Goblinsmoker – A Throne In Haze, A World Ablaze

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Goblinsmoker – A Throne In Haze, A World Ablaze
Reviewed: March 2020
Released: 2020, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

The moniker “Goblinsmoker” sounds like it came straight from an internet doom metal band name generator. That aside, Goblinsmoker’s recently released EP A THRONE IN HAZE, A THRONE ABLAZE is apparently the 2nd chapter in the Toad King trilogy (I’m assuming he’s the grand fellow on the album cover) and is a conceptual story about the Toad King going to war, shaman possession, and who the hell knows what’s going on her, but I’m sure that some wacky tobaccy was involved in the creative process.

The 3 songs here are pretty standard smoke inspired, slow moving doom jams, but dammit, they are HEAVY. You’ve probably heard the opening riff on “Let Them Rot” in some shape or form before, but it still hits you in the chest just as hard. The same can be said for the hazy ascension of “Smoked in Darkness” and the swampy swagger of “The Forest Mourns”, but roaring buzz of the bass guitar and Adam Kennedy’s witch like, almost black metal-esque beckoning helps make this kind of familiar territory a little bit more of their own.

Beyond my curiosity about what happens next to our amphibian royalty, I genuinely dig A THRONE IN HAZE for the experience it is. Crafting traditional doom that still manages to sound fresh is no easy feat, and Goblinsmoker both acknowledge and overcome that challenge. Fans of old school Electric Wizard, early Cough, Grief, et al will have plenty to inhale and enjoy here, long live the Toad King.


Track List:
1. Smoked in Darkness
2. Let Them Rot
3. The Forest Mourns


Adam Kennedy – Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Calum Young – Drums
Mitch Walker – Bass


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