Interview With Commando

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Interview With Commando

Interview with Vocalist/Guitarist Robin

Interview By: Pete Mutant

Hey and thank you for your time. Please state your name and position in the band.

This is Robin answering and I play guitar and sing.

First of all, big Arnold Schwarzenegger fans or just a good name for the band?

We wanted to have a strong one-word-name and it took a long time for us to actually find a suitable one. None of us had seen the movie before so it didn’t come from there.
The goal is to get people associating the name with the band directly when they hear it.

Tell us a little about who you are and where you’re from.

Well, I play guitar and sing in the band. I’m studying audioengineering and doing some mix/master work. I’m also behind Sentinel Fanzine and have been for 4 years now.

As for the band, we play heavy metal and we’re from Arvika, Sweden.

How was the recording process for ‘Rites Of The Damnation’?

It was actually really smooth for the most part, it was frustrating trying to get everyone’s schedule to match but when they did, the recording went really great. We’d been writing these songs for 2-3 years so we knew what we wanted most of the time, but we also had many spontaneous moments which made the thing really fun.

We recorded at Studio Mantel with Rickard Nygren from Insane/Nattramn and we knew him from before so we had a great chemistry from the start and he knew what we wanted. I remember the vocals being one-takes for the most part, so we could capture the raw feeling without thinking too much. We wish now that we’d experiment more with different guitar sounds and mic placements etc, but for the full length we’ll be planning ahead much more. One strange thing I also recall was having gastritis for the last session(s) and could barely stand straight.

What was your favourite part of the whole process?

I love the studio environment so I was psyched about all the different microphones and the technical parts of the recording. Apart from that I was really stoked to hear the songs we’d been working hard on actually taking another form and listening to them from another perspective.

I’ve always dreamt about the whole being-in-a-band-and-record-a-record thing and to actually do it (and getting an actual label releasing it) was immersive in itself.

I can hear a lot of variety throughout ‘Rites Of The Damnation’ from heavy metal and thrash to speed metal and first wave black metal going on. Who would you say your major influences are?

It’s hard to pinpoint specific bands that influenced us because it’s oftentimes not a conscious thing. But I know we talked about bands like Mercyful Fate, In Solitude, Enforcer, Antichrist etc. For me personally, I’m inspired by many of the bands I listen to to some degree at least. Bands like Dissection, Morbus Chron, Exodus, Possessed are some of the countless bands I could put on the list, but they were just the ones on the top of my head. In the band we all have many different influences that range from every genre of music, books, movies etc that creep their way into the songwriting. Hopefully this breeds a more varied and personal sound (it does for us at least).

Is this what you set out to do from the get-go?

The plan from the beginning was just to play in a band together and write songs. We didn’t have any specific goal from what I can remember. But sitting here and awaiting the release of a record on vinyl, being signed to a label, answering interviews and having people actually liking our music would sound like just a dream to us when we started out.

This thing has gone way beyond our expectations.

Do you predict much evolution to Commando’s sound?

Definitely, or else it wouldn’t be fun. But we have no idea what that evolution will sound like. We want to surprise ourselves with every song/riff/lyrics to keep it interesting and challenging.

Where do you want to see Commando fitting into Sweden’s grand history of metal?

I hope we can be seen as a band that does things our way (overused term, I know) and that people always will have a problem categorizing us. It’s more fun that way and keeps the band one the edge. I also hope that when people hear our name they’ll have a tough time comparing us to other bands.

Once this coronavirus stuff goes away, will you be touring Europe?

I hope so! If bookers, clubs and fans want us in their city we’ll be there.

It’s hard to plan ahead as of now, ‘cause we have no idea when this thing will be over. In the meantime, we’ll write our debut album.

Where would you guys like to pay most of all?

Every place where the fans are total rabid maniacs! We really want to play everywhere we can so when this shit is over, get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen. I personally would really like to tour the US. Japan would be awesome too!

What is in your band’s near future plans?

Awaiting the release of ‘’Rites of Damnation’’, work on our next release and just keep on doing what we’ve been doing. We would have played a bunch of shows in support for the record, if it was possible.

What about the long term, any grand plans?

We don’t have a definite plan I think. We’ll just keep on trying to write that perfect record or play that perfect show. Until then, the rampant violence murders!

Thanks for your time!

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