Evergrey with support act Sorcerer The Atlantic World Tour 2019-2020 at Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

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Evergrey – Headline
The Atlantic World Tour 2019-2020
Sorcerer – support act

Malmo, Sweden

28/2 – 2020

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Last year the bands brand new album THE ATLANTIC was released and it’s their 11th one. This year it was time for the band to do two shows in Sweden and the band haven’t done much touring in Sweden lately, the band ran through South America and did festival shows in Europe last year. Last time the band performed in Malmo was in May last year when they played at the Malmo Rock festival.

I’m a huge fan of the band and I was really looking forward to see the guys live again. I was outside the club waiting about 30 minutes before the doors opened at 7 o clock and when it was about 15 minutes left for the doors to open people started to show up and a line was formed. The day prior to the show Evergrey wrote on their FB site that they were going to bring along a lot of merchandise to sell and urged the fans to shop some rare items. I took a closer look at the merch stand when I got in and saw a lot of shirts, vinyls, cd’s and a lot of other stuff. Also Sorcerer had brought quite a lot of merch with them and I saw people spending a hefty amount of money on the items.

The support act Sorcerer comes from Sweden and was formed back in 1988. The band recorded a demo the same year and in 1992 the band both recorded their second demo as well as was put to rest. Back in 2010 the band was awaken and signed a deal with Metal Blade Records to release their debut album IN THE SHADOW OF THE INVERTED in 2015. Two years later the second album THE CROWNING OF THE FIRE KING was unleashed and this night it was time for the magicians to take on the Malmo audience.


“Sirens” was the first song out for the night and singer Enberg thanked and said the band was really glad to be in Malmo, it has only taken us 30 years he said and laughed. We celebrated 30 years as a band last year and we are continuing to celebrate also this year. We’re going to play some doom metal for you tonight, here are “Lake Of The Lost Souls”. The line-up consists of:

Anders Enberg – lead vocals
Kristian Niemann – guitar
Johnny Hagel – bass
Peter Hallgren – guitar
Richard Evensand – drums

Enberg looked satisfied when the fans cheered for the band and said that the band is going to release a new album in May and that they are going to celebrate that with a show at Sweden Rock Festival, we’re going to play this song “The Dark Tower of The Sorcerer” he said and fired off the tune.

“Ship Of Doom” followed and for me who hadn’t heard the band prior to this I thought the songs was a bit short for being a doom band. But I don’t mind that at all, contrary I thought that worked to their benefit. Luckily the band didn’t involve any longer solos or instrumental parts in their songs as well. I thought Enberg had a great voice and was a great front man, to be honest Sorcerer impressed me this night.

“Exorcise The Demon” followed after which Enberg said the bands had a battle going on at the stage. He pointed at guitarist Niemann who he said is the brother to the Evergrey bass player Johan Niemann and that it was time for the Sorcerer Niemann to kick off “The Crowning Of The Fire King” in order to show which of the brothers who is the best on their instruments.

A few of the band members are quite well known with their involvements in other bands like bass player Hagel who has been a part of Tiamat, singer Engberg who’s been in 220 Volt and Lion’s Share, drummer Evensand who’s been in Southpaw and Therion, Niemann who’s been in Therion and performed live with Snowy Shaw and finally guitarist Hallgren who played live with 220 Volt and Eclipse.

Engberg introduced the band members and said it was time to play something old in “The Sorcerer”. That song also ended the show and Engberg thanked the crowd and the band left the stage after bringing 45 minutes of doom music.

The band really impressed me and I liked the fact that the songs wasn’t 10 minutes long with endless solos in them. Engberg is an excellent singer and I’m a little eager to dig into the vault of the Sorcerer after having seen them live.

Set list
Lake Of The Lost Souls
The Dark Tower Of the Sorcerer
Ship Of Doom
Exorcise The Demon
The Crowning Of The Fire King
The Sorcerer

As the crew prepared the stage a huge backdrop was put up behind the drums and as time passed by more and more people arrived to the club. In my opinion Evergrey is one of the biggest progressive metal acts in the world and it’s strange they aren’t bigger out in the world. The band comes from Gothenburg Sweden and started out back in 1995, in 1998 the bands debut album THE DARK DISCOVERY came out and since then many band members have come and gone. Today the only remaining original member still in the band is band leader and singer Tom S Englund. Since a few albums back the band is signed to the German label . At 9.15 the pause music silenced and out from the speakers came the bands intro music in “Panama” with Van Halen.


