A TRIBUTE TO THE PAST-A Very Brief And Incomplete History Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Tribute Albums

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A Very Brief And Incomplete History Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Tribute Albums

(Version 1.5)

by JP


As we hit the 50th anniversary of Heavy Metal this year (2020), as Managing Editor of Metal-Rules.com, one of my goals is to try to add more editorial content and technical information so people can use MR not only as a source of entertainment but reliable information as well.  In our 30,000+ pages of content, we have written almost 14,000 CD reviews, 500+ book reviews, 400+ DVD reviews. Over 25 years we  have conducted over 2000 interviews, and our international staff have reviewed over 1700 concerts and festivals world-wide.

We are also celebrating our 25th year as a web-site so to add even more value for our readers I would like to add  a series of articles about various facets of Heavy Metal.   Every year, I am increasingly happy to discover more and more authors, books, on-line publications, scholars and academic studies scouring our massive archives, citing and sharing our work.  Therefore, my modest goal is to continue to make Metal-Rules a resource and repository on a variety of (hopefully!) interesting topics and not just a shallow dumping ground of regurgitated press-releases, click-bait, pop-up ads, political posturing, countless lists and rankings of albums, and endless industry gossip.  There are plenty of good sites that already do that well and they are all enjoyable in their own way.

I’m not quite how sure this series  will manifest itself but our first feature was a history of Canadian Metal magazines and then we looked at Supergroups.    This month I am going to look at the phenomena of  tribute albums.  If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas for future articles, please let me know. You can reach me at joshuawood@shaw.ca.  Thank you.

PS.  If you want to skip the long article, you can just scroll down and look at the list of bands!


Update #1 (April 29th, 2020)   Added Tribute to Tankard

Update #2 (June 23rd, 2020)   Added Meredine Atomiche

Update #3 (October 21st, 2020)  Added Tribute to Possessed

Update #4 (Dec 1st, 2020) Added Tribute to Mr. Big

Update #5  (March 6, 2021) Added Sigh Tribute to Venom.

Update #6 (April 27, 2022)  Added Trbiutes to Raven, Slayer and Tsamis.


A Tribute To The Past

A Very Brief And Incomplete History of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Tribute Albums

What is a tribute album?

Tribute albums are quite an interesting creature in the music world, spanning all styles and genres and Heavy Metal is no exception.  A tribute, quite simply is a collection of songs; various artists doing a recorded cover version of another artist.  It is a tribute to that primary artist, band or musician.

For our purposes there are a few ways a tribute album can be designed. By far the most common are Metal bands performing songs of another Metal artist.  Another style can be various Metal artists performing a tribute to a non-Metal artist, for example, THRILLER-A METAL TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON (Deadline, 2013) or even on rare occasions, non-Metal artists performing a tribute to Metal artists, for example, Pat Boone’s infamous, IN A METAL MOOD (MCA, 1997).

I really enjoy tribute albums. I love cover tunes, hearing how one artist reinterprets a song originally written and performed by another artist. How could I not like tribute albums? They are essentially cover tunes albums!  There are already a few other articles and list of tribute albums on-line but I felt I wanted to give them some attention as a part of this series.

History and Timeline

Tribute albums have had an interesting development in the realm of Metal. The earliest tribute albums started appearing in the 1990’s which makes sense because Metal as a genre stared in 1970. For the first 25 years or so the genre was so new there was no one to pay tribute to…yet!

Once labels and bands realized that creating a tribute album was quick, fun, inexpensive to make and profitable, there was a massive surge in these tributes.  Although there were a few (very few) prior to this, 1994 was the year the tribute album really took off.  1994 saw the release of six tribute albums, one each for  Deep Purple, Kiss, Metallica and Venom and two tributes to Black Sabbath!    There was a bit of a lull in 1997 and 1998 , almost as if everyone was waiting on the sidelines to see if these tributes were going to be profitable and/or embraced by the public and lo and behold they were!   The trend began to grow and every year more  appeared, at a pace of more than one a month, to a peak around the years 1999-2001 when at least 60 tribute albums were released over a three year span.

Ultimately, the phenomenon was a bit short-lived. After the initial massive surge the novelty wore off and production dropped sharply. Although there are still a few, sporadic tribute albums being made every year, the volume is nowhere where it once was, circa 1994-2004.  Dare we call it ‘The Golden Decade of Tribute albums’?   That might give it a bit too much credit…  These days more and more cult level, bands such as Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road are the subject of smaller, independent produced, high quality tributes. With the industry-wide decline of record labels and CD’s as a viable media format, the glory days of tribute albums are behind us.

How many tributes are there?

It is exceedingly hard to pin-point an exact number, it is a moving target. For example, a quick search on Discogs, the popular music database, under ‘Tribute to’ and ‘Heavy Metal’ displays almost 2000 releases.  We know that is not even close to being accurate as the system tags everything with the word ‘tribute to’  and lists every pressing, reissue and variation of popular tributes. For example, the popular tribute to Black Sabbath, NATIVITY IN BLACK lists 45 variations!   Setting aside debates about distinctions between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal for a moment, and sweeping aside all the multiple pressings, my own best estimates puts the number of tribute albums at about 300.

Types of Tribute albums.

There are three primary types of Tribute albums, with some subtle differences, listed in order of commonality.

1. Record Label Tributes.

These type of tributes are when a record label such as Nuclear Blast gets all of the artists on their roster to contribute a song. Sometimes these songs are written exclusively for the tribute, but more often than not the label just pulls existing songs in their catalogue and simply compiles them in new packaging. At times these will be designed as a short-lived series with similar packaging. These tend to be a bit more commerce driven.   Hard Rock and Heavy Metal specialty record labels like Necropolis, Gun, Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Magna Carta, Remedy and many more, all churned out their fair share.

2. Stand Alone Tributes

Less common are tributes that are created by certain individuals or organizations who want to do a tribute to a specific band and then solicit artists from different record labels. These get a bit more complicated and expensive because of licensing and permission to use music from artists. These tend to be a bit more derived in just the desire to pay tribute to a band and seldom result in a series. Anyone can organize a tribute album to their favourite band and many people have. They don’t even really need to be a record label, although for organizational, music publishing and tax purposes they usually are structured as a independent record label of some fashion.

3. Thematic Tributes

By far the least common type of tribute albums are thematic tributes. Covering a wide variety of themes these can be based on a single band paying tribute to another band, such as Great White’s tribute to Led Zeppelin, GREAT ZEPPELIN (1998, Axekiller).  They can also be based on geography such as GODS OF THUNDER-A NORWEGIAN TRIBUTE TO KISS (Voices Of Wonder, 2005) or based on a genre such as RONDELLUS SABBATUM-A MEDIEVAL TRIBUTE TO BLACK SABBATH (TMC, 2003).   (See Appendix A for an interesting look at an example of regional tribute albums.)

There are also lullaby tributes, industrial tributes, celtic tributes, bluegrass tributes, orchestral tributes and any other sort of quirky thing you can imagine. Is an orchestral tribute to Cradle Of Filth, trash or treasure? Only you get to decide.

In my opinion, these one-off, weird things are always fun and have a unique spin as compared to a straight up ‘Metal-on-Metal’ tribute.  Lastly, tribute albums are mostly based on a single band but it can be a tribute to an individual such as the tributes to Ace Frehley, Dio, or Euronymous, although these are less common. There are even rare tributes where various artists pay tribute to a single album, like RE-MACHINED-A TRIBUTE TO DEEP PURPLE’S MACHINE HEAD (Eagle, 2012).

The Tribute Industry.

Over the years there were a few stand out organizations (labels) who really embraced creating tributes. It is not perhaps surprising that in the early days, they were all based in trendy California. These three labels were responsible for producing the majority of tribute albums with Century Media and Nuclear Blast contributing a small handful as well. (see Appendix B for a list of Nuclear Blast tributes)

Dwell Records

This low key, low budget record label was not known for high profile signings, a deep roster or providing ample tour support. However, they were known for primarily being a tribute label. Between about 1994 and 1996 Dwell Records created and released about 30 ‘regular’ releases and then switched over to tribute albums and over the next decade or so they released over 45 tribute albums, most of them in 1999 and 2000. Dwell became synonymous with tributes, and not necessarily in a good way.  (see Appendix C for a list of Dwell Record tributes)


This label jumped on the tribute bandwagon hard and has produced many over the years, upwards of 40 tribute albums.  They tended to specialize more in Melodic Metal and Hard Rock with an American focus.  Due to the labels good distribution in North America these releases were cheap, plentiful and easy to find in big retail chain stores when CD’s were still in fashion.  Often these titles would be re-branded and repackaged with alternate artwork to lure unsuspecting consumers, but they had some real gems as well.


DeRock entertainment group produced dozen or so tribute albums.  Like Deadline they specialized mostly in the Hard Rock/Melodic Metal arena. More often than not Bob Kulick of Kiss had his fingerprints on the creation of these tributes.

General comments: 

Another aspect of the tribute album industry is the amazing number of reissues, and repressing and licensing deals for different labels and territories.  Fans need to be aware because very often tributes get repackaged with a new title and alternate art designed, we presume to entice the casual consumer.  In later years (mostly post-2010) specialty labels like Skol Records and Remedy Records have each churned out half a dozen cool tributes.

With the exception of Slayer and Metallica, there are, to date a surprising lack of tributes to thrash metal bands.  Since Dwell stopped doing thrash tributes, they dried right up.  There are many big name, long running  bands like Anthrax, Overkill, Annihilator, Sodom, Death Angel  that are overdue for a tribute.  The very few thrash tributes that do exist (Kreator, Destruction, Megadeth, Testament) are already almost 20 years old.

Tributes to extreme Metal bands in the Death, Black, Grind genres are also few and far between.  If there is one interesting trend in the past half decade or so is the rise in the number of tributes to doom bands.  Virtually non-existent in the first 20 years, since 2014 there have been several tributes to bands like Lake Of Tears, Candlemass, Cathedral, My Dying Bride (three of them!), Anathema and more. Late to the party but always welcome.

As time goes on I predict we will see more tributes to the now veteran active Power Metal bands that started now 20-25 years ago (Nightwish, Sabaton, Hammerfall, Edguy, Dragonforce, Iced Earth, Primal, Fear, Symphony X, Kamelot  etc)  and have inspired a whole new young generation.

 Design and layout of this article.

I decided to list who was participating in each tribute, after all that is half the fun to discover, “Hey! Band ‘A’ did a cover of a song I absolutely love by Band ‘B’!  I wonder what it sounds like?” If there were dozens and dozens of participants, multiple people per song,  I didn’t bother listing every participant.

I really struggled how to list these tributes. Alphabetically by band? Chronologically? Group them by record label? In the end I decided to go strictly chronologically (and then alphabetically, by band recieving the tribute) to demonstrate who was first and who were the followers. There are too many tributes to reasonably list so I’m the spirit of the subtitle of this series ‘brief and incomplete’ I capped it at about 140.  Any longer than that these long lists can get boring and this is not even half the tribute albums out there.

There are for example at least a dozen tributes to the bigger bands like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Slayer and Motorhead but I have only listed a few of the more important and/or interesting ones.   This is still a pretty reasonable chunk of the tribute albums and since I own many of these it made my research easier.  I also tried to also include some of the more rare and less common tributes for interest sake.  I also included ‘most’ of the tributes up to the year 2000 then the number becomes a bit more unmanageable so I became more selective about what I included this article.

I hope you enjoy this tribute to tributes!

FUNKY JUNCTION-Play A Tribute to Deep Purple

(Stereo Gold, 1973)

The first (to the best of my knowledge) Hard Rock/Metal tribute album.  Basically it was Thin Lizzy band doing this as a one-off.

Black Night
Strange Kinda Woman
Rising Sun
Speed King


(Epic, 1987)

The man who, himself, would be tributized many times over the years, paid his own tribute to Randy Rhoads.  While not exactly a tribute album in the purest sense of the term it was an early progenitor of the concept, at least in the Hard Rock and Metal genres.

Masters Of Misery – Black Sabbath: An Earache Tribute

(Toy’s Factory, 1992) 

One of, if not the very first, true Metal tribute albums.  No surprise the inventors of Metal get the earliest tributes. Interesting mix of bands and nice presentation as well.

Cathedral-Wheels Of Confusion
Godflesh-Zero The Hero
Confessor-Hole In The Sky
A.C.-Killing Yourself To Live
Fudge Tunnel-Changes
O.L.D.-Who Are You?
Brutal Truth-Lord Of This World
Scorn-The Wizard
Iron Monkey-Cornucopia

DIE KRUPPS-A Tribute to Metallica

(Our Choice Records, 1992)

Originally released in Japan as a five song EP, in 1992 it was reissued in the US in 1993 with four bonus tracks.  Interesting metallic/industrial project featuring Lee Altus and Darren Minter (ex-Heathen).  The first of many Metallica tributes.

