Ambush – Infidel

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Reviewed: May 2020
Released: March 13th, 2020 / High Roller Records
Rating: 5 /5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

A classic heavy metal sound at its best! Sweden’s Ambush is back with a vengeance with their latest full-length INFIDEL. They were formed in 2013. Ambush has been creating quite a buzz around the metal world with each release since its inception. This album seems to be the album Ambush has been working up to since.

INFIDEL is chalked full of melody, speed, and power. A real heavy metal classic in the making is what we have here. This album has what every heavy metal fan wants in an album. Memorable choruses, superb guitar playing with searing solos, a pounding rhythm section all accompanied by the soaring, massive vocals of Oskar Jacobsson.

Like their fellow countrymen RAM, Screamer, and Enforcer, Ambush just slay it here with every track on the album. It is NWOBHM meets American speed metal all wrapped up in a classic, yet glorious fashion. Ambush is a group carrying and keeping the heavy metal torch alive and well.

INFIDEL is just one of those albums that has the power to leave the listener a bit speechless after only one listen. It did for me. Even after a few runs through the album, I am still in a state of awe as this is such an excellent offering. Ambush really is wicked good! No doubt about it. And fans of those mentioned above as well as the likes of Helloween, Hammerfall, etc. will be adding a new favorite band to their list if they have not done so previously.


1. Infidel
2. Yperite
3. Leave Them to Die
4. Hellbiter
5. The Summoning
6. The Demon Within
7. A Silent Killer
8. Iron Helm of War
9. Heart of Stone
10. Lust for Blood

Ludwig Sjöholm – Bass
Adam Hagelin – Guitars
Olof Engkvist – Guitars
Oskar Jacobsson – Vocals, Harmonica
Linus Fritzson – Drums