Groghan, Brad-Metal And Rock Activity Book (Book review)

Review Date: March 2020
Released: 2019  / print on demand.
Label: Independent
Rating:  3.5/5
Review: JP

While we are all fans of music to one degree or another there are those individuals who truly super-fans.  These people want to contribute something back and share their love of a certain band or genre.  Brad Groghan is one of those super-fans.    Brad is an American and he is a true champion of Hair Metal.

Groghan is the founder and operator of the very large and popular Facebook group Hair Metal Music.  He also runs a website under the same name.  Such is his dedication to keeping the hair metal flame alive he has published no less than five books on the topic.  In a very gene ours offer he sent them to me for our review and enjoyment.  Over the next couple of months I’ll review all of them. They are listed below in order of publication.






I’ll start with the three smaller titles this month, (March 2020).  In case you are not familiar people can self-publish and print-on-demand books and that is exactly what Groghan has done.   These are independent print on demand titles.  There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of  these print of demand activity book available on-line.   It is extremely rare that this type of book is official or endorsed by the band, but fans make them all the time.  All the bigs bands have been the subjects of these books; an Iron Maiden colouring book, a Judas Priest crossword book,  a Metallica wordsearch and there are a ton of them.  I usually don’t brother reviewing them of the Library of Loudness for two reasons.  One there are too many!   Secondly, what would I say for each review?  They are all essentially the same thing, puzzles and games using Hard Rock and Metal bands as the topic.  However I decide to review these as part of this series.  Please feel free to enjoy all the books in this series of reviews.

This is the twin-sister to Groghan’s HAIR METAL ACTIVITY BOOK expect this one is even more specific!  Do yo recall the year 1988?  Well Groghan sure does because that is the overlying theme of this set of activities.  The layout and design of this magazine sized, soft-cover activity book is the same as the other title.

METAL AND ROCK ACTIVITY BOOK  is divided into four sections; Crosswords Trivia, Word Searches and Word Scrambles and all the answers are in the back.  There are about 40 puzzles in all for your leisure and entertainment.   How would you like to attempt a Queensryche wordsearch or maybe a Megadeth crossword puzzle?  Sounds cool to me.   There is a more diverse range of bands and genres than the Hair Metal version. There are also rapid fire trivia quizzes, for example Metallica vs. Megadeth.  You really have to know your Hard Rock/Metal and of courts the year 1988!  I could see this being really fun at a party, but then again I’m a bit of a nerd, my parties are boring.

METAL AND ROCK ACTIVITY BOOK  despite being super-focused on just one year wil have a broader appeal to a wider variety of fans.

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