Enter Sandman
Nothing Else Matters
For Whom The Bell Tolls

Nativity in Black-A Tribute To Black Sabbath 

(Columbia, 1994)

One of the grand daddies of tributes, on a major label no less!   Eclectic mix of contributors shows the bands influence.  Spawned a sequel in 2000 and an unauthorized bootleg sequel (NIB III)  years later.

“After Forever” -Biohazard

“Children of the Grave” -White Zombie


“Supernaut” -1000 Homo DJs with Al Jourgensen

“Iron Man” -Ozzy Osbourne with Therapy?

“Lord of This World” -Corrosion of Conformity

“Symptom of the Universe” Sepultura

“The Wizard” -Bullring Brummies

“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” -Bruce Dickinson with Godspeed

“N.I.B.” -Ugly Kid Joe

“War Pigs (Live)”-Faith No More

“Black Sabbath” -Type O Negative

“Solitude” -Cathedral

“St.Vitus Dance” -Cathedral

“Wheels of Confusion” -Cathedral

Eternal Masters-Tribute To Black Sabbath 

(Priority Records, 1994)

Sacred Reich-War Pigs

Cadaver-Sweet Leaf


Cannibal Corpse-Zero The Hero

Clay People-Paranoid

Coffin Break-Hole In The Sky

Exhorder-Into The Void

OLD-Who Are You

Jesters Of Destiny-Electric Funeral

Smoke On The Water-A Tribute to Deep Purple

(Shrapnel Records, 1994)

A top-notch tribute with some of the melodic Metal elite.

Kelly Keeling-Speed King

Kip Winger-Space Truckin’

Glenn Hughes-Stormbringer

Richie Kotzen-Rat Bat Blue

Joe Lynn Turner-Lazy

Paul Gilbert-Maybe I’m A Leo

Robert Mason-Smoke On The Water

Don Dokken-Fireball

Jeff Scott Soto-Hush

Tony Harnell-Woman From Tokyo

Kiss My Ass-Classic Kiss Regrooved

(Mercury, 1994)

Probably one of the best-selling and most well-known tribute albums of all time.  Quirky mix of participants.

Lenny Kravitz-Deuce

Garth Brooks-Hard Luck Woman


Gin Blossoms-Christine Sixteen

Toad The Wet Sprocket-Rock And Roll All Nite

Shandy’s Addiction-Calling Dr. Love

Dinosaur Jr.-Goin’ Blind

Extreme -Strutter

The Lemonheads-Plaster Caster

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Detroit Rock City

Yoshiko-Black Diamond

Die Ärzte-Unhold (GermanVersion)

Metal Milita-A Tribute to Metallica 

(Black Sun, 1994)

Historically speaking this is quite an important release.  It is the very first release for the short-lived Black Sun Records.  It is the first ‘Metal-on-Metal’ tribute to Metallica.  Black Sun also did two more excellent tribute albums, one to Slayer and one to Sepultura.

Luciferion-Fight Fire With Fire
Idiots Rule-For Whom The Bells Tolls
Miscreant-Fade To Black
Flegma-The Thing That Should Not Be
Ceremonial Oath-Disposable Heroes
Afflicted-Leper Messiah
Crystal Age-Damage, Inc.
In Flames-Eye Of The Beholder
Dark Tranquillity-My Friend Of Misery

In The Name Of Satan-A Tribute To Venom

(GUN Records, 1994)

A number of firsts.   The first tribute on Gun. The first tribute to Venom.  One of the  first tributes with predominantly extreme Metal bands.

Kreator-Witching Hour

Anathema-Welcome To Hell

Voi-Vod-In League With Satan

Nuclear Assault-Die Hard

Skyclad-Prime Evil

Sodom-1000 Days In Sodom

Candlemass-Countess Bathory

Paradise Lost-In Nomine Satanas

Forbidden -Rip Ride

Killers-Black Metal

Venom -Warhead (The Producer’s Mix)

Venom -Holy Man

Jeffology-A Guitar Chronicle 

(Shrapnel, 1995)

One of, if not the first Hard Rock/Metal guitar hero tributes. Quite a few heavy hitters on this one.

Heart Full Of Soul – Paul Gilbert
Behind The Veil – Steve Lukather
Led Boots – Vivian Campbell
Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers– Phil Collen
New Ways Train Train – Warren DeMartini
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago– Mick Mars
Shapes Of Things – Stevie Salas
People Get Ready– George Lynch
Head For Backstage Pass– George Lynch
Blues Deluxe – Walter Trout
Rice Pudding – Jake E. Lee

Nordic Metal-A Tribute to Euronymous

(Necropolis, 1995)

Iconic. The first Black Metal tribute.

Abruptum-De Profundis Mors Vas Consumer
Mayhem-The Freezing Moon
Dissection-Where Dead Angels Lie
Emperor-Moon Over Kara-Shehr
Mysticum-Kingdom Comes
Marduk-Untrodden Paths (Wolves Pt. II)
Thorns-Arie Descent
Mayhem-Pagan Fears
Dissection-Elizabeth Bather
Arcturus-Raudt Og Svart
Mysticum-In Your Grave
Emperor-The Ancient Queen
Mortiis-Unreleased Outro

Slatanic Slaughter-A Tribute to Slayer

(Black Sun, 1995)

The first of over a dozen tributes to Slayer. Killer.

Dissection-Anti Christ
Hypocrisy-Black Magic
At The Gates-Captor Of Sin
Invocatory-Altar Of Sacrifice
Enslaved-Jesus Saves
Edge Of Sanity-Criminally Insane
Seance-Post Mortem
Cemetery-South Of Heaven
Crown Of Thorns-Mandatory Suicide
Grope-Spill The Blood

SIGH-To Hell And Back Sigh’s Tribute to Venom 

(1995, Voices)


An early example of a single band doing a tribute to another band. Originally cassette only, was reissued on CD in 2008.

APOCALYPTICA-Plays Metallica By Four Cellos 

(Mercury, 1996)

One of the earliest, more interesting and well known off the dozens of Metallica tribute albums.  On a major label this sold well and this launched the band who still tour globally today.

Enter Sandman
Master Of Puppets
Harvester Of Sorrow
The Unforgiven
Sad But True
Creeping Death
Wherever I May Roam
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Thunderbolt-A  Tribute to AC/DC 

(DeRock , 1996) 

The relatively new DeRock Records (a division of Triage Records) enters the tribute album sweepstakes in a big way with no less than four tributes released in 1996 alone;  AC/DC, Ace Frehley, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Queen.  This is also an early example of the artists being an ‘in-studio only’ creation (or Frankenstein, see the cover art) of various people from various bands all contributing their little part.

Highway To Hell
Little Lover
Back In Black
Live Wire
Sin City
Ride On
Shake A Leg
Whole Lotta Rosie
Night Prowler
It’s A Long Way To The Top
Walk All Over You

Spacewalk-A Tribute To Ace Frehley 

(DeRock, 1996)

One of the cooler guitar hero tribute albums in my opinion. Big time guitar power in this one.

Marty Friedman-Deuce
Gilby Clarke-Shock Me
Scott Ian-Rip It Out
Ron Young & Jeff Watson-Hard Luck Woman
Snake Sabo-Snowblind
Sebastian Bach-Rock Bottom
Tracy Guns-Parasite

John Norum-Cold Gin
Bruce Bouillet-New York Groove
Dimebag Darrell-Fractured Mirror
Ace Frehley-Take Me To The City

In Memory of Celtic Frost

(Dwell, 1996)

Eventual tribute champion, Dwell Records, joins the battle in 1996 with the first tribute to Celtic Frost. At least 40 more tributes follow of varying degrees of success but this first one is crushing.

Morion-Innocence And Wrath / The Usurper
Enslaved-Procreation (Of The Wicked)
Slaughter-Dethroned Emperor
Mayhem-Visual Aggression
Inner Thought-Morbid Tales
Sadistic Intent-Return To The Eve
Cianide-Dawn Of Meggido
Divine Eve-Visions Of Mortality
Apollyon’s Sun-Babylon Fell
Opeth-Circle Of The Tyrants
Closedown-Danes Macabre
Emperor -Massacra
13 -Triumph Of Death

Legends of Metal-A Tribute To Judas Priest  Vol I & II

(Century Media, 1996)

The first tribute by Century Media and they jump in with both feet with a massive double tribute to the Priest.  I could talk about those all day, so much trivia with alternate covers, various pressings, different titles, bonus tracks, songs added and songs dropped from various versions. It is a hot mess but the first tribute to Priest is a monster with the elite of Power Metal. King Diamond was born to song ‘The Ripper’. The covers even join up visually!

Vol I 
“The Hellion/Electric Eye” (Helloween)
“Saints in Hell” (Fates Warning)
“Victim of Changes” (Gamma Ray)
“Sinner” (Devin Townsend)
“The Ripper” (Mercyful Fate)
“Jawbreaker” (Rage)
“Night Crawler” (Radakka)
“Burnin’ Up” (Doom Squad)
“A Touch of Evil” (Lion’s Share)
“Rapid Fire” (Testament)
“Metal Gods” (U.D.O.)
“You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” (Saxon)

 Vol II
“The Ripper” (Iced Earth)
“Beyond the Realms of Death” (Blind Guardian)
“The Sentinel” (Heavens Gate)
“Love Bites” (Nevermore)
“Exciter” (Gamma Ray)
“Dissident Aggressor” (Forbidden)
“Painkiller” (Angra)
“Tyrant” (Overkill)
“Grinder” (Kreator)
“Dreamer Deceiver” (Skyclad)
“Bloodstone” (Stratovarius)
“Screaming for Vengeance” (Virgin Steele)
“Night Comes Down” (Leviathan)

Dragon Attack -A Tribute To Queen

(DeRock, 1996)

The first Queen tribute was very successful with multiple pressings and variations all over the world many with alternate art. A couple dozen participants, icons of Melodic Metal, contributed to this one.

I Want It All
Sheer Heart Attack
Another One Bites The Dust
Save Me
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
Tie Your Mother Down
Get Down Make Love
Keep Yourself Alive
One Vision
It’s Late

Working Man

(Magna Carta, 1996) 

Magna Carta, the prog label formed by Shrapnel’s Mike Varney also dabbled in tributes to various prog bands like Yes, Genesis ,Pink Floyd and so on.  This is their third or fourth tribute and this time a batch of Prog rockers pay tribute to Rush.  Over 30 performers contribute.

Working Man
By-Tor And The Snow Dog
Analog Kid
The Trees
La Villa Strangiato
Jacob’s Ladder
Closer To The Heart
Natural Science
Red Barchetta

Crossfire-A Tribute to Stevie Ray

(DeRock, 1996)

Another one of these guitar hero tributes where Hard rocking’  axe-slingers pay tribute to a non-metal player.  Twin sister to  Jeffology in my mind.

Tightrope – Trevor Rabin
Cold Shot– Steve Stevens
Travis Walk – Steve Morse
Empty Arms – Albert Lee
Pride And Joy – John Sykes
Couldn’t Stand The Weather – Scott Hill
Ain’t Gone ‘N’ Give Up On Love – Mark Kendall
The House Is Rockin’ – Doug Aldrich
Honey Bee – Richie Kotzen
Say What!– Walter Trout
Riviera Paradise – Stanley Jordan

Sweet Family Music-A Tribute to Stryper

(Liquid Disc, 1996)

One of the weirder tributes out there, an alternative/industrial/synth-pop tribute to…Stryper.  Early too.   I mean, I love Stryper but seems odd even to me.  The first of two tributes to the band to date.

Cell Dweller-The Abyss
Steve Hindalong-To Hell With The Devil
Morello’s Forest-Calling On You
Klank-The Way
Cricket-Makes Me Wanna Sing
Havana Rail Co.-Always There For You
Dinner Mint-All For One
Argyle Park-Lonely (Two-Timing Mix)
Grammatrain-More Than A Man
Combat Chuck-You Know What To Do
Dhoti Hook-First Love

Echoing Green-You Won’t Be Lonely
The Blamed-Soldiers Under Command
Alexia-Makes Me Wanna…
Joe Christmas-(Waiting For) A Love That’s Real
Marriage Is Madness-Free

Made in Tribute

(Toys Factory, 1997) 

Legendary, Japanese only,  Iron Maiden tribute by bands who were, at the time, really underground.  The first tribute to Iron Maiden coming surprising late in the game, you would think they would be one of the earliest bands to get a tribute.  Carries the wordy subtitle of ‘A Tribute to The Best Band In The Whole Goddamn World!’  A nostalgic gem for me, seemed very exotic.

