Porta Nigra – Schopfungswut

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March 2020
January 17th, 2020 / Soulseller Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

German avant-garde black metal band PORTA NIGRA has returned with a powerful new album. The band’s third full-length release, SCHOPFUNGSWUT (anger of creation), goes back to the musical roots of the members of the band. That being traditional 1990s’ Norwegian/Swedish and German Black Metal.

Porta Nigra’s style of black metal is unique yet familiar at the same time. A blend of classic and modern metal has been infused into something special here. A sound I enjoyed from the get-go. Porta Nigra delivers a lyrical concept that still would carry traces of its decadent DNA in tracks like “Die Kosmiker” or “Unser Weg Nach Elysium,” but would also touch upon more traditional metal topics.

To present the lyrics according to their vision, the band decided to work together with a new vocalist this time around. Tongue, who is the guitarist and founder of the German Black Metal outfit Chaos Invocation, has done a great job on SCHOPFUNGSWUT.

SCHOPFUNGSWUT is filled with plenty of blast beats and traditional tremolo riffing, which is done in a way as not to annoy the average black metal listener like me. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Uhm, look at the rating. This is a worthy black metal album for all. And when I say for all, I mean for those who are not as much into the genre, this is one of those albums you can wrap your head around.


1. Die Kosmiker
2. Das Rad des Ixion
3. Die Augen des Basilisken
4. Die Entweihung von Freya
5. Unser Weg nach Elysium
6. Schöpfungswut

T. – Guitars
Tongue – Vocals
O. – Drums