Abhomine – Proselyte Parasite Plague

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Abhomine – Proselyte Parasite Plague
Reviewed: April 2020
Released: 2020, Osmose Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Most anything involving Pete Helmkamp is blackened death metal gold (sulfur?), and his sophomore release up under the Abhomine moniker is no exception. While the LARVAE OFFAL SWINE debut was essentially a solo endeavor for Helmkamp, he’s enlisted Cazz Grant of Crucifier and Grand Belial’s Key fame as a co-conspirator on PROSELYTE PARASITE PLAGUE. The end result of said collaboration is an album equally as gnarly in presentation as its predecessor, but with a much more satisfying collection of tunes underneath the viscera.

The six new tunes on PROSELYTE PARASITE PLAGUE are full of the kind of breakneck riffs that Helmkamp’s usually associated with, but as Abhomine, he’s afforded the opportunity to strip the flesh from his compositions and deliver them in an unapologetically raw and ugly format that’s closer to Paul Ledney territory than anything you’ve heard from Angelcorpse. And with Grant contributing both a beastlike percussive performance and low end deathgrowl vocals, the whole thing is a beautifully sick mess.

The album blitzes by without much pause for relief, but it’s a wildly good time. Standout cuts like “Infidel and Unclean” and “Saracen” showcase the best of what the duo are capable of, barreling through a rollercoaster volley raucous rhythms and precision grinding guitars that anchors the noisy cacophony while they rage through your speakers.

If you’re still confused as to whether PROSELYTE PARASITE PLAGUE is worth checking out, consider the fact that it’s a shared release between Hells Headbangers and Osmose Productions. And look, if that’s not a quality seal of approval or a sign of the impending apocalypse, I don’t know what is.


Track List:
1. Heresy Pulpit
2. Infidel and Unclean
3. Gogamgoz
4. Blacklist
5. Saracen
6. Progeny Devoid


Pete Helmkamp – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Cazz Grant – Vocals, Drums


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