Arch Enemy-Aces High
Decameron-2 Minutes To Midnight
Therion-Children Of The Damned
Armageddon-Die With Your Boots On
Nocturnal Rites-Wasted Years
Lord Belial-The Trooper
Naglfar-The Evil That Men Do
Dark Tranquillity-22, Acacia Avenue
In Flames-Murders In The Rue Morgue

Pat Boone-In A Metal Mood

(MCA , 1997)

I almost didn’t include this because technically it is not a tribute to a band ..but…it gets a (dis)honourable mention for being a tribute to Metal in general.    His 68th (!) studio album is in some ways his most infamous. It was his first album that charted since his heydays in the 50’s and was a jazz/swing reinterpretations of Hard rock (not so much Metal) classics.  For what it was worth I thought it was kinda fun.

You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
Smoke On The Water
It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n Roll)
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Love Hurts
Enter Sandman
Holy Diver
Paradise City
The Wind Cries Mary
Crazy Train
Stairway To Heaven

In Conspiracy With Satan-A Tribute To Bathory. 

(No Fashion, 1998) 

To date this his the only Tribute album No Fashion Records put out.

Marduk-In Conspiracy With Satan
Dark Funeral-Equimanthorn
Emperor-A Fine Day To Die
Lord Belial-Massacre
The Abyss-Armageddon

Marduk-Woman Of Dark Desires
Niflheim-Die In Fire
Necrophobia-Enter The Eternal Fire
Dark Funeral-Call From The Grave
Sacramentum-13 Candles
Unanimated-Raise The Dead
Satyricon-Born For Burning

GREAT WHITE-Great Zeppelin-A Tribute to Led Zeppelin

(Deadline, 1998)

Deadline/Cleopatra enters the game with this semi-unique scenario of Great White doing an entire album of Zep covers.  Not many bands would have the skill or balls to puLl this off but Great White does a decent job.  Clever cover art too.  This has been reissued countless times in many variations.

In The Light
Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)
Ramble On
Since I’ve Been Loving You
No Quarter
Going To California
Thank You
D’Yer Maker
All My Love
Immigrant Song
When The Levee Breaks
The Rover
Stairway To Heaven

A Call To Irons & A Call to Irons 2

(Dwell, 1998, 1999)


One of the better Iron Maiden Tributes and one of the better Dwell tributes as well.  I paired these together as a set.   This has been reissued many times on different labels, in different territories with different titles and art.


Steel Prophet-Ides Of March / Purgatory
Ancient Wisdom-Powerslave
Vital Remains-The Trooper
Angel Corpse-Genghis Kahn
Solitude Aeturnus-Hallowed Be Thy Name
New Eden-Phantom Of The Opera
Opeth-Remember Tomorrow
Morgion-To Tame A Land
Evoken-Strange World
Opera IX-Rime Of The Ancient Mariner


Steel Prophet-Gangland
From The Depths-Iron Maiden
Terror-Total Eclipse
Ion Vein-Killers
Mystic Force-Where Eagles Dare
Deceased-2 Minutes To Midnight
October 31-Public Enema Number One
Prototype-Sea Of Madness
Diesel Machine-Children Of The Damned

Ozzified-The Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne

(Tribute Records, 1998)

The first tribute to Ozzy’s (mostly) solo career was a low key affair with lesser known bands.  It would not be long before at least 10 more Ozzy tribute albums appeared on the market most of them with great degrees of success than this one.

Picaboo-No More Tears
Violent Work Of Art-Bark At The Moon
Bullhorn-Rock N’ Roll Rebel
Straitjackets-Flying High Again
Explode-Mr. Crowley
Shock Tilt-Crazy Train
Believer-I Don’t Know
Original Sin-Symptom Of The Universe
Ian Haugland-Changes

Tommy Bolin: 1997 Tribute 

(Tommy Bolin Archives, 1998)

Lesser known tribute to Tommy Bolin. As they title suggests, ex-Deep Purple and ex-Whitesnake guys paying tribute to their deceased colleague.

Shake The Devil
You Told Me That You Loved Me
Gypsy Soul
Coast To Coast
Gettin’ Tighter
You Keep On Movin’
Your Love Is Alright

Sepultural Feast-A Tribute to Sepultura 

(Black Sun, 1998)

The final of three superb Black Sun tributes and the first for Sepultura.

Sacramentum-The Curse / Antichrist
Mystifier-Warriors Of Death
Swordmaster-Warriors Of Death
Dimension Zero-Troops Of Doom
Lord Belial-Crucifixion
Defleshed-Beneath The Remains
Impious-Inner Self
Children Of Bodom-Mass Hypnosis
The Crown-Arise
Gooseflesh-Slave New World
Slavestate-Roots Bloody Roots
Gardenias-Cut Throat

A Tribute to Accept Vol I & II 

(Nuclear Blast, 1999, 2001)


Nuclear Blast enters to the tribute game with a tribute to Accept. It was followed up be a sequel in 2001 and I’ve paired them here for convenience sake.    These were first in a series of ten tributes produced by Nuclear Blast (See Appendix B)  Cool set.  The first tribute to Accept and virtually no song duplication between the two discs with lots of cool rarities, trivia and humour for the true fans.

Vol 1

Sinner-Balls To The Walls
Hammerfall-Head Over Heels
Tankard-Son Of A Bitch
Steel Prophet-Fast As A Shark
Sodom-I’m A Rebel
Primal Fear-Breaker
Atrocity-Shake Your Heads
Axxis-Flash Rockin Man
Grave Digger-Starlight
Seven Witches-Monsterman
Therion-The King
Tarot-Generation Clash
Pegazus-Restless And Wild
Watchtower-Run If You Can
Rykers-London Leatherboys
New Eden-China Lady
Sacred Steel-Fight It Back
Dimmu Borgir-Metal Heart

Vol 2

Witchery-Fast As A Shark
Raise Hell-Slaves To Metal
Disbelief-Dogs On Leads
Godgory-Princess Of The Dawn
Tad Morose-Losing More Than You’ve Ever Had
Agent Steel-Demon’s Night
Darkane-Restless & Wild
Rough Silk-Screaming For A Lovebite
Custard-Aiming High
Darkseed-Midnight Mover
Spiral Tower-TV War
Rock’N Roll Stormtroopers-I’m A Rebel

Not The Same Old Song And Dance-A Tribute to Aerosmith

(Deadline, 1999) 

The first Aerosmith tribute (of several)  is quite the star-studded project.  Thirty or so members of the 80’s Hard rock elite all contribute.  The Dio/Yngwie version of  the classic ballad, ‘Dream On’ is simply superb.

Back In The Saddle
Rag Doll
Chip Away The Stone
Last Child
Sweet Emotion
Dream On
Walk This Way
Draw The Line
Same Old Song And Dance
No Surprize
Toys In The Attic

Humanary Stew-A Tribute To Alice Cooper

(Deadline, 1999)

Excusing the Great White, Zep tribute album, this is Deadline first ‘real’ tribute album with dozens of 80’s Hard rock/Metal dudes each doing their little part in the studio.  Top notch talent and a very decent tribute to Alice. All the 70’s hits.

Under My Wheels
School’s Out
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Welcome To My Nightmare
Cold Ethyl
Black Widow
Go To Hell
Billion Dollar Babies
Only Women Bleed

Holy Dio-A Tribute To The Voice Of Metal

(Century Media, 1999)

Century Media produces the first tribute to Dio, beating out a Dwell tribute to Dio by a few months.  This massive two disc set is the twin-sister of the Legends of Metal tribute to Judas Priest but mote streamlined and housed in one jewel case.  Covers Rainbow, Sabbath and Dio solo stuff.   Doro’s version of ‘Egypt’ is a highlight.

Blind Guardian-Don’t Talk To Strangers
Primal Fear-Kill The King
Doro-Egypt (The Chains Are On)
Jag Panzer-Children Of The Sea
Fates Warning-Sign Of The Southern Cross
Catch The Rainbow-Rainbow Eyes
Gamma Ray-Long Live Rock N Roll
Swanö/ Tägtgren-Country Girl
Yngwie Malmsteen-Gates Of Babylon
Grave Digger-We Rock
HammerFall-Man On The Silver Mountain
Holy Mother-Holy Diver
Stratovarius-Kill The King
Axel Rudi Pell-Still I’m Sad
Enola Gay-Heaven And Hell
Steel Prophet-Neon Knights
Solitude Aeturnus-Shame On The Night
Destiny’s End-The Last In Line
Angel Dust-Temple Of The King

The Eastern Tribute to Helloween

(Production X, 1999) 

 The first Helloween tribute on an obscure Slovakian label and equally obscure local bands. A neat, rare collectible for Helloween fans.

Crusader-Future World
Suffocate-Before The War
Cruel Barbarian-How Many Tears
Sonorous Reluctance-I Can
Definition-Victim Of Fate
Tristana-I Want Out
Halloweer-Heavy Metal (Is The Law)

Transilvania 666

(Locomotive, 1999)

The first tribute album released on the Spanish label Locomotive was a Maiden tribute with all Spanish bands!

Avalanche-Run To The Hills
Tierra Santa-Flight Of Icarus
Lujuria-Charlotte The Harlot
Azrael-The Evil That Men Do
Skunk D.F.-Wasted Years
Demonios-Fear Of The Dark
Mago De Oz-Strange World
Easy Rider-The Trooper
Ankara-Phantom Of The Opera
Tea-Running Free
Aerobitch-Holy Smoke
Dracon-Children Of The Damned

The Unholy Sounds Of The Demon Bells-A Tribute to Mercyful Fate 

(Still Dead, 1999)

This underground one-off tribute from Poland was the first Mercyful Fate tribute and the only tribute on this short-lived label.    It was licensed and re-titled ‘Curse Of The Demon’ and reissued to a wider audience on Dwell the following year.

Equinox -Gypsy
Deceased-Doomed By The Living Dead
Memory Garden-Nightmare Be Thy Name
Acheron-Room Of The Golden Air
Morta Skuld-Desecration Of Souls
Burning Inside-Evil
Dan Swanö-Melissa
Hemisfear-Black Funeral
Vital Remains-To One Far Away / Come To The Sabbath
Varathron-Nuns Have No Fun
Mystic-Force-Curse Of The Pharaos
Psycho Scream-A Dangerous Meeting
Eternal Autumn-Return Of The Vampire
Doomstone-At The Sound Of The Demon Bell
Necrophagia-Devil Eyes
T.A.R.-Torture (1629)

Merendine Atomiche-A Tribute to Metallica

(Indie 1999)

A rare example of a band doing an entire tribute to one band.

Indulgence Inc.- A Tribute to Motley Crue 

(Dwell, 1999)

Points gained for being the first tribute to Motley Crue but this is certainly not an A-list of bands. A real punk, glam influence on this on.

Rewind-Dr. Feelgood
Doom Kounty Electric Chair-Too Fast For Love
Needulhed-Wild Side
Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs-Live Wire
Revlon Red-Stick To Your Guns
The Bastards-Come On And Dance
The N.C. Thirteens-Shout At The Devil
Doorslammer-On With The Show
Libertine-10 Seconds To Love
Tumuli-Girls, Girls, Girls
B-Movie Rats-Knock Em’ Dead, Kid
Dementia-Starry Eyes

Dead Forever-Tribute to Motorhead

(Dwell, 1999)

The first tribute to Motored, the first of many.  The usual Dwell Records line-up.

Coffin Texts-Steal Your Face
Deceased-Stay Clean
Hate Theory-Bad Religion
Acheron-(Don’t Need) Religion
Hostile Intent-Ace Of Spades
Vile-Love Me Like A Reptile
Blood Coven-Deaf Forever
Tchort-The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
Tyrant-Killed By Death
Noctuary-Iron Fist
Engrave-(We Are) The Roadcrew
Decay Of Salvation-Motorhead
Black Witchery-Overkill

Catch The Rainbow-A Tribute To Rainbow 

(Sanctuary, 1999)

This one-time labour of love was a studio project spearheaded by Henning Base of Brainstorm and featured the elite of German Power Metal including members of Helloween, Gamma Ray, Grave Digger, Primal Fear and many more.  The first Rainbow tribute.

Kill The King
Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
Lost In Hollywood
Catch The Rainbow
I Surrender
Spotlight Kid
Man On The Silver Mountain
Rainbow Eyes
Eyes Of The World
Still I’m Sad

Little Guitars-A Tribute 

(Shrapnel , 1999) 

The first tribute to Van Halen, even it doesn’t say Van Halen on it anywhere.   A very popular tribute and was reissued many times over the years with alternate artwork and titles. One of this ‘all-star’ groups, the usual 80’s suspects, all world-class.

