Wombbath – Choirs Of The Fallen

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April 2020
March 6th, 2020 / Soulseller Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Wombbath has been belting out relentless death metal for what seems like decades now. Well, they did initially band together in 1990. That is what we can call phase one as the band was only around until 1995 with a demo, a couple EPs and a full-length. All were set with mixed emotions by fans and critics alike.

So now we can fast-forward to 2014, and the reformation of Wombbath. Phase two is what we can call it. I have not delved too deep into the past of Wombbath. It does seem that the overall consciences of the band’s music over the past few years have been better received than some of the band’s earlier works. And with CHOIRS OF THE FALLEN being my real first taste of what Wombbath has to offer, I can not see where they could have gone wrong in the past.

What we have here is an authentic-sounding Swedish death metal band. Not that I am an expert on the subject, but it is what it is. A brutal blend of bludgeoning death metal mixed with chugging thrash riffs to break the monotony. Add in a splash of melodicism, and it is the perfect recipe for what Wombbath has delivered here.

The music on CHOIRS OF THE FALLEN is concise, and the vocals, while guttural in nature, are coherent. There are plenty of catchy riffs and breakdowns throughout the tracks that get the blood boiling to the point of near destruction. And the band still has it in regards to their preachings of gore, violence, and torture in their lyrical themes.

Fans of the Swedish, or just the death/thrash genre, should be nothing but pleased with the latest album by Wombbath. I know I am. Their sound will appeal to fans of Rottrevore, God Macabre, Entombed, and Undergang. And any other bands along these lines. This is an album not only worth listening to but owning as well.

1. Fallen
2. Crawling from the Pits
3. We Shall Remain
4. A Sweet Taste of Death
5. From the Beggars Hand
6. Void
7. A Vulgar Declaration
8. Wings of Horror
9. Choirs of the Damned
10. In a Cloak of Anger

Håkan Stuvemark – Guitars, Bass
Jonny Pettersson – Vocals, Guitars
Jon Rudin – Drums
Thomas von Wachenfeldt – Guitars
Matt Davidson – Bass