Hyems – Interview with A.E.J. & D.M.

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Hyems – Interview with A.E.J. & D.M.

Interview by Demitri Levantis

To celebrate the release of German black metal group Hyems’s third studio album, “Anatomie Des Scheiterns”, Metal-Rules caught up with the band to discuss the new album, the German black metal scene and what they have planned for the future.

Thanks so much for joining us today. Let’s start with your new third album, “Anatomie des Scheiterns”, how is it any different from your previous releases?

A.E.J.: Compared to our previous album we finally found the sound and the atmosphere we always wanted to have. There’s also a little deviation in our songwriting: it’s a more melodic and faster than before. Due to the technical abilities of a new drummer it’s not only faster but also more precise.

D.M.: There were no limits in the songwriting process. This is just what comes out when we write the music that we want to listen to ourselves.


Are you covering any lyrical topics you’ve never done before?

A.E.J.: Actually not. We’ve been into human abysses in history but also everyday life ever since. This time we’re using “failure” as the Leitmotiv of the album. It’s a failure which unfolds these abysses and leads to the darkest episodes of our social life.


And are you employing any new instruments or styles you’ve never used before?

A.E.J.: No. Despite C.A. on the drums we haven’t changed anything.


How would you describe Hyems’s music to anyone who has never heard it?

A.E.J.: Scoring pure glaciation, the noise of absent values, ice and wintriness – that’s what Hyems stands for.

D.M.: Our vision of Black Metal.


Where does the band name come from, for any curious fans?

A.E.J.: It’s Latin for winter. Actually it’s written with an “i”. We had to change it to avoid any possibility of confusion due to an Italian band with the same name.


What is the procedure of writing and producing a new album, do you have a personal routine behind it?

A.E.J.: D.M. and D.W. create the basic song structure which is fleshed out during the rehearsals. It’s on me to destroy beauty and harmony.


And is it predominantly written by one member or do all members contribute equally?

A.E.J.: Like I said before, D.M. and D.W. build the base, I create the vocal lines. But actually we’re all elaborating the songs to their final version.

D.M.: Although the main ideas are coming from the guitars, our music really arises in the rehearsal room when we are building up the songs together.


What got you into black metal in the first place?

A.E.J.: Its danger, its coldness, its Punk attitude while Punk was already dead for decades.


And what do you make of the German scene today, has it changed a lot in the time you’ve spent in it?

A.E.J.: Actually we’ve never been part of its scene and we never will. Scenes are for hipsters and Nazis.


Do you think image is very important for a band?

A.E.J.: It helps to create an atmosphere on and beside the stage.

D.M.: Yes, especially for atmospheric styles of music like Black Metal.


Are there any bands you are listening to now who you’d recommend to anyone looking for new music?

A.E.J.: You guys should check out Fallen Tyrant – a really obscure South Hessian black metal trio.

D.M.: Check out the Black Speed Metal Punks Knife.


Do you have any plans for live shows or festivals on the horizon?

A.E.J.: Due to Covid 19, not anymore. Every confirmed show had to be cancelled so far.


Do you have a favourite country or festival where you love to play?

A.E.J.: I was in Chile for the Iron Maiden shows last year. These guys in the audience were totally nuts. I would love to play there someday, too.

D.M.: The country or venue is not important. It depends on the atmosphere.


When you have a day off from the band, what do you like to do for fun?

A.E.J.: Actually there’s not much money left for any fun. Playing in a band is a devastating passion.


Are there any particular bands you really enjoy performing or touring with?

A.E.J.: Sure: the guys of Fallen Tyrant or Frigoris. They have become good friends of ours over the years.


If any of your fans said they were starting their own bands, what advice would you give to them?

A.E.J.: Don’t. Just don’t!

D.M.: Do it for none other than yourself.


And finally, what do you enjoy most about being in a band?

A.E.J.: Not to grow up.

D.M.: It’s catharsis.


Thank you very much for dropping by and good luck with the album and everything else you have planned.

Anatomie des Scheiterns

1. Triumph des Scheiterns
2. Vom Bankrott einer Seele
3. Siechtum – Briefe vom Ende
4. In diesem Graben
5. Zerwürfnis im Tal Josaphat
6. Morgendämmerung
7. In Ketten

Hyems Lineup:
FB – Bass
DW – Guitars
DM – Guitars
AEJ – Vocals
CA – Drums