I’m The One
Dance The Night Away
Light Up The Sky
Hot For Teacher
Running With The Devil
Pretty Woman
Atomic Punk
So This Is Love
Little Guitars

A Guitar Odyssey-A Tribute To Yngwie Malmsteen

(Gothenburg Noiseworks, 1999)

The short-lived Swedish label Gothenburg Nosieworks , best know for introducing Evergrey to the world, only ever produced one tribute and this was it.  The first tribute to Yngwie.  He has played on at least a dozen tribute but to date this is the only tribute to Yngwie, reissued a few times.    Sweet list of underground Swedish bands participating.

Chris Amott-Big Foot
Stormwind-Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live
Wicked Ways-Hiroshima Mon Amour
Treasure Land-Icarus Dream Suite
Firewind-Little Savage
Mayadome-Disciples Of Hell
Pathos-I’m A Viking
Destiny-Anguish And Fear
Daniel L. Dalley & Power-Fire
Carljohan Grimmer Of Narnia-Dark Ages
Evergrey-Rising Force
Mike Chlasciak-Bedroom Eyes
Mattias “IA” Eklundh-Yngwie 2000

Dehumanized Witch-A (Mk2) tribute to Black Sabbath

(Mid-West Metal, 2000)

A very obscure but really cool tribute to Dio era-Sabbath. Clever title and album and nice, unpredictable song selection including three cuts the rarely covered Dehumanizer album and not the ones you would expect!    The label only ever produced two releases, this tribute and one for UFO in 2004.

Forsaken-Neon Knights
Memory Garden-Country Girl
Berenice-Letters From Earth
Last Chapter-Children Of The Sea
Mood-Lonely Is The Word
The Tempter-Falling Off The Edge Of The World

Leaf -After All (The Dead)
Seasons Of The Wolf-Buried Alive
Syria-Wishing Well
Mesmerize-Die Young

Beyond The Realm Of Death SS

(Black Widow, 2000)

Not a band you might automatically expect to get a tribute.  Followed by Part II, a triple (!) CD  tribute in 2018 on the same label.

Internal Void-Murder Angels

Church Of Misery-Chains Of Death
Northwinds-The Night Of The Witch
Cultus Sanguine-Horrible Eyes
Malombra-The Hanged Ballad
Equinox Ov The Gods-Liber Samekh
Lord Brummel-Baron Samedi
The Tempter-Spiritualist Seance

Stone Immaculate-Scarlet Woman
Abysmal Grief-Black Mummy
Drastic-Black Mass

Defleppardmania-A Tribute to Def Leppard

(Deadline, 2000) 


The second tribute Def Leppard, proceeded in 1999 by one produced by Dwell Records of mostly underground semi-industrial bands.   This one has a base ‘house-hand’ consisting of guys from Warrant, L.A. .Guns and Motley Crue and each song had a different singer.  Not bad!

John Corabi-Wasted
Joe Lesté-Rock Brigade
Jani Lane-Photograph
Kevin Dubrow-Rock, Rock
Stevie Rachelle-Too Late For Love
Steve Whiteman-Foolin’
Kelly Hansen-Rock Of Ages
Phil Lewis-Bringing’ On The Heartbreak
Jason McMaster-Let It Go
Jizzy Pearl-High & Dry
Kory Clarke-You Got Me Running
Paul Shortino-On Through The Night

The Keepers of Jericho-A Tribute To Helloween Parts I & II

(Arise Records, 2000, 2002)

Not the first but certainly the biggest and best Helloween tribute featuring the elite of euro-power metal at the time.   Appeared on the Spanish label Arise and was reissued 10 years later s a double disc set with alternate artwork.

A Tribute To Helloween Part I

Sonata Arctica-I Want Out
Heavens Gate-A Little Time
Metalium-Ride The Sky
Luca Turilli-I’m Alive
Vision Divine-Eagle Fly Free
Labyrinth-Future World
Cydonia-Save Us
Squealer-Victim Of Fate
Dark Moor-Halloween
Secret Sphere-How Many Tears

A Tribute To Helloween Part II

Iron Saviour-Phantoms Of Death
Steel Attack-Dr. Stein
Celesta-The Chance
Beto Vázquez Infinity-A Tale That Wasn’t Right
Paragon-Metal Invaders
Arwen-March Of Time
Dragonland-Sole Survivor
Axenstar-Twilight Of The Gods
Red Wine-Rise And Fall

King Diamond-Tribute 

(Necropolis, 2000)

The first tribute to King Diamond as a solo artist and while Necropolis Records didn’t do many tribute albums (only four in total) they were always decent and heavy.

Dark Funeral-The Trial
Damnation-A Mansion In Darkness
In Aeternum-Abigail
Exhumed-No Presents For Christmas
Aurora-Eastman’s Cure
Destiny’s End-Dressed In White
Fallen Empire-The Exorcist
Enthral-The Portrait
Aggressor-Welcome Home

The Religion Of Steel -A Tribute To Manowar

(Indie, 2000)

The first of a few Manowar tribute albums is an indie, low budget affair out of Greece.

Mesmerize-Manowar (Live)
Hourglass-Heart Of Steel
Twisted Tower Dire-Revelation
Wyvern-Bridge Of Death
Christhanasia-Battle Hymn
Royal Quest-Master Of The Wind
Stardrowned-Death Hector’s Reward
Pornodevils-Wheels Of Fire
Nocternity Enshadowed-Demon’s Whip

Warning: Mind Of Raging Empires-A Tribute to Queensrcyhe

(Adrenaline Records, 2000)

The first of two very decent Queensryche tributes released in 2000.

Karma -I Am I
Mystic-Force-Child Of Fire
Mayadome-Neue Regel
Moon Of Steel-Anybody Listening?
Etheric-Eyes Of A Stranger
Mind’s Eye-I Will Remember
Talamasca-The Whisper
Circle IX-I Don’t Believe In Love
Power Of Omens-Screaming In Digital
Nightmares End-The Lady Wore Black
Black Symphony-Deliverance
Factor V-Nightrider
Swan Christy-Someone Else?

Rebellion-A Tribute to Queensryche 

(Dwell , 2000)

The second of two Queensryche tributes released that year, thankfully very little cross-over in track section.  Pair ’em up and ya got the ultimate tribute.

Black Symphony-Deliverance
Shadwokeep-Queen Of The Rÿche
Rewind-Jet City Woman
Templar-Thin Line
Mesmerize-The Needle Lies
Silent Shadows-I Don’t Believe In Love
Black Earth-The Lady Wore Black
Ion Vein-Take Hold Of The Flame
Orange Moon-Operation Mindcrime
Black Art-Eyes Of A Stranger
Parkside-Someone Else

Return Of The Mountain King-A Tribute To Savatage

(Dwell, 2000  &  Underground Symphony, 2000) 









Originally released on Dwell Records then licensed to the Italian specialty label Underground Symphony who reissued it with alternate cover art and no less than five, non-overlapping, bonus tracks tacked on the front end. True fans own both.

(Italian bonus tracks)

Projects-Follow Me
Shadows Of Steel-Strange Wings
Wonderland-Tonight He Grins Again
Icycore-Gutter Ballet
Eddy Antonini-Sleep

Division-Power Of The Night
Cage-The Dungeons Are Calling
Dofka-Hall Of The Mountain King
Portrait-Edge Of Thorns
Civilian-Prelude And Resurrection Of The Mountain King
Circle IX-Believe
Opposite Earth- Of Rage And War
Wraith-24 Hours Ago

Covered Like A Hurricane – A Tribute to Scorpions

(Deadline, 2000)

The first of only three tributes to Scorpions, you think there would be more for this iconic band. Each one has it’s charm, with one being lighter bands,(above) one being medium (Power Metal bands) and one with more extreme Metal bands.  A nice little unintended trilogy.  This one is the first, one of those 80’s all star jobs.

Kelly Hansen-Here I Am (Rock You Like A Hurricane)
Steve Whitman-Still Lovin’ You
Mars Torien-Falling In Love
Kevin Dubrow-Big City Nights
Stevie Rachelle-Blackout
Jizzy Pearl-No One Like You
Joe Lesté-The Zoo
Phil Lewis-Steamrock Fever
Kory Clarke-In Trance
John Corabi-He’s A Woman, She’s A Man
Paul Shortino-Holiday
Taime Downe-Lovedrive

Killers On The Loose Gain-A Tribute to Thin Lizzy

(Axekiller, 2000) 

The first Thin Lizzy tribute was produced by Axekiller Records, the french label known mostly for reissuing and licensing deals.  Their only tribute album was loaded with with a dozen NWOBHM stars from bands like Ozzy, Samson and more.

The Boys Are Back In Town
Waiting For An Alibi
Killer On The Loose
Don’t Believe A Word
Cowboy Song
Dancing In The Moonlight
Whiskey In The Jar
Out In The Fields

Snakebites-A Tribute to Whitesnake

(Deadline, 2000)

The first tribute of many to Whitesnake featuring many ex-members of the band before Coverdale fired everyone and hired a hungry pack of pretty, American young guns with big hair.   This one (like many) has been reissued many times, I’ve included some of the alternate versions to give you an idea of how often this happens in the tribute industry.  Buyer beware or you might get snakebit!

Crying For The Rain
Still Of The Night
Here I Go Again
The Deeper The Love
Judgement Day
Looking For Love
Is This Love
Slow And Easy
Slide It In
Fool For Your Loving
Love Ain’t No Stranger
Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City




A Tribute to Abba

(Nuclear Blast, 2001)

One of the more quirky and fun tributes out there.  Includes nine tracks recorded exclusively for this tribute. Remember, you can’t spell Black S’abba’th without ABBA!

Therion-Summer Night City
Metalium-Thank You For The Music
Synergy-Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
At Vance-Money, Money, Money
Morgana Lefay-Voulez-Vouz
Rough Silk-Take A Chance On Me
Spiral Tower-Chiquitita
Sargent Fury-Eagle
Flowing Tears-One Of Us
Custard-Super Trouper
Tad Morose-Knowing Me, Knowing You
Glow-Dancing Queen

Warm In The Wilderness- A Tribute To Jason Becker Parts I & II

(Lion Music, 2001 & 2002)





One of the only tribute albums to appear on Finnish guitar specialty label, Lion Music. These heartfelt tributes to Becker do the job nicely, much more than just capitalizing on a band name.  Dozens and dozens of guest stars spread across four discs and    lots of Roth-era stuff too.

                                                                                   Stormwind- A Little Ain’t Enough
Torben Enevoldsen-Altitudes
Ron Keel-Eleven Blue Egyptians
Cosmosquad-A Jam For Jason
David Martine-Higher
Pua-Becker Ola
Rolf Munkes-Dogtown Shuffle
Evolution-Go Off
Lars Eric Mattsson-Hammerhead Shark
Hit The Ground Runnin-Jasin Street
Tony Baena-If You Have To Shoot…
Phantom Blue-Baby’s On Fire
Jeff Scheetz-Sensible Shoes
Cyril Achard-ESP
Lale Larson-Air
Project: Alcazar-Opus Pocus
Eric Sands-Mandy’s Little Throbbing Heart
Paul Nelson-Blue
May Lynn-It’s Showtime
Jeff Pilson-Beckers Bolero
Matthias “IA” Eklund*-Lydia’s House
The Usual Suspects-Drop In The Bucket
Rob Johnson-Forcefield
Marty Friedman-Black Stallion Jam
Paul Gilbert-Hawking
Anders Johansson-Primal
Eric Zimmermann-Rain

Mike Campese-Concerto
Lars Eric Mattsson-Tell The Truth
Patrick Rondat-Outro Jam

Part II

Tommy Denander-Desert Island
Lars Eric Mattsson-Colors
Steve Vai-Feathers
Terry Shrek-Temple Of The Absurd
Marty Friedman-The Brightest Star Of All
David Valdes-Temple In The Cellar
Randy Coven-Poem
Milan Polak-Utopia
Carlos Creator-Dialogues At The Moon
Mistheria-When You Wish Upon A Star
JK Northrup-I.M.N.U.
Stephen Ross-Perpetual Burn
Steve Booke-Life Afterlife
Mario Parga-Hourglass
Daniele Liverani-Meteor
Inge Rypdal-Windcrystal
Slav Simanic-Speed Metal Symphony
Max Arminchiardi-Serrana
Ray DeTone-Images
Keith LuBrant-Party Favours
Rick Brannon-Frankenfingers
Scott Hughes-Jewel
Rusty Cooley-Peace Of Mind Pt. 1
Chris Hatting-Angel Eyes
Joseph Anastacio Glean-The End Of The Beginning
Joe Becker-Warmth In The Wilderness
Edge Of Time-Lady Luck

Requiems of Revulsions-A Tribute to Carcass

(Deathvomit Records, 2001)

The heaviest tribute of all time?  The first Carcass tribute.

