Electric Boys – Singer and guitarist Conny Bloom

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Singer and guitarist Conny Bloom – Electric Boys

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks Fernando Reis at Mighty Music/Target Group for setting up the interview
Thanks to Mighty Music for the promo pictures of the band.
The last three promo pictures are from the bands website

Swedish legendary hard rock band Electric Boys released a new single not too long ago and besides that the bands well known singer and guitarist Conny Bloom also managed to release a two track single. The releases were originally intended to be exclusive for Record Store Day at the 18th of April but as everyone knows the Covid 19 came and messed everything up. Anyway, I had a shorter interview with Conny Bloom about his new release with both the Electric Boys song 12 EP “THE LION’S ROAR” and his solo two song 12 EP – “MED CHARLIE I VENEDIG” (in English that “WITH CHARLIE IN VENICE”) and yes he do his solo stuff in Swedish. I had a talk with Conny about the new releases, what he thinks of Record Store Day, and what the status is with Electric Boys. Continue to read what he had to say.


Hi Conny, nice to talk to you today. I hope you’re alright in these corona infested days? Are you ready to talk about the brand new Electric Boys single that’s released a while ago?

Yeah, let’s rock😊

“The Lion’s Roar” is the name of the single and the song is a cover version of the Swedish act First Aid Kit’s song, the second song on the single is also a cover in the Joe Walsh tune “Life’s Been Good”, how come you wanted to make covers this time around?

Correct, we don’t do many covers and The Lion’s Roar was meant to be for a TV show (where everybody would perform a song from the Swedish charts by someone else). I made a ruff demo of it just to see what it would sound like and we liked the results. It was then recorded by the band when we did our latest album “The Ghost Ward Diaries”.

And how did you pick out these two songs? Do they have a special meaning to and the band?

We needed a B-side and I had a DAT tape with “Life’s Been Good” lying around at home from our Groovus Maximus sessions in Abbey Road in London. It’s kinda fun because it captured the great times we had being in that studio.

Isn’t this the first time you chose to record covers or have the band featured any other covers on any of the older albums?

We have done “Black Betty” by Ram Jam as well as some others over the years that I can’t remember now. We often throw in bits n pieces live from other songs, like “I am the slime” by Zappa.

In what way do you think you’ve managed to make the songs your own?

Well The Lions Roar gets a totally different vibe just from it being sung by a male singer. Also the fuzz guitar roughens it up a bit.

Do you think the fans of Electric Boys are going to like the single?

Hope so! You gotta expand the boundaries as a band and sometimes people like what you do, sometimes they don’t. I hope people don’t see us as predictable anyway.

You also released a solo single titled “Med Charlie I Venedig” with the song “Dags Att Vinna Wimbledon” on the b-side, which is released in only 300 copies on vinyl, what’s the story behind the songs?

The “Venedig” one was a crazy dream I had about being thrown in jail in Venice. It features Charlie from Hellsingland Underground (on vocals). Great band!

“Wimbledon” is an outtake from the Game! Set! Bloom! sessions.

Both singles was supposed to be released at Record Store day which originally was held at April 18th that due to the covid 19 pandemic been postponed to the end of June, what do you think of the Record Store day as the event it has become?

I love the concept as there’s not many record stores left. The feeling of buying a vinyl is great. You put it on, look at pictures, dig it. It’s how I survived my school years, listening to my Alice Cooper records and playing guitar.

Are you a fan of the vinyl format on albums? Are you a vinyl, or record collector yourself?

Yes I am fan but I don’t buy much nowadays.

The original Electric Boys drummer Niclas Sigevall has moved to USA and since 2015 Jolle Atlagic is the new drummer. However Sigevall still is a part of the line-up, how does that work and who takes care of the drums when Sigevall is in Sweden?

The drums are stored over here, in Sweden. Basically it gets too expensive to fly him in for the occasional club gig, enter Jolle. Niclas will some big show and tours. When we played Sweden Rock Festival last time, they both came on and played at the same time for a bit.

Two drumkits. More is more right?

Both of them are listed on drums at the single, which one plays on which song?

No, it’s only Niclas on both songs.

The previous Electric Boys album THE GHOST WARD DIARIES came 2018 and was financed through a pledge campaign, when can the fans expect a new Electric Boys album out in stores, and are you going to launch a pledge campaign for the next album too?

Pledge is no longer. Went bankrupt. Next album will be released via Target Group in Denmark sometime this upcoming winter.

Is a pledge campaign something you would recommend other bands to try? Were there any lessons learned along the way?

Oh my, let’s not go there. They owe lotsa people money, including us.
I thought the concept was great though.

Besides Electric Boys you got your own solo career as well as Peace Conspiracy, do you like to keep yourself occupied and busy, are you a workaholic?

I like to have things to look forward to.. Gigs, a recordings, rehearsals etc but I don’t consider myself a workaholic. In fact, I can be very lazy too. I’m kind of like ON or OFF.

Besides the fact that they are two different languages what’s the biggest differences between writing music in Swedish and English?

There are more pseudonyms to choose from in English.

Which language comes more naturally for you to write in?

Maybe Swedish, as it’s my native tongue. But I like both! English sounds cooler.

Well my time is up now, that was all for me and metal-rules.com this time. I wish you all the best and thanks for taking the time making the interview. As a huge fan of the band I really hope to see a new Electric Boys album out soon and preferable with a following tour 🙂 , take care!

Thanks for having me. All the best!



Conny Bloom solo page here

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