KILL RITUAL release new lyric video for Touch The Dark

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Somewhat SF Bay Area based metal band KILL RITUAL are releasing their 3rd lyric video “Touch The Dark” which completes the trilogy of free songs released from the upcoming LP “The Opaque And The Divine”. KR drummer Seamus Gleason breaks away from his oh so tasty beverage in front of the liquor store and comments, “When Stevo sent me the tune I thought he was taking the piss! I immediately wrapped it up as another one of his many rip offs he thinks he actually wrote type tunes he sends on a daily basis that was most definitely headed for the circular file! But wait! I actually listened to it and started hearing some hot inner city jungle drive-by drum grooves and a catchy little show tune melody. BAM! Instantly I knew it was going to be a great song for fan toilet breaks in a live setting so we definitely had to record it!”

Bass Dave - Kill RitualIn other super awesome band news KILL RITUAL would like welcome new bassist and pro hair farmer David Alusik to the KR Covent. The man is a level 25 + Vampire Rock God hailing from dark and ominous Indianapolis, IN via Stratford, CT.  His weapon of choice is the Electric Bass Guitar with 5 string no less which he also wields for veteran bands such as URN and Form30. His massively long hair is both charismatically mesmerizing and deadly. Beware!

“The Opaque And The Divine” was recorded/mixed/mastered by Andy La Rocque at Sonic Train Studios and Steven D. Rice at Fossil Sound. Guest appearances by Andy La Rocque (King Diamond, Death) solo on “King Of Fools”, Joey Concepcion (Sanctuary, Armageddon) solos on “Veil Of The Betrayer” and Chris Lotesto (Ion Vein) solo on “Touch The Dark”.

The album is scheduled for release on March 27th, 2020 via POS illegal torrent file sharing and old school metal head tape trading.


KILL RITUAL 2020 is:


Steven D. Rice-Guitars, keyboards, bass, vocals, bad attitude

Seamus Gleason-Drums

David Alusik-Bass

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