Road Warrior / Gravebreaker – Death Promise / Death In Heels On Wheels (7″ Split)

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April 2020
February 21st, 2020 / Gates Of Hell Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

I was a bit indifferent to the 2018 release of Road Warrior’s POWER when I first listened to it. One thing that happens from time to time is I will continue to listen to releases long after I have reviewed them. I will get into them a bit more and become a fan of those albums/bands.

It is what happened with POWER. With that said, I was unsure what to expect from DEATH IN HEELS ON WHEELS. The track is right in the band’s wheelhouse in regards to their brand of heavy metal. It tends to a little more on the melodic, progressive side of the spectrum. So not as speedy as I was expecting at first, but a perfect, chugging riff-filled metal song. It may just be what there is to come from Road Warrior.

Gravebreaker from Sweden offers up the track DEATH PROMISE. It is one of those songs that you hear, and you do not want to end. Even though the track only clocks in at 3:03, it is a straight-forward, charging ahead type of heavy metal with that ever so sweet classic speed metal sound to it. The guitar solo is almost epic with its grandiose feel that once again leaves the listener never to want it to end.

Both of these bands and tracks complement each other well. While both are of the traditional sounding metal, both groups have a distinct sound so that you can tell the difference right away. Both of these tracks are just a teaser of what is to come from both bands. I have fingers crossed we will not have to wait too long for full-length releases by either group.

1. Death In Heels On Wheels – Road Warrior
2. Death Promise – Grave Breaker

Denimal – Vocals / Bass
Overdryve – Guitar
Villon – Drums


Fury – Guitars/ Bass
Devastation – Drums
Nightmare – Vocals