Mustasch with support act on Killing It For Life Tour 2020 – Scandinavia – at Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

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Mustasch – Headline
Killing It For Life Tour 2020 – Scandinavia –
The Last Band – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
31/1 – 2020

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Now it’s time again for the Swedish party metal machine Mustasch to head out on tour in Scandinavia. In 2018 the bands previous album SILENT KILLER was released and it was also the first album together with new drummer Robban Bäck. At the end of last year the brand new album KILLING IT FOR LIFE was unveiled and the band chose to release on their own label Tritonus Records. A string of singles in “Blood In Blood Out”, “What Is Wrong”, “Where Angels Fear To Tread” and “Before A Grave” have been released from the album and the band haven’t performed in Malmo since March 2018 when they toured together with Hardcore Superstar and Entombed A.D in the tour-package named Tour De Saster. The band has always been a popular act in Malmo and I can’t count how many times the guys have performed here, therefor the tickets to this night’s show was sold rapidly and the chance of selling out was really high. After the band toured through Sweden it was time for Finland and Estonia but this night it was Malmo and Kulturbolaget that was in spotlight.

Once I came inside the club I took a look at the merchandise and saw that Mustasch had quite a few choices of different shirts to sell as well as the new album and other stuff and as soon it was time for the support act The Last Band to open the night.

The Last Band had their initial letters TLB in bright neon lights on stage and the closer it got for the night to start the more people entered the club. It was crowded at the front of the stage and fans eagerly stood waiting for the support act to go on stage, finally at 8 o clock it was time for the Gothenburg based opening act to kick off the night.

The Last Band

“White Powder” opened the show and it was full speed ahead from the very start and the crowd tagged along for the ride instantly. “6/7” followed straight away and since it was pretty dark on stage with not much lights from the front it was hard to get pictures of the band. At least the sound system worked great and the band that consists of:

Coffe Blood – lead vocals
Alex Frid – guitar
Fredrik Eriksson – guitar
Dennis Pumkin Andersson – bass
Axel Karlsson – drums

did their absolute best to get the crowd going and in mood for Mustasch. Singer Blood said – we are The Last Band and it’s fun to be back in Malmo again. This is our third time in Malmo I think, and we know you can rock n roll really hard down here, but so can we also and we have written a song about our neighborhoods in Gothenburg called “Hisingen”.

The bands music is maybe best described as hardcore mixed with punk and metal influences worked well in the club and Blood moved around the stage during the show getting the crowd amped up. “The Hunt pt 3” followed straight away as well as “Muscle And Blood”. Are you with us Blood asked, how many have come only to see us tonight? Well at least a few of you he said, how many have heard us before? Parts of the crowd shouted yes, we always have a great time together with Mustasch Blood continued and we want to say thank you to the guys for letting us tag along. We released a new single not too long ago, and if you haven’t heard it here it comes, it’s in Swedish called “Snabbare Än Satan” (Faster Than Satan), enjoy. In the middle of the song Blood urged the fans to clap their hands, “They Say” continued the show while Blood said – damn it’s nice to know we’re going to be performing for two hours straight, Mustasch can sell their merchandise during our show, what do you think about that? You think I lie huh? Blood laughed saying no it’s not true, are you all ready for Mustasch? Well here comes out last song “I Got No Friends”.

The Last Band didn’t perform 2 hours but for 35 minutes and that was enough for me. Sure, the band know how to take on a crowd and they got ability and charisma but their music doesn’t do anything for me. It was somewhat bad lights on stage but the wall with lights at the back of the stage looked awesome. The sound system wasn’t good and the music was too loud, the vocals was put too low in the mix and it was hard to hear if Blood sang in Swedish or English, it was hard to hear what he was singing over all. In my ears the band’s music are plain hardcore and nothing more and parts of the crowd seemed to agree with me. Maybe not the best support act for Mustasch but it is what it is, even though I wasn’t impressed by their music the guys seemed young and they have the future ahead of them.

