Haunt – Mind Freeze

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March 2020
January 10th, 2020 / Shadow Kingdom Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

I have become quite a fan of Haunt since their first full-length release, 2018’s BURST INTO FLAME. From that release until now, it seems that Haunt has not taken a break since releasing a couple of split releases, an EP and the full-length IF ICARUS COULD FLY.

Their latest, MIND FREEZE is just another notch in the belt of great, throwback classic heavy metal. The tracks on here are just as speedy as ever and chaulked full of their trademark sound and infectious riffs and choruses. Now I must admit, at first listen; I thought this was somewhat of a dud. I had given it a couple of run-throughs while in the car, and not really paying much attention.

So yes, at first, MIND FREEZE may not have captured my full attention right out of the gate, but it was clear to me once I actually sat in front of the stereo. It did not take all too long to sink in that this is yet another gem of an album by a great band. And another great album to add to what Haunt has already given us.

If you have not had the chance to listen to these guys yet, please do so. I am telling you, you do not have to let them grow on you. It will happen naturally.

1. Light the Beacon
2. Hearts on Fire
3. Mind Freeze
4. Divide and Conquer
5. Saviors of Man
6. Fight or Flight
7. Have No Fear
8. On the Stage
9. Voyager

Daniel Wilson – Drums
Trevor William Church – Vocals, Guitar
Taylor Hollman – Bass
John Tucker – Guitars (lead)