Jimmy Antle (drums) are joined by long time collaborators Dan Matheson on bass and Jesse James Dimitri belting it out on the mic formulating a familiar groovy song but yet, still miles aways from previous work done with others. Always driving to push the limits of themselves, Doom An’ Blue has this to say about the upcoming song:

“This may be the 2nd or 3rd song we ever wrote. Everything came together extremely easy, like too easy! Wicked Serotonin has always been the song we needed to practice the least because it was ingrained in our thick skulls from day one. The idea behind the video was a collaboration between us, Jesse, Dan, and Cintia. We wanted it to follow the last video and be a continuation of the story/our journey and as well, tell its own story. On the day we shot it, the concept was still quite vague but came together really fast the more we got shooting. The concept is roughly Lee and I (Jimmy), meeting with 2 strangers, all coming from a shitty place, and turning it around. Other aspects of the video set up the premise for the next single/video!”

With a well received first single, ‘Two-Bit Son of a Bitch’ (2019) under their belts, Doom ‘An Blue brings forth a truly eclectic blend of all rock styles that are further expanded with the individual styles of the many musicians they collaborate with.

“Wicked Serotonin” with guest vocals by Jesse James Dimitri and bass from Dan Matheson can we viewed via its premiere here on today.

Watch the video below:

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Having shared stages with different projects in Montreal, Canada’s thriving music scene since 2010, and becoming fast friends upon performing together in cover band Leather Up Yöur Ass since 2013, talks between Jimmy and Lee about creating something… unique finally began taking shape in May of 2016 while driving to a performance. Soon after a road trip to see Clutch in Schaghticoke, NY, without a note prepared to rehearse, the two walked into Cite 2000. A few hours later, they were left with countless ideas and even more questions.

What just happened?

What are we to do now?

What year is this?

After many a sundown accompanied by way more cold-to-room temperature adult beverages, 2 was agreed on as the lucky number. Jimmy and Lee conspired that the sounds, shapes, and possibilities of the project was to be left as limitless as the music which they would spawn, therefore inviting collaborators in the form of as many or as few guests from all ends of the musical universe as felt… juuuust right for each composition.

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