ZZ Top – Tha Little Ol’ Band From Texas (Blu-Ray)

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ZZ Top
That Little Ol’ Band From Texas
2020, Eagle Rock Ent.
Rating: 4.5/5

The Texas trio needs no introduction. The same three guys have been cranking out the tunes since the late 60’s and touring the planet with no sign of stopping anytime soon. This documentary gives the bands history from the beginning up until the “Heyday” in the mid 80’s, or the “Video-era” if you prefer. THAT is my only complaint about this Blu-Ray, it does not cover the 90’s to modern day.

This feature is one of the best music documentaries or Rockumentaries I have watched. There is a wealth of info, facts and unseen footage from the archives. Despite being around for over 50 years I have seen little in the way of old footage by the band. There was the Live 1980 DVD several years back but for the most part there appears to be little footage from the 60’s & 70’s floating around. This Blu fixes that.

The interviews with each member gives us an insight into the times and what each member went through. Hearing drummer Frank Beard talk about his addictions was an eye opener for me as I never knew he was that heavy into the drugs. Those bits of information help make this so interesting to watch. These exclusive interviews are not your same old standard questions that get asked regularly. The band also has the time to elaborate and go into detail and sometimes give funny little stories to accompany the answer.

The interviews are intermixed with the archive footage and there are a few live performances shot at Gruene Hall for this doc which are stunning, both visually and musically. They sound amazing cranked up on a home theatre system. It is as though you were in the room with them, as cliche as that sounds. They mixed the music portion perfectly. Everything is where it should be. It is refreshing that they chose to perform a couple deep tunes instead of all hits. The performance of “Brown Sugar” is just amazing. No other way to put it. Billy’s playing is perfection. He has tone to the bone and a sound that cannot be imitated.

If you are a ZZ fan you obviously need to buy this. Doesn’t matter if you are a casual fan or a lifer, this is a must own. All Rock and Roll, Blues Rock listeners need it. Guitarists? That goes without say. Hell, everyone will enjoy this film. It is interesting and informative. You have to watch it multiple times as you will not take in all the info on the first viewing. So do yourself a favour and go buy this, sit back with a beverage of choice and enjoy.