Regurgitate-Genital Grinder
Rotten Sound-Reek Of Putrefaction
Haemorrhage-Pyosisified (Rotten To The Gore)
Nasum-Tools Of The Trade
Cattle Decapitation-Burnt To A Crisp
Exhumed-Exhume To Consume
Disgorge-Hepatic Tissue Fermentation
General Surgery-Empathological Neuroticism
Necrony-Pungent Excruciation
Impaled-Carneous Cacoffiny
Pig Destroyer-Genital Grinder/Regurgitation Of Giblets
Vulgar Pigeons-Corporeal Jigsore Quandary
Bodies Lay Broken-Microwaved Uterogestation
Engorged-Swarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency
Dead Infection-Pungent Excruciation
Avulsed-Embryonic Necropsy And Devourment

Rock And Roll Crazy Night-Tribute to Loudness

(Columbia, 2001)

It is not much of a surprise that the first candidate for a Japanese Metal band tribute goes to Loudness.  This EP is on a major label too!

Various-Crazy Night
Cloud Nine-Rock Shock (More And More)
Suns Owl-S.D.I.
Fulltrap-Crazy Doctor
Pulling Teeth-Loudness
Various-How Many More Times (In God We Trust Mix)

A Tribute to Mayhem-Originators Of The Northern Darkness

(Avant-garde, 2001)

The first tribute to Mayhem.  Consider that, according to Metal-Archives, ‘Freezing Moon’ has been covered by over 200 different bands, you would think there would be more Mayhem tributes on the market.   An elite collection of bands.

Immortal-From The Dark Past
Dark Funeral-Pagan Fears
Vader-Freezing Moon
Emperor-Funeral Fog

Limbonic Art-De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Keep Of Kalessin
Buried By Time And Dust
Gorgoroth-Life Eternal
Carpathian Forest-Ghoul
Seth-Into Thy Labyrinth
Gehenna-Cursed In Eternity
Unknown Artist-Silvester Anfang

A Metal Crusade -A Tribute To Saxon 

(Dwell, 2001) 

The first tribute to Saxon is a par for the course Dwell tribute.

Steel Prophet-The Eagle Has Landed
October 31-Power And The Glory
Diary-20.000 Feet
Agent Steel-Heavy Metal Thunder
Deceased-Fire In The Sky
Black Earth-Set Me Free
Premonition-Dallas 1 P.m.
Tyrant-747 (Strangers In The Night)
Brazen-This Town Rocks
Abattoir-Motorcycle Man
Silent Shadows-Rock N’ Roll Gypsy

Bulletproof Fever-A Tribute to Ted Nugent 

(Deadline, 2001)

Even good ol’ Uncle Ted gets a tribute…the only one to date.

Cat Scratch Fever Vocals – John Corabi
Stranglehold Vocals – Marq Torien
Hey Baby Vocals – Taime Downe
Just What The Doctor Ordered Vocals – Kory Clarke
Journey To The Centre Of The Mind Vocals – Phil Lewis
Wango Tango Vocals – Stevie Rachelle
Motorckty Madhouse Vocals – Kelly Hansen
Wang, Dang Sweet Pointing Vocals – Alex Mitchell
Free For All Vocals – Jani Lane
Dog Eat Dog Vocals – Jizzy Pearl
Need You Bad Vocals – Spike

Blood, Sweat And Tears-A Tribute To Type O Negative 

(SPV/Zoomica, 2001) 

An honourable mention, mostly industrial, dark wave stuff.

End Of Green-Black No. 1
Frown-In Praise Of Bacchus
Graveworm-Christian Woman
Mandrake-Everything Dies
Gardens Of Gehenna-Prelude To Agony
Despairation-Wolf Moon
Incubator-Set Me On Fire
Delight-My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend
Cryptic Carnage-Blood And Fire
Aion-Everyone I Love Is Dead
Moonlight-Love You To Death
Asterius-We Hate Everyone
The Dreamside-Die With Me

Twisted Forever-A Tribute to the Legendary Twisted Sister 

(Koch, 2001)

  This tribute is the psychological twin-sister of  ‘Kiss My Ass’ (the Kiss tribute) with a weird n’ wild mix of bands doing all sorts of versions to Dee and the boyz. Sold fairly well and Hammerfall’s version of ‘We’re Going to Make it’ has to be heard to be believed.

Lit-I Wanna Rock
Motörhead-Shoot ‘Em Down
Nashville Pussy-The Kids Are Back
Nine Days-The Price
Chuck D-Wake Up The Sleeping Giant
Overkill-Under The Blade
Cradle Of Filth-The Fire Still Burns
Vision Of Disorder-Don’t Let Me Down
The Step Kings-Burn In Hell
Fu Manchu-Ride To Live (Live To Ride)
Joan Jett-We’re Not Gonna Take It
Sebastian Bach & Various-You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll
Hammerfall-We’re Gonna Make It
Sevendust-I Am (I’m Me)
Twisted Sister-Sin City

Only UFO Can Rock Me-A Tribute to UFO

(Deadline, 2001)

The first tribute to UFO (with a clever title)  features the usual suspects on a Deadline tribute. Lots of NWOBHM guys.

Long Gone
We Belong To The Night
Only You Can Rock Me
Too Hot To Handle
Love To Love
Shoot Shoot
Doctor Doctor
Natural Thing
Let It Roll
Lights Out
Let It Rain
Rock Bottom

Show No Mercy-Tribute To W.A.S.P.

(Dwell, 2001)

The first tribute to W.A.S.P.   I love W.A.S.P. but this tribute leaves something to be desired and only contributed to Dwell’s not so stellar reputation for churning out tributes with ‘B’ and ‘C’ level bands.

Aurora Borealis-I Wanna Be Somebody
Black Earth-Wild Child
Seven Witches-Widowmaker
Lilith-Sleeping In The Fire
Abattoir-School Daze
New Eden-Love Machine
Syn-On Your Knees
Blasphemy Divine-Show No Mercy
Krueger-Arena Of Pleasure
Venereal Disease-Animal (F**k Like A Beast)
Mystifier-The Torture Never Stops
Defekt-Scream Until You Like It

The Music Remains The Same-A Metal Tribute to Led Zeppelin

(Locomotive, 2002)

There are quite a few Zep Tributes but this ones the most Metal of all.  European power Metal overtones.

Blaze-Dazed And Confused
Primal Fear-The Rover
Doro-Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
Elegy-Rock And Roll
Tierra Santa-Communication Breakdown
Grave Digger-No Quarter
Masterplan-Black Dog
Consortium Project-Immigrant Song
Mag0 De Oz-Whole Lotta Love
Axxis-Good Times, Bad Times
White Skull-Stairway To Heaven

Revenge, The Triumph Of-A Tribute to Manowar.

(Steelborn, 2002)

The short-lived, Italian label, Steelborn only ever did one tribute and it was an awkwardly titled tribute to mighty Manowar.

Highlord With Sister Witch-Thor (The Power Head)
Rosae Crucis-Pleasure Slave
Crisis De Fe-Kingdom Come
Dark Horizon-Heart Of Steel
Metal Warriors-Metal Warriors
Dark Avenger-Dark Avenger
Demons Whip-Kill With Power
Solstice-Gloves Of Metal
Nameless Crime-Hail And Kill
Driftingmines-Fighting The World
Logar’s Diary-Blood Of My Enemies
Liar Symphony-Blood Of The King
Twisted Tower Dire-Revelation (Death’s Angel)
Majesty-Battle Hymn

Tyrants From The Abyss-A Tribute To Morbid Angel

(Necropolis, 2002)

The second tribute to Morbid Angel following one from Dwell in 2000.

Vader-Immortal Rites
Infernal-Bleed For The Devil
Angelcorpse-Demon Seed
Soulreaper-Fall From Grace
Throneaeon-The Lions Den
In Aeternum-Maze Of Torment
Excommunion-God Of Emptines
Diabolic-Visions From The Parkside
Divine Rapture-World Of Shit (The Promised Land)
Krisiun-Unholy Blasphemies
Behemoth-Day Of Suffering

Lords Of Karma-A Tribute to Vai/Satriani

(Mascot, 2002)

A decent tribute to a pair of guitar gods from several other guitars heroes.

Bruce Kulick-Always With Me, Always With You
Jake E. Lee-Surfing With The Alien
Jimmy Crespo & Dave Ragsdale-Echo
Brad Gillis-Summer Song
Neil Zaza-Friends
Enuff Z’nuff-Yankee Rose
George Lynch, Tony Harnell And Jason McMaster-Shy Boy
Richard Kendrick-The Attitude Song
Tony Janflone, Jr.-Tender Surrender
Cory Craven-Tobacco Road

Rondellus-Sabbatum-A Medieval Tribute to Black Sabbath

(TMC, 2003)

One of the more bizarre tributes, Sabbath tunes, (translated into Latin) and sung Gregorian monk chanting style and played with medieval instruments.  The band Rondellus is a real band who have several albums and play renaissance fairs and so on.   Super mellow, but fun and weird.

Verres Militares – War Pigs
Oculi Filioli – Junior’s Eyes
Funambulus Domesticus – A National Acrobat
Symptoma Mundi – Symptom Of The Universe
Post Murum Somnii – Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Post Aeternitatem – After Forever
Magus – The Wizard
Solitudo – The Solitude
Rotae Confusionis – Wheels Of Confusion
Planetarum Vagatio – Planet Caravan
Via Gravis – A Hard Road
Architectus Urbis Caeletis – Spiral Architect

Tales From The Underworld-Tribute To Blind Guardian

(TPL , 2003)

The first and only Blind Guardian tribute to date was produced by the short-lived Swedish TPL Record label and loaded with obscure bands.

Dead Poets Society-The Last Candle
Salamandra-A Past And Future Secret
Acrimony-And The Story Ends
Blackened-Another Holy War
Cruel-Last Tales From The Twilight / Valhalla
Galadriel-The Bard’s Song (The Hobbit)
Twilight Hall-Imaginations From The Other Side
Sirius-Theatre Of Pain
Clone-Welcome To Dying

Order Of The Tyrants-A Tribute to Celtic Frost

(Black Lotus, 2003)

The GreeK Death and black Metal label ran for about a decade and only produced two tributes, one to Dead Can Dance, and this one for Celtic Frost.   Lots of heavy-hitters on this one.

Grief Of Emerald-Visual Aggression
Marduk-Into The Crypts Of Rays
Naer Mataron-Return To The Eve
Necrophagia-Triumph Of Death
Dimmu Borgir-Nocturnal Fear
Bewitched-Circle Of The Tyrants
Order Of The Ebon Hand-Rex Irae
Astarte-Sorrows Of The Moon
Melechesh-Babylon Fell
Acheron-Dawn Of Meggido
Ragnarok-Fainted Eyes
Hypocrite-The Usurper
Carrier Flux-Beyond The Northwinds

Covered In Filth-A Tribute to Cradle Of Filth

(Deadline, 2003)

The first Cradle Of Fitlh Tribute. Not many well-known bands on this one .

Wehrwolfe-The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
Born Of Thorns-To Eve The Art Of Witchcraft
Serpents Aria-Born In A Burial Gown
Mirzadeh-Malice Through The Looking Glass
D.D.T.-No Time To Cry
Chronzon-Cthulhu Dawn
Veil Of Anguish-Summer Dying Fast
Kaul-Suicide And Other Comforts
Noctuary-The Black Goddess Rises
Lucifer-Desire In Violent Overture
Dark Army-From The Cradle To Enslave
Willow Wisp-The Forest Whispers My Name

Will Play For Lynch-A George Lynch Tribute

(Indie, 2003)

Very obscure, indie tribute to George Lynch.  The odd title comes from one of the lesser known George Lynch solo albums called  ‘Will Play For Food’.

The Cartoon Factory-Tooth and Nail

Factor &-Kiss Of Death

Jay Parmer-Wicked Sensation

Jay Parmer-River Of Love

Glen Poland-Burning Like A Flame

Chad Coggon-Rain

Regan Bell & Jimi Forrest-Will The Sun Rise

Jay Parmer-Mr. Scary

Regan Bell & Jimi Forrest-The Hunter

Craig Squires & Greg Kucheran-Alone Again

Ryan Bell, Koy Halloran & Viking-For A Million Years

Trick Or Treat -Italian Helloween Tribute

(Indie, 2003)

A neat little curio.  A live, six-song EP of Helloween songs created by Trick Or Treat the Helloween Tribute band.  The band has since gone onto create original material and are now five albums deep into their career. Vocalist Conti made the jump to big leagues and now sings for Rhapsody as well.

