Dead Kosmonaut – Gravitas

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May 2020
January 31st, 2020 / High Roller Records
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Be prepared to be amazed!

So I am sure in specific posts, I have told of my quest of 70’s prog metal bands. There seem to be many. Some of them more obscure than others, but they are out there, and these bands are outstanding too. So when I got my first listen of Dead Kosmonaut, I was hooked as these guys not only has that sound to them, they also encompass today’s heavy metal with skill and precision.

Now when I say heavy metal, I used the term loosely as this is not in the lines of ‘heavy.’ But it does fall under the moniker of metal as it is a melodic, progressive heavy metal. Yep, the blurred lines of 100 different sub-genres. I suppose from the moodier, atmospheric soundscapes offered up on GRAVITAS; one could say it is heavy.

Doing a little back searching on the band proved to be complicated. I could not find much out. Formed in Sweden in 2014, the group does have another full-length, and an EP is their discography. The group solidified their line-up while writing and recording GRAVITAS last year. Fingers crossed it is a line-up that remains intact.

GRAVITAS has eight tracks in the lineup. The album seems to have a half and half split in regards to the musical direction it takes. The first four tracks presented are a bit more hard rock laced in delivery and ingredients where the second half of the album catapults you into another state of being with a darker, doomy feel to it. Where ever it takes you as the listener is up to you. The soundscapes Dead Kosmonaut has created here are not only excellent in terms of listenability but also beautiful in general.

This one is for fans of heavy metal old and new. Heavy and melodic. Atmospheric and moody. And fans of Pink Floyd, Queensryche, and Grand Magus to Witherfall and Communic. GRAVITAS is a superb album that needs to be listened to over and over and over.

1. Black Tongue Tar
2. Iscariot’s Dream
3. Vanitatis Profeta
4. The Spirit Divide
5. Hell / Heaven
6. Gravitas
7. Dead Kosmonaut – Part I
8. Dead Kosmonaut – Part II

Mattias Reinholdsson – Bass
Henrik Johansson – Drums, Keyboards
Fredrik Folkare – Guitars, Keyboards
Pär Fransson – Guitars
Per “Hellbutcher” Gustavsson – Vocals