Obscura God-Dethroned Thulcandra – Helsinki Finland

The German progressive and technical death metal combo Obscura led by Steffen Kummerer embarked on the European tour by having such a killer package consisting of four bands. This kind of package featuring four well known and respected bands of the genre is definitely a worth of every cent to catch. Besides Obscura has became a leading name in the death metal genre and released heaps of amazing, technical albums. Whereas the long time Dutch death metal veterans God Dethroned is more straight and brutal death metal with the old school vibe and put albums out since the early ’90s. Therefore this gig was definitely a must to see.

Unfortunately, the opening band had to be missed due to the unexpected tight schedule, but instead Steffen Kummerer’s another Thulcanda had to be witnessed. Thulcanda is definitely inspired by the Swedish blackened bands such as Dissection. The Dissection influenced riffs and elements can be pointed out in the stuff of Thulcandra. But as for Thulcanda’s gig at the prestigious Tavastia club. At least the lights had been turned to the minimum mode as the stage was light by the blue light. Therefore taking reasonable pics became a little bit challenging. As stated earlier about the Dissection elements, it was quite obvious to find and hear those elements in the Thulcanda’s blackened atmospheric metal. The lights could be much better as that would have made the following a bit easier.

The Dutch death metal veteran God Dethroned has been spreading the blasphemic hymns since the early ’90s. Even though the band has released heaps of albums during the long career, but the success has been more on the underground level. The latest output titled ILLUMINATI is purely raw and savage death metal. Even though the band’s main-man Henri Sattler has put the band on hold or terminated more than once, God Dethroned has always returned to the limelight. Their appearance in Finland started with some technical problems as Sattler had to set the wireless systems. However after sorting out minor problems, God Dethroned put a higher gear on and offered a real deadly lesson of the uncompromising death metal. The set was equally balanced to cover the older material from the albums released in the 90’s and of course the newer songs off ILLUMINATI. God Dethroned’s sounds were totally crushing and surprising splendid, creating a pleasant experience to enjoy the Dutch death metal monger. God Dethroned definitely ruled.

Obscura is definitely heavily influenced by the progressive era of Death as well as Cynic. Obscura’s technical and complex death metal sounded splendid. Even though the structure of songs of Obscure are based on Kummerer’s technical guitar playings and his skills to create such crazy-sounding riffs. Obscura wasn’t boring and dull at the stage, just on the contrary. Their way of playing and performing and moving on stage gave an impression of a well trained live band. The heads kept spinning thru the whole show and the band didn’t miss any inch in the playing or performing. Obscura owns to the legendary Death a lot as stated above, the German techno death metallers are influenced by both Death and Cynic, frankly the Death elements and riffs can be picked up and pointed out. This is more than obvious several modern era death metal bands have gained influences from these classic death metal bands. However Obscura have taken the technical aspects to another level by having something of their own in the sound. Obscura was tight, technical and above all sounded amazing. The band would deserve to take another step to the next level of the success.

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