Set list
White Powder
The Hunt Pt 3
Muscle And Blood
Snabbare Än Satan
They Say
I Got No Friends

Behind The Last Bands wall of light a podium with drums on it showed up and on the other podium a piano was put and at the back the backdrop portraying the cover of the brand new Mustasch album came up. It took a while for the crew to prepare the stage and while they were doing that more people showed up eager to see Mustasch live in action. About 9.10 it was so time for the evening’s main event to kick off their show.


As the intro was played through the speakers the band members showed up on stage and the first song out was “Ransacker”. “Blood In Blood Out” followed straight away and both the two songs is taken from the new album KILLING IT FOR LIFE. Singer Gyllenhammar grabbed the mic saying we are in Malmo tonight and it’s Friday, it’s all good, here is “What Is Wrong”. Mustasch is:

Ralf Gyllenhammar – lead vocals, guitar
Mats Stam Johansson – bass
David Johannesson – guitar
Robban Bäck – drums

Gyllenhammar took of his guitar saying the band was trying on something new saying the next song needs to have some piano in it, here comes “Freddie Mercury”. Gyllenhammar sat down behind the piano and it was a bit strange to see the frontman take on that instrument live. “Freddie Mercury” was the fourth new song the band played after each other which felt like a bold move. In “Libertá” Gyllenhammar was back with his guitar and the song, taken from the previous album, brought down some heavy cheering from the crowd. It felt like the fans hadn’t heard many songs from the new album which made it hard for them to go crazy. The band has got a solid and dedicated fanbase in Sweden and the guys have toured the country several years now and have probably performed in most of the cities and festivals in Sweden by now. Back in the days if a band cancelled you could bet your ass that Mustasch was there to replace and that kind of dedication is what have gained them such a loyal fanbase.

The intro to the great “Lawbreaker” once again lit up the crowd and the madness was a fact. Gyllenhammar urged the fans to clap their hands after which it was time for Johansson to throw a shorter bass solo. Thanks everyone Gyllenhammar said, now it’s time for a song about walking fast, here is “Speed Metal” which he counted in on German ein, zwei, drei. The band showed really early that they are the same well oiled live metal machine they always been, when you go to a Mustasch show you know you’re going to be entertained and that you’re in for a treat. The guys have always been a killer live act and nothing has changed in that department.

Gyllenhammar asked if there were anyone that wanted to come up on stage and stagedive and preferably a girl he said. After a while a girl entered the stage and Gyllenhammar said, ok on my signal you do it? The band fired off “Black City” and when the crew member that overlooked the stage said it was OK the girl jumped into the crowd and everyone cheered her as she jumped out on people’s arms. Gyllenhammar invited the fans to sing the chorus with him which they did really loud. He said the crowd was a bit better at singing than the Gothenburg crowd, now I have a question for you all and it’s not about stagediving, is it possible to take your dog with you when you’re going to heaven? He referred to the Swedish song “Änglahund” originally made by a Swedish troubadour whom the band made a cover of a few years back. Since the original troubadour who did the song is from the southern parts of Sweden, just right outside from Malmo, the entire crowd sang along from the top of their lungs in the song. The song is called “Hound From Hell” in English and is available at Spotify.

Everyone but Gyllenhammar, who sat down behind the piano, left the stage and he said that he had been participating in the Swedish outtakes to the Eurovision Song Contest a few years ago with this song “Bed On Fire”. A single white spotlight was shining right at him and he said to change the lights, I can’t see the crowd as he began to sing. It was back in 2013 he entered the contest and he came on 7th place out of 8. The song is an uptempo ballad and I really don’t understand why the band chose to perform the song, I mean they have a lot of other songs in their back catalogue, why chose a song that only featured Gyllenhammar? The song slowed down the tempo and the action a huge deal, Gyllenhammar lit up a cigarette, said cheers to the crowd and fired off “Before A Grave” once again sitting behind the piano. Johannesson sang parts of the chorus and the semi-ballad didn’t do much for the action on the stage. Gyllenhammar said he got feeling sitting behind the piano and said the band was about to take another song with him on piano, the song was “Thank You For The Demon” and the song became a totally different one with the piano compared to how it sound on album. Everyone but Johannesson walked off the stage, he did a shorter guitar solo and when the members came back it was time for “Barrage”. Gyllenhammar had the fans to scream for him and told Johannesson to stop playing so he could hear the fans.

