Demise of The Crown – Life In The City

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Reviewed: May, 2020
Released: 2020, independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Jack Merry

Demise of the Crown are a promising new metal band hailing from Montreal, Canada with strong classic heavy metal and modern power metal influences. After releasing their self-titled album in 2016 and building an avid fan-base after years of rigorous touring, the band return with their brand new album Life in the City.

Each member has spent their time paying dues in the Montreal metal scene and they have banded together with the same goal of a band determined to shake the very foundation of power metal. The current lineup of Darren Beadman (vocals), Manuel Iradian (guitars), Kevin Alexander (drums), Simon Doiron (bass) and Vince Doiron (guitar) has been going strong over the years, and the band have been crafting their own brand of heavy metal whilst simultaneously wearing each and every influence on their sleeves.

Influenced by the likes of Dream TheaterAs I Lay DyingAvenged Sevenfold, Opeth, Iron Maiden, a touch of Judas Priest and Faith No More, the band are working their way up the royal bloodline to cause chaos right alongside their heroes, including the occasional influences of death metal, components of hard rock, groovy riffs and catchy choruses alongside explosive guitar solos topped off with Beadman’s striking vocal techniques and unique tone.

These influences are none more apparent than on ‘Fixated’, one of the new album’s lead singles. With a Petrucci-sized opening riff, it’s a brutal assault on the senses before an onslaught of drums kick in and some Synyster Gates-inspired lead work takes over. The chorus sounds custom built for arenas as Beadman’s vocals shoot the song into the stratosphere. It’s a volcanic track, and against the explosive performance from the band, it’s the embodiment of all things heavy metal. This song alone is a complete home-run.

This is a common thread across the album, with blistering riffs for the verses and chorus parts than borrow more from classic rock than death metal and Demise of the Crown pull it off incredibly well. Played with such conviction, songs like ‘My Mind is Free’ and ‘Lightning Strikes’ are delicately crafted slabs of heavy metal, and ‘Gatekeeper’ and ‘Dying Heat’ are destined to be modern metal classics, as well as fan favourites.

Occasionally, the worn-on-the-sleeve influences would just make me go and want to listen to that band instead. For example, the opening (although excellent) riff of ‘Wild Life’ reminds me of Judas Priest, and after finishing this review I will probably go and play the near-flawless Firepower album they put out. Title track ‘Life in the City’ comes across as a Dream Theater knockoff, something from their self-titled album or Train of Thought perhaps?

Despite being very technical proficient and solid hard rock songs, after a while they do start to blend together to me. The band do seem to be repeating themselves a little, especially when it comes to structure. But hey, ultimately I’m nitpicking here. None of these songs overstay their welcome, and Demise of the Crown should be incredibly proud of this record.

The production is well above average, and every member of the band are on fire. They’re clearly hungry; bursting with passion and love for what they do and the music they make. Clean and harsh vocals cut through the mix, the eruptive solos twist and turn at each opportune moment, the pounding drums are cavernous in their delivery and the bass is clearly heard in the mix.

Life in the City is a very well made, written and performed modern hard rock and heavy metal album that will be on my rotation for a while. It feels familiar yet brand new all at the same time. Turn up your speakers and give this a spin, it’ll be worth your while. Demise of the Crown have something very special here, and they have a hell of a future ahead of them if they keep up this level of quality.



1. Dying Heat
2. Sparks Fly
3. Gatekeeper
4. My Mind is Free
5. Wild Life
6. The Immortal
7. Glorious Life
8. The Rise & The Fall
9. Fixated
10. Lightning Strikes
11. Life in the City

Band Members:

Darren Beadman – Vocals
Manuel Iradian – Lead Guitarist
Kevin Alexander – Drums
Simon Doiron – Bass
Vince Doiron – Guitar

For more info:

‘Life in the City’ is available now on all good digital streaming platforms.

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