I’m Alive
Dr. Stein
Ride The Sky
We Burn
Eagle Fly Free

A Return To Fantasy-A Tribute to Uriah Heep

(Century Media, 2003)

One of Century Media’s last stabs at producing a tribute album.  Overshadowed by the earlier epic two-disc tributes to Priest and Dio, this one go lost in the shuffle.  Actually the second tribute to Heep, the earlier being a two-disc set with rock bands.

Angel Dust-Easy Livin’
Tad Morose-Rainbow Demon
Onward-Bird Of Pray
Liege Lord-Too Scared To Run
Jack Frost-Lady In Black
Lana Lane-Weep In Silence
Vintersorg-Rainbow Demon
Sacred Steel-Return To Fantasy
Easy Livin’ -Circle Of Friends
Freebase-Suicidal Man
Metalium Feat. Ken Hensley-Gypsy (Live Version)

Evil Lives-A True Metal Tribute To Black Sabbath

(Magic Records, 2004)

Magick Records was a short-lived, Metal-themed, spin-off label from Cleopatra Records.  This was the labels first of only three tributes and only their second release overall.  One of many Black Sabbath tributes, but for what it is worth, one of my favourites.

Iced Earth-Black Sabbath
Primal Fear-Die Young
Jag Panzer-Children Of The Sea
Racer X-Children Of The Grave
Vince Neil / George Lynch-Paranoid
Icarus Witch-Falling Off The Edge Of The World
Forever Say Die!-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Order Of Nine-Disturbing The Priest
Steel Prophet-Neon Knights
Agent Steel-Hole In The Sky
Twisted Tower Dire-Glory Ride
October 31-Danger Zone

Manowar-Il Tributo Russo Per Kings Of Metal

(Piranha, 2004)

A tribute to an American band by Russian bands on an Italian label and with a video no less! A neat collectible for the Manowarriors.

Black Obelisk-Kingdom Come
Rossomahaar-Gloves Of Metal
Adolf Castle-Heart Of Steel
Piece Of Mind-Return Of The Warlord
Echelon-Hector Storms The Wall
Argir-Number 1
Trina-Carry On
Kruger-Fighting The World
Psylocybe Larvae-Blood Of The Kings
Kocrozia Metalla-Wheels Of Fire
Nord ‘n’ Commander-Brothers Of Metal
Skorzeny-Call To Arms
Gardarica-Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
Black Obelisk & Kruger-Kingdom Come
Black Obelisk-Kingdom Come (video)

Spin The Bottle-An All-Star Tribute to KIss

(Universal/Koch, 2004)

This was the last big budget, major label tribute album.  It book-ends the end of an era when tribute albums were popular.     This one features  two dozens 80’s Metal Gods doing 70’s Kiss.   It even came with a bonus hour + long DVD with a 30 minute ‘making of’ and two dozen interviews with the participants.

Detroit Rock City
Love Gun
Cold Gin
King Of The Night Time World
I Want You
God Of Thunder
Calling Dr. Love
Shout It Out Loud
I Stole Your Love

Influences and Connections- Volume I: Mr. Big

(Frontiers, 2004)

Frontiers assembled a ton of melodic Metal people including Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes, Dug Pinnick and more and they all have a rack at Mr. Big tunes.

Mr. Big
Take Cover
Colorado Bulldog
Wild World
Price You Gotta Pay
Promise Her The Moon
Addicted To That Rush
Just Take My Heart
Crawl Over Me
To Be With You
Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
Alive And Kickin’ (Bonus Track)


Spaced Out-A UFO Tribute

(Mid-West Metal, 2004)

Quite obscure but surprisingly good UFO tribute done by mid-level (mostly) American Power metal bands.  MWM only ever released two things, this and the 2000 Sabbath tribute.

Reverend-Lights Out
New Eden-Darker Days
Z -Let It Roll
Iron Fire-This Kid’s
Skullview-Rock Bottom
Twisted Tower Dire-Give Her The Gun
Tornado Alley-Natural Thing
Premonition-Pack It Up (And Go)
Conquest-Hot N’ Ready
Toby Knapp-Dance Your Life Away
Agent Steel-Doctor Doctor

One Foot In Fire-A Tribute to Cirith Ungol

(Solemnity Records, 2005)

Pretty obscure stuff again, a tiny label and not the band you would expect to receive a tribute.  Keep in mind this is 2005, a full 13-14 years before Cirith Ungol reformed and had a resurgence.

Rotten-Cirith Ungol Overture
Falcon-Shelobs Lair
Solemnity-What Does It Take
Holy Martyr-Frost And Fire
Dawn Of Winter-Doomed Planet
Assedium-Black Machine
Emerald-Heaven Help Us
Monstrum-Fallen Idols
Rosae Crucis-Death Of The Sun
Battle Ram-Join The Legion
Crystal Viper & Elixir-Chaos Rising

The Revivalry-A Tribute to Running Wild  & Reunation-A Tribute to Running Wild

(Remedy Records, 2005, & 2009)

Man this is a mega double barrel of Running Wild.   Paired here for convenience sake these two double disc tributes to the Germanic pirates span 61 songs and bands!   Remedy Records doesn’t produce too many tributes when  they do they go big!  They also released the double tribute to Saxon in 2005, (see below) What blows me away about this pair is that there is virtually zero song crossover/duplicates between the two!

CD 1

Torment-Prisoners Of Our Time
Paragon-Iron Heads
Dark Age-Adrian (S.O.S.)
Predator-Under Jolly Roger
Burden Of Grief-Raise Your Fist
Twisted Tower Dire-Port Royal
Children Of Wrath-Black Soul
Ligeia-Running Blood
The Claymore-Sinister Eyes
Asaru-Black Hand Inn
Reviver-Pile Of Skulls
Perzonal War-White Masque
Icarus Witch-Evolution
Maverick-Blazon Stone
Not Fragile-Victim Of States Power
Kneipenterroristen-Ketten Und Leder
Pavel Kaminsky & Jurek Kapellev-Riding The Storm

CD 2

The Rugged-Fight The Oppression
Sardonic-Raw Ride
Crystal Shark-Conquistadores
Gang Loco-Branded And Exiled
Logar’s Diary-Riding The Storm
Posthumous-The Phantom Of Black Hand Hill
Crossfire-Beggar’s Night
Warvenger-Tortuga Bay
Airborn-Ballad Of William Kidd
Kategory V-Bad To The Bone
Agents Of Rock-Soulless
Torture Boat-Fistful Of Dynamite
Cyan Bloodbane-Lead Or Gold
Jontif-Freewind Rider

CD 1

Powerwolf-Riding The Storm
Fate-Soul Vampires
Orden Ogan-The Battle Of Waterloo
5th Sonic Brigade-Angel Of Mercy
Satanochio-Siberian Winter
Deadlock-When Time Runs Out
Skiltron-Ballad Of William Kidd
Motorjesus-The Rivalry
Thunderstorm-Welcome To Hell
Withering Soul-Firebreather
Wild Knight-Tsar

CD 2

José Juan Gallegos-Draw The Line
Hellish War-Return Of The Gods
Overtures-Pirate Song
Burning Point-Gods Of Iron ’09
Custard-Under Jolly Roger
Seven Seas-Detonator
Halor-Little Big Horn
Crystal Viper-Libertalia
Evertale-Blazon Stone
Winters Dawn-Into The Fire
Solemnity-Dr. Horror
Witchtarap-Victim Of States Power
Ravage-Fight The Fire Of Hate

Eagleution-A Tribute to Saxon

(Remedy, 2005)

This oddly titled,  two-disc set is my favourite tribute to Saxon so far.

CD 1

Stormwarrior-Power And The Glory
Torment-Denim & Leather
Paragon-20.000 Feet
V8 Wankers-Wheels Of Steel
Twisted Tower Dire-Warrior
Breaker-To Hell And Back Again
Dark Age-Heavy Metal Thunder
Perzonal War-Solid Ball Of Rock
Predator-Burning Wheels Of Fire
Seventh Son-Dallas 1 P.M.
Division-Princess Of The Night
Necronomicon-Machine Gun
Airborn-Unleash The Beast
Goddess Of Desire-Dragon’s Lair
Powergod-Big Teaser
Solitude-Rainbow Theme – Frozen Rainbow
Reviver-Fire In The Sky
Twyster-Broken Heroes

CD 2

Heavy Metal Maniacs-Strong Arm Of The Law
Noise Forest-And The Band Played On
Xiron-747 (Strangers In The Night)
Runamok-A Little Bit Of What You Fancy
Mighty D.-Crusader
Undercode-Great White Buffalo
Nightmare-Circle Of Light
Spectre Dragon-Dogs Of War
Wheels Of Steel-Get Down And Dirty
Angelcrypt-Altar Of The Gods
Xiron-All Guns Blazing
Undercode-All Guns Blazing
Tragedian-Motorcycle Man

Butchering The Beatles-A Headbashing Tribute 

(Restless Records, 2006)

A jam-packed all-star tribute.   The neat cover art speaks to Beatle trivia about a banned/censored album cover.  A fun novelty and one of the very few tributes where Hard Rock / Metal people do non-Metal songs.

Hey Bulldog
Back In The USSR
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Tomorrow Never Knows
Magical Mystery Tour
Day Tripper
I Feel Fine
I Saw Her Standing There
Hey Jude
Drive My Car

The Golden Tribute To Master’s Hammer

(Ravenheart, 2006)

One of the few tributes to a black Metal band. Obscure Czech bands paying tribute to an obscure Czech band.

Dark Storm-Lucifer
Dark Storm-Supreme Darkness
Avenger-Zapálili Jsme Onen Svět
Avenger-Rituál Hněvu
Hromovlad-Černá Svatozář
Sekhmet-Věčný Návrat
Sekhmet-Poslední Povel Pekelných Legií
Agmen-Nesvatá Válka
Unclean-Kolev Kotle
Unclean-Hospodine, Przniteli Náš
Silva Nigra-Pád Modly
Silva Nigra-Nezapoměl
Algor-Každý Z Nás …!Aldaron
Algor-K Lesným Chrámom

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Metallica 

(Rockabye Records, 2006)

One of the weirder concepts out there.  A fellow by the name of Michael Armstrong did this, yes, lullaby versions of Metallica songs.  In fact, over the period of a few years. He churned out a couple dozen more albums each based on a popular bands like Queen, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin.  If you have to play a lullaby for a kid, for a Metal fan, this is the best option.

Wherever I May Roam
Enter Sandman
Fade To Black
Nothing Else Matters
The Unforgiven
Master Of Puppets
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
…And Justice For All

Strumming’ With The Devil-The Southern Side Of Van Halen-A Tribute.

(CMH Records, 2006)

Bizarre but fun, this was issued by the long-running, Bluegrass specialty label CMH, known for countless other tributes.  Actually has ol’ Diamond David Lee Roth himself singing on a couple o’ cuts!  A rare not-metal tribute to Hard Rockers and a precursor to bands like Steve’n’Seagulls, Iron Horse, and The Native Howl.

David Lee Roth With The John Jorgensen Bluegrass Band-Jump
David Lee Roth With The John Jorgensen Bluegrass Band-Jamie’s Cryin’
Blue Highway-I’ll Wait
The John Cowan Band-Runnin’ With The Devil
Mountain Heart-Dance The Night Away
Iron Horse-Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
David Grisman And Sons-Hot For Teacher
Tony Trischka, Dudley Connell, Marshall Wilborn, Dave McLaughlin-Feel Your Love Tonight
Cornbread Red-Panama
Iron Horse-Unchained
Larry Cordle And Lonesome Standard Time-Ice Cream ManWritten-By – J. Brim
The John Jorgensen Bluegrass Band-And The Cradle Will Rock
The Nashville Bluegrass Band-Could This Be Magic?
Dennis Caplinger-Eruption
David Lee Roth With The John Jorgensen Bluegrass Band-Jamie’s Cryin’ (Radio Edit)

Shock Rock Hellions-A Tribute to W.A.S.P.

(Codiac, 2006)

Another obscure tribute to W.A.S.P.

Dracaena-Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
Denial Of God-Hellion
Stos-L.O.V.E. Machine
Holy Death-Running Wild In The Streets
Ceremonial Castings-Sleeping In The Fire
Blackies-Rock & Roll To Death
This Tangled Web-The Headless Children
Impaler-On Your Knees
Captain T & Ostronomy-The Real Me
Crystal Viper-Wild Child
Execrator-The Flame

Tribute to Angel Witch

(Indie, 2007)

Pretty cool, rare, obscure tribute to a band that deserved one.

Earth Flight-White Witch
Custard-Frontal Assault
Witches Mark-Something Wrong
Torment-Sweet Danger
Emerald-Dream World
Crystal Viper-Atlantis
Raising Fear-Angel Witch
Never Comes Silence-Evil Games
Bad Influence-Angel Of Death
Lucifer’s Son-Straight From Hell
Dawn Of Winter-Sorceress
Not Fragile-Extermination Day

The Riddle Masters-A Tribute to Manilla Road

(Solemnity Music, 2007)

Decent double disc tribute to Manilla Road.


