RAIDER Premiere Video For Album Title Track “Guardian of The Fire”

For fans of Exmortus, Annihilator, Skeletonwitch, Deicide, Carcass
Debut Album Out March 20, 2020

L – R: Ira Lehtovaara (Guitar) | Kevin Withers (Drums) | Brandon Sanders (Bass) | Gabe Rosa (Guitar) | Angelo Bonaccorso (Vocals) Photo Credit – Wesley Raffan

Death/thrash outfit RAIDER, hailing from Waterloo, Canada is releasing their full-length album “Guardian of The Fire” on March 20, 2020.

The eight-track LP is a rush of E-standard mayhem, thrash overtones, and blackened vocals.

Comparing it to the 2018 demo “Urge to Kill”, RAIDER has to say:

“We brought back a lot of familiar elements but added so much more. Guardian of the Fire is more diverse, more aggressive, and is frankly just going to hit way harder. We’re stoked to see what our fans and future fans think of these new tunes!”

With a writing process that flows collectively and organically, RAIDER cites that these eight tracks are thematically related and the first single, the title track of the recording, is the apex of the album’s theme regarding overcoming lies and hatred that stand between all of us and the truth. Musically the song is a winding journey that grooves, stanks and has a heavy-hitting chorus.

Even though the band is still relatively young, they have a burning passion to improve themselves and the music they write. As they explain:

“The band has definitely grown a lot in terms of songwriting the last few years and this new album will illustrate that. Better songwriting, better lyrics, and the songs just generally flow better. It’s also safe to say that this new album has a lot more death metal influence than “Urge to Kill” did.”

In the veins of Sepultura, Annihilator, and Skeletonwitch, RAIDER is one of the underground thrash/death bands to keep an eye on in 2020.

Watch their video ‘Guardian of The Fire’ via its premiere on TheCirclePit HERE.

Music Video ‘Bound By No Fate’ HERE.

Album pre-order is available on Bandcamp. Single streams available on Spotify.

Track Listing:
1. Bound By No Fate (5:00)
2. No Sign On The Dawn (6:04)
3. Endless Vengeance (6:16)
4. Guardian of The Fire (6:48)
5. Infernal Justice (6:03)
6. Ravenous Hydra (5:28)
7. Offering of Souls (6:15)
8. Destroyer (5:51)
Album Length: 47:49

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In 2017, Raider naturally came together; maniacs playing death thrash in the unconventional E standard. Stating that they are fans of the inherent tightness they combine it with blackened death metal vocals and lay waste to audiences.

The quintessential Raider song starts with collaborative jamming filled in with grit and blasts of harmony and riffs, resulting in a refined final product. Lyrics stem from experiences, history, literature, our world today, and what our world could be tomorrow. At times they are a reflection of evil and at others, conquering it.

It wasn’t until 2020 that a full lineup was finally realized for Raider. Up until then, the second guitarist had been a fill-in for live shows, but with the addition of Ira Lehtovaara the lineup was complete and carving the path for their next move, the release of LP “Guardian of Fire” set to be unleashed on March 20, 2020.

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