The singer and bassist, Fernanda Lira, quits Nervosa

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Goodbye, NERVOUS!

Everything has a beginning and an end, life is made of beginning and the end, it is the natural cycle of things. Some of these endings are pretty challenging and that’s definitely the hardest of my life – the hardest decision of my life.
I thought I would be in this band that is my passion, but I decided that today ends my journey inside NERVOSA.

It’s all right and I will always look at my tattoo on my fist and the past with great pride of what I built and I was part of, and above all, so happy to have touched each of their hearts with my art.

Forever I will carry with me that wonderful feeling, the desire to dominate the world, the feeling of writing the first lyrics, to release the first clip and recordings of the band, to do our first shows, of the happiness to go up on the first time out of the country, outside of my continent, to know each of the almost 60 countries that I have had the privilege to know over this period. Even of the people we passed and won, I will always remember and keep each one, because they made us grow and learn so much. Anyway, I couldn’t feel more accomplished from having contributed to the front line for almost a decade to become one of the most solid and known bands of the national metal, it was a hard and intense work, but it was worth every minute The best of the world.
So thank you, Nervosa and thank you to each of you for all this time, without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you for helping to fulfill each of the biggest dreams of the 14-year-old Femetal headbanger that I dreamed of having a metal band.

Anyway, I finish this cycle that I did the best I could do, with a lot of passion, dedication and honesty.

Making it clear that the decision is personal and it has nothing to do with the fatigue of tours, record label, nothing! My passion for the fans, for music and the road still lives intact inside me and I will continue to be in the metal with my new project (which has nothing to do with this decision).
As my choice hurts and it’s still going to hurt, I’m going to walk away here for a few days. In the meantime, I just ask you to be kind in this delicate moment for me. In the most, much love to all and again, thank you 💗🙏💗

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