Rosae Crucis-The Fires of Mars
The Lord Weird Slough Feg-Street Jammer
Crystal Viper-Flaming Metal Systems
Ironsword-In The Veils of Negative Existence
Against Nature-Crystal Logic
Lord Haunted-Dig Me No Grave
Battleroar-Morbid Tabernacle / Isle of the Dead
Iron-The Dreams of Eschaton

CD 2
Emerald-Divine Victim
Downcast-Death by the Hammer
Dantesco-Masque of the Red Death
Jotenheim-Queen of the Black Coast
Denim And Leather-Open the Gates
Holy Martyr-Dragon Star
Tempos Fugit-The Prophecy


TANKARD-Best Case Scenario-25 Years In Beers 

(2007, AFM Records)

Some version came with a 18 track bonus disc of modern thrash bands doing a tribute to Tankard.

Disc 2 – Various Artists – A Tribute To Tankard

Face of the Enemy (performed by Abandoned)
The Morning After (performed by Courageous)
Freibier (performed by Doppelbock)
Acid Death (performed by Fatal Embrace)
Space Beer (performed by F.K.Ü)
Poison (performed by Freezeebee)
Live to Dive (performed by Hatework)
Alien (performed by Hyades)
Beermuda (performed by Irreverence)
Total Addiction (performed by Manticora)
Sunscars (performed by Odium)
Zombie Attack (performed by Paradox)
Two-Faced (performed by Paragon)
(Empty) Tankard (performed by Sacred Steel)
Away! (performed by Scornage)
www.planetwide-suicide.com (performed by Solicitude)
Rectifier (performed by Taste of Doom)
Chemical Invasion (performed by Torment)

Blizzardz From Oz-A Tribute to Bob Daisley

(BFO, 2008)

Neat little rarity created by buddies of Bob, Neil Murray, Joe Lalonde, Dario Mollo, John Sinclair, Rolf Munkies,and  Bobby Rondinelli.

Suicide Solution
Crazy Train
I Don’t Know
Mr. Crowley
Flying High Again
Bark At The Moon
Ultimate Sin
Miracle Man
Mama, I’m Coming Home
I Don’t Want To change The World

The Celtic Tribute To Metallica

(Pan Am, 2008)

Another weird one to file under the category of novelty tribute albums.  Performed by The Boys Of Country Nashville.

The Unforgiven
Nothing Else Matters
Seek And Destroy
Sad But True
Whiskey In The Jar
Hero Of The Day
Mama Said
Enter Sandman
Until It Sleeps
Fade To Black
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)



Tribute To Steel-A Tribute to Warlock

(Pure Steel Records, 2008)

Founded in 2006, Germany’s Pure Steel has gradually become one of the world’s bigger Metal labels.   This tribute to Warlock is one of their very first releases and their first and only tribute album to date.

Warlock-Earthshaker Rock
Ivory Tower-Cold Cold World
Volnaya Staya-I Rule The Ruins
Custard-Metal Tango
Crystal Viper-Mr. Gold
Boomerang-Three Minutes Warning
The Mystery-Bad Blood
Sabaton-Für Immer
Bone Shaker-Out Of Control
Lonewolf-True As Steel
Emerald-Burning The Witches
Capital Sin-All We Are
Eternal Winter-Touch Of Evil
Ravage-Cold Cold World

Rising Of Yog-Sothoth-Tribute To Thergothon

(Solitude, 2009)

This one is totally bizarre. Nobody knows who Thergothon were except underground doom dudes however, in that circle the bands one album from 1994 is legendary.  So now we get a two (!) disc tribute to the band!  This is digging deep.

Volume I

Asunder-Who Rides The Astral Wings
Officium Triste-Crying Blood And Crimson Snow
Evoked-Yet The Watchers Guard-Imindain
Everlasting-The Unknown Hadath In The Cold Waste
Mournful Congregation-Elemental
Umbra Nihil-The Twilight Fade

Persistence In Mourning-Dancing In The Realm Of Shades

Volume II

Otzependvshiye-The Unknown Kadath In The Cold Waste
Inter Arbores-Who Rides The Astral Wings
Astral Sleep-Yet The Watchers Guard
Axis Of Advance-Elemental
Singultus-The Twilight Fade

Magic-A Tribute To Dio

(Magic Circle Music, 2010)

The first and only tribute album released on Manowar’s own label.   Manowar is not known for covering other Metal bands but they do a decent rendition of Heaven and Hell on this one.

Manowar-Heaven And Hell
HolyHell-Holy Diver (Live In Norway)
Metalforce-The Last In Line
Magic Circle Allstar Band-Long Live Rock N Roll
Awaken-I Speed At Night
Crosswind-A Light In The Black
Dean Cascione-Never More
Feinstein-Far Beyond
Harlot-Straight Through The Heart
Jack Starr’s Burning Starr-Catch The Rainbow


(Frontiers, 2010)

Jorn Lande pays tribute to Dio.   This album mean the subject of brief controversy for a while as detractors claimed Jorn was chasing in on the death of Dio.   It was pointed out that this album was already completed and in stores for several months before Dio died.  Great tribute with many deep cuts getting covered.

Song For Ronnie James
Shame On The Night
Stand Up And Shout

Don’t Talk To Strangers
Lord Of The Last Day
Night People
Sacred Heart
Sunset Superman
Lonely Is The World / Letters From Earth
Kill The King
Straight Through The Heart (Live)

The Crimson Covers- A W.A.S.P. Tribute

(Remedy, 2010)

Another one of these really cool Remedy Records double disc tributes. Deep cuts by obscure bands.

V8 Wankers-Helldorado
Torment-I Wanna Be Somebody
Warhead-The Manimal
5th Sonic Brigade-Teacher
Kneipenterroristen-Fiese Sau
Gwyllion-The Rock Rolls On
Wyldfyre-Blind In Texas
The Rugged-The Idol
Abigail-Take Me Up
The Claymore-Chainsaw Charlie
Lonewolf-The Torture Never Stops
Adorned Brood-Neutron Bomber
Black Destiny-Wild Child

Tragedian-Sleeping (In The Fire)
Torment-Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
Gods Of Hate-Arena Of Pleasures
Black Destiny-L.O.V.E. Machine
5th Sonic Brigade-Hold On To My Heart
The Chuckies-Ballcrusher
Hazy Hamlet-Rebel In The F.D.G.
Agamendon-The Headless Children
Vykyng-School Daze
Ingrimm-On Your Knees


(Armoured, 2011)

One of these novelty tributes, this time to Frank Sinatra.

Devin Townsend-New York, New York
Glenn Hughes-I’ve Got You Under My Skin
Geoff Tate-Summer Wind
Dee Snider-It Was A Very Good Year
Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens-Witchcraft
Robin Zander-Fly Me To The Moon
Eric Martin-The Lady Is A Tramp
Joe Belladonna-Strangers In The Night
Franky Perez-High Hopes
Dug Pinnick-I’ve Got The World On A String
Elias Soriano-Love And Marriage
Jani Lane & Richie Kotzen-That’s Life

Heavy Metal Hell- A Tribute to Metalucifer

(Skol, 2011)

A bit of an odd choice for the Polish label, Skol Records to do their first tribute album. Pretty underground stuff.

Metalucifer-Heavy Metal Hell
Crystal Viper-Warriors Ride On The Chariots
Axevyper-Heavy Metal Is My Way
Split Heaven-Wolf Man
Skelator-Northern Heroes
Rosae Crucis-Heavy Metal Samurai
Lethal Saint-Heavy Metal Drill
Satanika-Heavy Metal Bulldozer
Steelpreacher-Heavy Metal Hunter
Deathhammer-Fallen Angel
Guerra Total-Soul Of Warriors
Dantesco-Warriors Again

Remachined-A Tribute to Deep Purple

(Eagle, 2012)

While a tribute to Deep Purple is not unique, a tribute to a single album in it’s entirety, of any band, is a very rare way to structure a tribute album.  A track-by-track cover of this iconic record by some big names.

Carlos Santana & Jacoby Shaddix- Smoke On The Water
Chickenfoot-Highway Star
Glenn Hughes & Chad Smith-Maybe I’m A Leo

Black Label Society-Pictures Of Home
Kings Of Chaos-Never Before
The Flaming Lips-Smoke On The Water
Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa-Lazy
Iron Maiden-Space Trucking’
Metallica-When A Blind Man Cries

HelloRay-Helloween Gama Ray Tribute 

(Epicus Records, 2012)

Rare two bands in one tribute album.  It’s a good pairing as these bands have been joined at the hip since 1990.

Guardians Of Mankind-Tribute To The Past
Gaia Epicus-Warrior
Parallax-The Spirit
Aillion-Mr. Torture
Opera Magna-Anywhere In The Galaxy
Kickhunter-Ain’t Got Nothin’ Better
Sonem-Last Before The Storm
Armoury-Where The Rain Grows
Drachen-A Tale That Wasn’t Right
Rampart-Just A Little Sign
Rotten-Leaving Hell
5th Element-Judas
Burn Universe-Heaven Or Hell
Ilungara-Before The War
Deimos-Land Of The Free

Twenty Years In Tears-A Tribute to Lake Of Tears 

(Fono, 2012)

Tributes to Doom band came quite late in the industry cycle.  This is one of the very first.  Lake of Tears are certainly worthy of  a tribute but I’m surprised that it wasn’t Cathedral, Candlemass, Anathema, My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost who got a tribute before Lake Of Tears.  Also surprising is that this band got a second double CD tribute just two years later.  A third interesting point is that this was the first tribute produced by Fono.

Atra Hora-Under The Crescent
Sacratus-Upon The Highest Mountain
Grobut Neerg-As Daylight Yield
Adfail-Evil Inside
Mental Home-RavenLand
Zerokarma-Burn Fire Burn
Dominie-The Path Of The Gods
Satanation-Cosmic Weed
Tartharia-Devil’s Diner

Awake In Shades-The Four Strings Of Mourning
Aglarond-Raistling And The Rose
Shadowgarden-Hold On Tight
Inside You-Forever Autumn
Draconian-Demon You / Lily Anne
Путь Солнца-Return Of Ravens
The Equinox Ov The Gods-Let Us Go As They Do
The Mary Major-The Greyhen
Handful Of Stars-Sister Sinister
Egonaut-Children Of The Grey
The Equinox Ov The Gods-Planet Of The Penguins
Egonaut-Floating In Darkness
Type V Blood-Burn Fire Burn

All Fear The Axeman-An Italian Tribute to Omen

(My Graveyard, 2012)

A nice example of a regional tribute.  Italian bands, Italian label.

Walpurgis Night-The Axeman
Aeternal Seprium-Battle Cry
Axevyper-Last Rites
Stonewall-Be My Wench
Etrusgrave-In The Arena
National Suicide-Termination

Bringer Of War-Dragon’s Breath
Darking-March On
Asgard-Warning Of Danger
Martiria-Don’t Fear The Night
Alltheniko-The Curse
Balrog-Death Rider
Red Warlock-Ruby Eyes (Of The Serpent)
Prodigal Sons-Die By The Blade
Icy Steel-Teeth Of The Hydra

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star-Lullaby Versions of Slayer. 

(Roma, 2012)

Half a decade after the rockabye series of Lullaby albums, another company, Roma started the same concept.  Success breeds initiators I suppose.   If you had to choose, between the two, Roma has a wider selection of Hard Rock and Metal bands getting the lullaby treatment, including Metallica, Iron Maiden, Queen, and Dream Theater.

South Of Heaven
Seasons In The Abyss
Spill The Blood
World Painted Blood
Raining Blood
Skeletons Of Society
War Ensemble
Dead Skin Mask
Angel Of Death
Hell Awaits
Black Magic

Strong As Steel-A Tribute to Anvil

(Skol, 2013)

To the best of my knowledge this is the first tribute to a Canadian Metal band.  Skol Records has done a few tributes and they all rule.

Crystal Viper-Metal On Metal
Winged Assassin-Caym
Sinister Realm-Forged In Fire
Stormzone-Heat Sink
Destructor-Bedroom Game
Skelator-Cut Loose
Breaker-Concrete Jungle
Savage Blade-School Love
Convixion-Hard Times – Fast Ladies
Dexter Ward-Free As The Wind
Maverick-Ooh Baby
Iron Kobra-Mothra

A Tribute to Kill ‘Em All

(Metal Hamer, 2013)

A rare example of a tribute to an entire album.   Deadly serious and killer bands participating. So many Metallica tributes but this one is worth getting.

