Steel Panther + Wayward Sons @ Brixton Academy, London, February 7th 2020

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Friday night is the best night to party and there’s no better gig to be at than Steel Panther; they always promise a good time and they never disappoint!

First up on tonight’s bill are British rockers ‘Wayward Sons’, a five piece made up of some of rock’s great musicians, not least of all serial front man Toby Jepsom (Little Angels, Gun).

No strangers to the spotlight, these guys put on a great show, no bells and whistles needed just good old fashioned rock and roll!

Each member of the band has their own dynamic, making sure that every inch of the stage is utilised and there is always something exciting to watch, whether it be the hair flicking and incredible guitar licks from guitarist Sam Wood, or the array of moves from Nic Wastell as he kills it on the bass.

I wasn’t sure that they worked as support for Steel Panther but it was soon apparent that this was a great fit.

They get the crowd suitably worked up with plenty of clapping and hands in the air – we all came to rock tonight and this was a brilliant start to proceedings, beginning on a real high.

The time has come to feel the steel as the greatest heavy metal band in history (Lexxi’s mum was not wrong) take to the stage!

Ripping the night right open with ‘Eyes of a Panther’, we are catapulted into their glittery, lip glossy, pouty, balls to the wall and covered in spandex brand of metal!!

Everyone explodes into screams and cheers as this phenomenal foursome bust out some seriously impressive musical talent.

This band have everything you could possibly need: they rock hard, they look great and they are super funny and fun! They also all equally share the limelight.

Front man Michael Starr has some serious pipes and he bounds around the stage playing with the audience, who lap up every second of it excitedly.

Second track ‘Let me Cum In’ keeps the momentum and the giggles going strong; their not-so-subtle, downright filthy lyrics only add to their appeal – they pull it off so well (pun not intended!).

The super glamourous Lexxi Foxx spends the majority of his time pouting as if his life depends on it whilst periodically visiting his own personal pamper station complete with hairspray, lip gloss and a hand held mirror with his name emblazoned across it. He is mesmerising to watch, tossing his long, flowing locks around whilst posing and throwing down some magnificent bass licks!

He and guitar player extraordinaire Satchel often join forces, throwing shapes together and switching sides of the stage.

Not forgetting either the incredible Stix, sat high on his podium pounding the skins (again, pun not intended) with such powerful finesse.

They take a break between the second and third songs (much to my delight – the longer in the pit the better!) to banter a bit and introduce themselves (not that they need any introductions!).

That all done, they burst back into action with ‘All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (myself tonight)’ – I wasn’t kidding when I said they weren’t subtle! – an anthemic, catchy number which has everyone’s fists pumping in the air while they all sing along.

The whole show is a total ride, it’s pure, unadulterated, hardcore hair metal at its absolute best!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more fun they invite one lucky girl on stage to serenade with their own verses as she sits on a stool and listens to all the beautiful descriptions of what they would like to do with her – its a truly tender moment – of pornographic proportions! The way they interact with her is super sweet though and despite the content they all are genuinely lovely and make her feel at ease.

Not content with just the one girl, they then invite ALL the girls on stage with them for ‘Party All Day (Fuck All Night)’. There are upwards of 30 girls who join them for what looks like the best party ever, and all the members happily snap selfies with the girls as they generally have a wicked fun time. They stay on stage for ’17 Girls in a Row’ and then disperse.

I literally could watch these guys play every night and never get bored! Rightfully so, tonight’s show was sold out and absolutely everyone had the best time!

If you haven’t been to a Steel Panther show you’re not doing life right!!! Get yourself to one STAT!!