The member showed up during the intro and the first song out was “A Silent Arc” followed straight away by “Weightless”. The stage was really dark and not much light shined at the members, the line-up consists of:

Tom S Englund – lead vocals, guitar
Henrik Danhage – guitar
Rikard Zander – keyboard
Jonas Ekdahl – drums
Johan Niemann – bass

“Distance” followed which woke up the crowd, Englund looked cool as always standing with one foot on the monitor and his long black hair. When he didn’t sing he hadbanged throughout the songs and since he had quite a lot of clothes on he was really sweaty after the first couple of songs. “Passing Through” followed after which Englund thanked the crowd looking really satisfied. Here comes “The Fire” he said and Englund’s voice sounded as great as ever. He is a great singer and sing with such passion that you really believe what he sings about. “Leave It All Behind” followed and even though the music was great I got quite frustrated with the lack of light on stage which made it really hard to take descent pictures of the guys.

Here comes a song we haven’t played live for a while Englund said, we have been a band for 25 years and it’s hard to play all of the songs we want live, but here is “Mark Of the Triangle” for you all. The song took us back all the way to 2001 and the band third album IN SEARCH OF TRUTH and the song was really popular amongst the fans in the club this night. “The Masterplan” taken from the same album followed straight away and Englund had the fans to scream at his command. It sure was fun to hear those old songs again and it was fun the band dusted of them and played them live. “Black Undertow” followed and Englund asked if the fans were doing fine. The next song up was a song the band hadn’t written on their own, the original song was a huge hit with the singer Dilba back at the beginning of the 00’s and is called “I’m Sorry”. Englund said that Dilba must have made quite a buck of the song and the song is one of the bands biggest hits. The song brought down heavy sing along from the crowd and it was obvious that many fans had been waiting to hear that song. “My Allied Ocean” and “All I Have” continued the show and I couldn’t but once again be impressed by how smooth and solid the band is live on stage. Englund is a solid front man that knows how to take on a crowd and when he announced “The Grand Collapse” the fans once again screamed out loud. Until now the major part of the set list was taken from the last three albums the band released and not many songs were taken from the newest release THE ATLANTIC. “The Grand Collapse” ended the show and the members walked off the stage while the fans clapped their hands and didn’t realize that was the last song.

After some clapping and cheering the band returned back on stage and it was time for “When The Walls Go Down”. The amazing “Recreation Day” followed and the song is taken from one of my absolute favorite albums by Evergrey, RECREACTION DAY from 2003. After a keyboard solo by Zander an intro was heard from the speakers, the guys who had left the stage during the solo came back and Englund thanked the fans for coming, have a nice evening he said and until next time here is “A Touch Of Blessing”. The song together with “I’m Sorry” is one of the bands biggest hits and it hit the stores back in 2004 on the album THE INNER CIRCLE. After the song a few of the members left the stage but was called back by Englund since it was time for the absolute last song “King Of Errors”. The song was accompanied by sing a long from the fans and when the song was over the members took off their instruments and thanked the fans once again and the 110 minute show was over.

The show was nothing but a show off in how progressive metal should be played and I got nothing but love for this band. The only thing that bothered me during the show was the bad lighting as well as the massive amount of smoke that layered on stage like a fog. The set list contained great songs and evolved around the three previous albums. I had wished for a little more older songs as well as a few new ones from THE ATLANTIC but I was happy anyways since I the band actually played a few of my favorite songs with them. The show was a jackpot music wise and it’s when bands like Evergrey performs I’m proud to be Swedish.

Evergrey have some festival shows booked for the summer in Sweden Rock Festival and Wacken Open Air.

Note: A short while after the show took place the covid-19 pandemic struck hard throughout the world and Europe closed its borders. Shows and performances were shut down all over the world and the every week that passes the situation tends to get worse. It’s uncertain if there’s any festivals or shows held this summer in Europe at all, stay safe out there, wash your hands and keep the distance.

Set list
Intro 1 Van Halen Panama
Intro 2
A Silent Arc
Passing Through
The Fire
Leave It Behind Us
Mark Of The Triangle
The Masterplan
Black Undertow
I’m Sorry
My Allied Ocean
All I Have
The Grand Collapse
When The Walls Go Down
Recreation Day
Keyboard/guitar solo
A Touch Of Blessing
King Of Errors

Thanks to head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass to the show.

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Thanks to the always friendly staff and security at the club.

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