Black Tide-Hit The Lights
Burden Of Grief-The Four Horsemen
Rage-Motorbreath (Live)
Dust Bolt-Jump In The Fire
Eisregen & The Vision Bleak-(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
Anthrax-Phantom Lord
Cannibal Corpse-No Remorse
Primal Fear-Seek & Destroy
Dew-Scented-Metal Militia

Thriller-A Metal Tribute to Michael Jackson

(2013, Deadline)

Well past their prime as a tribute label,  Deadline still put the occasional one out. Despite a constant slew of reissues Deadline, doesn’t do too many original tribute albums anymore, this was one of their last.   Another fun novelty tribute, but well executed.   File with your Pat Boone, Abba, Beatles and Frank Sinatra tribute albums.

Chuck Billy-Thriller
Danny Worship & Billy Sheehan-Man In The Mirror
Angelo Moore, Doug Aldrich & Rudy Sarzo-The Way You Make Me Feel
Lagoon Witherspoon, Bruce Kulick & Tony Franklin-Black Or White
Priya Panda, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal-Beat It
Corey Glover & Phil Campbell-Billy Jean
Elias Soriano-Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
Dug Pinnick-Rock With You
Chris Jericho-Dirty Diana
Paul Dianno* & Craig Goldy-Bad
Icarus Witch-They Don’t Care About Us
Lonnie Jordan-Never Can Say Goodbye
Alien Ant Farm-Smooth Criminal

Ronnie James Dio-This Is Your Life

(Rhino, 2014)

I  would argue that this tribute to Dio was the last Metal tribute of any sort to get noticed by Metal media.  Official, endorsed, huge bands, the money went to charity; it was a bomber.  Of the eight or ten Dio tribute albums on the market, this is probably the best known and probably best-selling.

1. Neon Knights – ANTHRAX
2. The Last In Line – TENACIOUS D
3. The Mob Rules – ADRENALINE MOB
4. Rainbow In The Dark – Corey Taylor, Roy Mayorga, Satchel, Christian Martucci, Jason Christopher
5. Straight Through The Heart – HALESTORM
6. Starstruck – MOTORHEAD with Biff Byford
7. Temple Of The King – SCORPIONS
8. Egypt (The Chains Are On) – DORO
10. Catch The Rainbow – Glenn Hughes, Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Scott Warren
11. I – Oni Logan, Jimmy Bain, Rowan Robertson, Brian Tichy
12. Man On The Silver Mountain – Rob Halford, Vinny Appice, Doug Aldrich, Jeff Pilson, Scott Warren
13. Ronnie Rising Medley- METALLICA
14. This Is Your Life- DIO

Thunder And Steel Down Under-A Tribute to Riot

(Skol Records, 2015)

The first tribute to Riot and long overdue!

Ferdy Doernberg-Soldier
Axel Rudi Pell-Warrior
Attacker-Fire Down Under
Savage Master-Swords And Tequila
Angelo Perlepes’ Mystery-Sign Of The Crimson Storm
October 31-Loanshark
Alpha Tiger-Flight Of The Warrior
Stallion-Rock City
Evil United-Altar Of The King
Night Demon-Road Racin’
Dexter Ward-Running From The Law
Crystal Viper-Thundereteel

A Tribute To Sonata Arctica

(Ouergh, 2015)

A quite rare and independently produced tribute to the band who, back in 1999, taught us it was fun and cool to play fast Metal again.  This commands huge money on E-bay.

Timeless Miracle-FullMoon
Stream Of Passion-I Have A Right
Dyscordia-My Land
Van Canto-Victoria’s Secret
Sunrise-Black Sheep
Xandria-Don’t Say A Word
ColdSpell-Letter To Dana
Majesty Of Revival-The Cage
Celestial Wish-Paid In Full
Innvein-Wolf & Raven
Abandoned Stars-San Sebastian
Disposable-8th Commandment

Godslave-Whatever We Want! -A Tribute to Status Quo

(Greenzone Music, 2015)

One for the record books, an obscure German thrash band doing a tribute EP to the iconic English Prog/Rock band.

Little Lady
Is There A Better Way
Oh Baby
Too Far Gone
Down Down

By The Gods-A Noble Tribute to Virgin Steele 

(Metal Majestic, 2015)

Not only a tribute but a noble(!) tribute from a newcomer label.

Iron Fire-A Token of my Hatred
Antonio Giorgio-I Will Come For You
Eternal Winter-Crown of Glory
Cyclophonia-We Rule the Night
Crystal Viper-Obsession(It Burns For You)
Noble Savage-The Burning Of Rome (A Cry For Pompeii)
Timelord-Gate of Kings
Emerald-On the Wings of the Night
Deadstar-Image of a Faun at Dawn
Armoury-Love is Pain
Tomorrow’s Outlook-Victory is Mine

Epicus Doomicus Hellenicus-30th Year anniversary-A Tribute to Candlemass

(Metal Hammer, 2016)

The Greek version Of Metal Hammer has done a few tributes that are included with the magazine.   This I believe is the first tribute to Candlemass.

Shattered Hope-Solitude
Doomocracy-Demons Gate
Immensity-Crystal Ball
Sorrows Path-Black Stone Wielder
Sorrowful Winds-Under The Oak
Solitary Sabred-A Sorcerer’s Pledge

Snaggletooth-A Tribute to Lemmy

(Metalville, 2016)

Shortly after Lemmy left the stage, this appeared comprised of tracks that have been floating about the many, many other Motorhead tributes.   A rare tribute to a person, not a band and I’m afraid we might see more of these as time goes on.  Well done, well deserved with appearances by the man himself.

Lemmy Kilmister And Doro Pesch-Love Me Forever
Ugly Kid Joe And Phil Campbell-Ace of Spades
Lemmy Kilmister-Tie Your Mother Down
Kärbholz-Killed By Death
Lemmy Kilmister And Richard Kruspe-Rock City Night
Destruction-We are the Roadcrew
Perzonal War-Burner
Korpiklaani-Iron Fist
Black Explosion-Location 9

Mires Of Sorrow-A Tribute to My Dying Bride

(Indie, 2016)

The first of three tributes to My Dying Bride all released in quick, short success between 2016 and 2019.

The Unknown-The Cry Of Mankind
Tephra-Drifting Islands
Grey Skies Fallen-From Darkest Skies
Anguish Sublime-Thy Raven Wings
Dominia-Two Winters Only
Matt Ford-Black God
God Eat God-Elegy
Visioned Frailty-Like Gods Of The Sun

Seven Burning Churches-A Tribute To Possessed

(More Hate, 2016) 

The first tribute to Possessed?  Russian no less!

Pyre-The Exorcist
Violentor-Burning In Hell
Bestiality -Evil Warriors
Hell Patrol -Seven Churches
Septory-Satans Curse
Terror Striker-Holy Hell
Січгарт-Twisted Minds
Grind-Fallen Angel
Castrum-Death Metal
Regressive-Swing Of The Axe

Pounding Metal-A Tribute to Exciter

(Skol Records, 2017)

The good people at Skol did the recent Anvil tribute now tackle a second iconic Canadian band.

Attacker-Cry Of The Banshee
Evil Invaders-Violence & Force
Crystal Viper-Long Live The Loud
Ironsword-Death Revenge
Ranger-Evil Sinner
RAM-Beyond The Gates Of Doom
Masters Of Disguise-Black Witch
Savage Master-Saxons Of The Fire
October 31-Stand Up And Fight
Visigoth-Rising Of The Dead
Gatekeeper-Victims Of Sacrifice
Vulture-Feel The Knife


(AFM, 2017)

This perhaps not a tribute album in the purest sense  but it is an interesting little release.  Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween)  and his band Masterplan, do versions of Helloween songs from back when he was in the band.  I’m not sure it is a heartfelt ‘tribute’ to his ex band because they still bicker in the media.

The Chance
Someone’s Crying
Step Out Of Hell
Mr. Ego
Still We Go
Escalation 666
The Time Of The Oath
The Dark Ride
Take Me Home

Woodland Spirit-Tribute to Anathema

(Indie, 2018)

The first tribute to Anathema is by a sole band. Not much info about this obscurity.

A Natural Disaster
The Beginning And The End
Untouchable Part 2
The Lost Song Part 2
Fragile Dreams
Thin Air

Doom Or Be Doomed-A French Tribute to Cathedral

(Sleeping Church, 2019)

The first tribute to Cathedral is a mighty one a double dose of deadly doom.

Pillars-Morning Of A New Day
Goat River-Ebony Tears
Lux Incerta-Serpent Eve
Misanthrope-Soul Sacrifice
Ataraxia-Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain
Barabbas-La Cathédrale De La Sainte Rédemption (aka Ride)
Monoliths-Enter The Worm(Hole)s
Conviction-Stained Glass Horizon
Northwinds-Voodoo Fire
Father Merrin-Congregation Of Sorcerer’s

Dionysiaqze-This Body, Thy Tomb

All for Raven-The Tribute 

(LA Riot Survivor Records, 2021)

The first, long overdue and well deserved tribute to Raven.

Admiral (Ft. John Gallagher) – “Live At The Inferno”
Avenger – “Inquisitor”
Abigail – “Take Control”
Albatross – “The Savage And The Hungry”
Space Chaser – “Faster Than The Speed Of Light
Iron Curtain – “Break The Chain”
Deceased – “Wiped Out”
Martyr – “Don’t Need Your Money”
Thunderspell – “Fire Power
Detest – “Mind Over Metal”
Sacred Steel – “All For One”
Skinflint – “Hard Ride”

A Crack In The Sky: A Tribute to William J. Tsamis

(Pitch Black Records, 2022)

1. MIRROR – Aliens
2. SUMERLANDS – Lost and Lonely Days
3. STRAY GODS – War in Heaven
4. TWISTED TOWER DIRE – Mrs. Victoria
5. CLAYMOREAN – 70,000 Sorrows
6. ETERNAL CHAMPION – Stygian Passage
7. ARRAYAN PATH (feat. Paolo Viani) – The Rainbow
8. FORSAKEN – Lucifer’s Hammer
9. FIREWÖLFE – Battle of the Living Dead
10. STEEL SHOCK – Child of the Damned
11. SOLITARY SABRED – Black Mass
12. WOTAN – Winds of Thor
13. REFLECTION – Winter Tears
14. GALAXY – Penny for a Poor Man
15. COMET RIDER – Soliloquy
16. SOCRATES LEPTOS – A Crack in the Sky (Outro)

Forever Reigning:A Tribute To Slayer

(Satyrn, 2022) 

1. South Of Heaven – SKROG
2. Show No Mercy – DISINTER
3. Expendable Youth – DISTAL DESCENT
5. Bloodline – EULOGY IN BLOOD
6. Delusions of Savior – DISTAL DESCENT
7. Mandatory Suicide – DISTAL DESCENT
8. Disorder – SLOKILL
9. At Dawn They Sleep – OVERT ENEMY
10. Spill The Blood – BLOAT TOAD
11. Divine Intervention- SKROG



APPENDIX A: Regional Specialty Tribute albums

Metal Hammer Greece often includes CD samplers with their magazines and they have done a number of tributes with all Greek bands.  There are more Greek-specific tributes than any other nation.  Here are a just a few Greek tributes.


APPENDIX B: The Nuclear Blast Tribute Series

In my opinion and for my taste, pound for pound this is the best series of tribute albums made.  Nuclear Blast churned out these ten albums, a nice round number,  between 1999 and 2003.   They all have the same look,  layout and design making them look even more like a series and they all had roughly the same roster of bands contributing.  If you are not into tributes but want some place to start or just want have a few of the best, this is the place to start. (Shown in order of release)

APPENDIX C:  The Dwell Records Tributes

Year            Band
1994            Celtic Frost
1998            Iron Maiden
1998            Metallica
1999            Iron Maiden 2
1999             Motorhead
1999            Slayer
1999            Black Sabbath
1999            Judas Priest
1999            Kiss
1999            Clash
1999            Rush
1999            Ozzy
1999            Motley Crue
1999            Megadeth
1999             Sepultura
1999             Dio
1999            Death
1999            Def Leppard

2000            Pantera
2000            Black Sabbath 2
2000            Ministry
2000            Slayer 2
2000            Judas Priest 2
2000            Morbid Angel
2000            Suicidal Tendencies
2000            Testament
2000            White Zombie
2000            Mercyful Fate
2000            Queensryche
2000            AC/DC
2000            Led Zeppelin
2000            Savatage
2000            Marilyn Manson
2000            Venom
2000            King Diamond

2001            Kreator
2001            Metallica 2
2001            Scorpions
2001            W.A.S.P.
2001            Yngwie
2001            Twisted Sister
2001            Saxon
2002           Destruction
2002           Mayhem
2002           Rammstein

If you actually read all of this, start to finish, you deserve your very own tribute!  Thank you!