Thank you Kulturbolaget you are amazing but “I Hunt Alone” Gyllenhammar said and the fans went crazy when they heard the classical tune. Until now the band hadn’t played many older songs at all, instead the main focus was set to the more current material which felt a little bit different coming from this band. You are so fucking great Malmo, I have one question for you, or it’s more like a request from us. After the show we are coming out to the merchstand, but we’re not going to take any pictures we only sign autographs, we can take pictures outside when we’re smoking is that OK? But before we do anything else, here is our drummer Robban Bäck doing a solo for you. After the solo Gyllenhammar counted 1 2 3 4 and “Dogwash” followed. The song woke up the fans and by the look of everyone the song was a crowd pleaser. Where are all the ladies tonight Gyllenhammar asked, I want to hear you all ladies scream, come on a little bit louder. Then he wanted the guys to scream and needless to say, since it was mostly guys in the crowd, they screamed the loudest. At the end it became a contest of who could scream the loudest. “Bring Me Everyone” followed and the song unleashed even louder screams from the crowd and since the song is a personal favorite of mine I was really glad to hear it. Stam went out on the ramp in the middle of the stage and did a shorter bass solo in the middle of the song, that ended the song and Gyllenhammar welcomed a guest on stage. It was no other than singer Adam Grahn from Royal Republic, a band from Malmo that is really popular. Welcome Adam, we are going to sing “Down In Black” together and when the crowd heard the bands big break through song everyone started to jump up and down. Grahn also jumped up and down and he was on fire to say the least. Grahn sang the first part of the song and Gyllenhammar the rest and it became a really great duet. The song ended the show and the fans clapped and cheered the band when it was over.

The fans kept on clapping for encores and when the band returned on stage Gyllenhammar said he wanted to meet the fans in the merch stand after the show. The PA system played the intro to “Double Nature” which made the fans scream even louder. The song was long awaited for by the fans and everyone at the floor sang along with the band in the song. Gyllenhammar said the band thanked Malmo for a great night, we love you all and “Double Nature” was the one and only encore for the night. The members took off their instruments and all together the band played for about 90 minutes this night.

This was a little bit different than what Mustasch usually deliver show-wise, the use of piano and incorporates some slower songs into the set list felt a bit new for the band. It was a surprise to see Gyllenhammar sitting behind a piano, normally he’s used to be standing solid on stage with one foot on the monitor in front of him. When it comes to the set list it was obvious that the band focused on playing the more current material which maybe was fun for the band, however it felt like the fans wanted to hear more of the older songs. And why put Gyllenhammar’s solo song and the cover song “Änglahund”? I had hoped to hear more of the older classical songs the band has in store rather than cover and solo songs. It was a bold move to change the set list that drastically and it only worked half way for me.

When I asked Stam why it’s impossible to find the new album out in stores he said that the band recently formed their own label and it was difficulties to get the album out in stores, therefor it was out on Spotify in October last year and the band also sold it on tour. So for now you can only buy it on the tour but it will be released in stores during the year. That is way maybe a lot of fans haven’t heard the new the songs yet besides the ones that are out on single/videos.

Official music video “What Is Wrong”


But it was fun to have seen the band again, after all it was quite a while since the last time they were here in Malmo and they should also have credit for not jumping on the meet and greet wagon. Mustasch never put on a dull show and even if this particular show was different it was far from dull and boring, it was just different from what can be expected from these guys.


Set list
Blood In, Blood Out
What Is Wrong
Freddie Mercury
Speed Metal
Black City
Änglahund (cover)
Bed On Fire
Before A Grave
Thank You For The Demon
Guitar solo
I Hunt Alone
Drum Solo
Bring Me Everyone
Down In Black
Double Nature

Thanks to head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass to the show

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Thanks to the staff at Kulturbolaget for a great job
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