Juggernaut-Baptism Under Fire/Trouble Within

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Reviewed: February 2020
Released: 2019, Century Media
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

Over the past 15+ years, Metal Blade Records has been conducting a periodic reissue campaign. Various albums or bands are getting the deluxe two or three disc reissue treatment and the latest in the series is the band, Juggernaut. This is kind of a kind public service announcement review to talk more about the reissue than to actually review the two albums.

Juggernaut were one of many, many 80’s Metal Blade bands that were rock solid US Power Metal (or traditional or classic Metal, however you prefer to define it) but in the end never really made it. They had two albums, BAPTISM UNDER FIRE in 1986 and TROUBLE WITHIN in 1987.  They slugged it out for another five years or so in the underground until about 1991 then called it quits.  This set reissues both albums with a bunch of bonus tracks.

Like all of these cool box-sets in this long running series (see below for details) the packaging and collecting the series is part of the incentive.  This time we get two jewel cases housed in slipcase but no DVD.  The very keen-eyes fan may note that TROUBLE WITHIN has slightly different cover art.  The promo sticker on the front says there are ten bonus tracks, which is only sort of true.  Seven of these tracks have already been released at one point or another, most predominantly the six-track Iron Works EP and a song from the compilation, Metal Massacre VII, which of course we all already own on cassette and CD,  correct?

The ‘real’ bonus is three unreleased tracks from a 1991 recording session that have never seen the light of day until now and two brand new tracks.  So the twelve extra cuts are pretty cool no matter what and adds a lot of value to the set.

The new cuts, almost by default have superior production to the 80’s stuff. The band wisely avoided the mistake of trying too hard to modernize their sound. Disappointingly the songs are short…less than three minutes each and have a distinct lack of guitar solos!  It is almost as these sounded a bit rushed, like incomplete song ideas thrown together for inclusion in this set.  The core sound and style of the band is still intact and original vocalist Harlan Glenn still sounds very decent, over 30 years later. Overall they are decent little songs, and I hope that the band can capitalize on this bit of momentum and complete a new, third, full-length studio album!

As cool as the two new songs, ‘Wake Island’ and ‘No Prisoners’ are, to me it is the 52 page, full-colour booklet detailing the history of the band that is the highlight of this set.  Amazing!  It has pretty much everything you wanted to know about the band and loaded with photos.

As with any of these reissues, the value for the consumer is derived from how much you enjoy the band obviously, or maybe to satisfy curiosity about this old band. I happen to like Juggernaut to still listen to the original pair of albums from 1986 and 1987 to this day.  This set is a very nice replacement for my beat up old cassette versions and is another really nice addition to the reissue campaign.  Buy ‘em all!

Additional bonus information:

Just for the collectors here is a list in the series so far, to the best of my knowledge. Some are career retrospectives, some are just one album that get the expanded presentation, most of them come loaded with bonus tracks, expanded liner notes and a DVD all housed in a slipcase.

2003-Omen-Omen (includes Battle Cry/Warning Of Danger/Nightmares)

2003-Armored Saint-Symbol of Salvation

2004-Voivod-War And Pain

2005-Fates Warning-Awaken The Guardian

2006-Hallow’s Eve-History Of Terror (includes Tales Of Terror/Death And Insanity/Monument)

2006-Flotsam & Jetsam-Doomsday For The Deceiver

2007-Lizzy Borden-Master Of Disguise

2007-Sacred Reich-Ignorance/Surf Nicaragua

2012-Cirith Ungol-Servants of Chaos

2013-Heretic-Breaking Point/Torture Tactics

2015-Hexx-Under The Spell/No Escape

2015-Thrust-Fist Held High/Reincarnation

2019-Juggernaut-Baptism Under/Trouble Within

Track listing:

DISC 1 – ‘Baptism Under Fire’

01. Impaler
02. Slow Death
03. Cast The First Stone
04. Rains Of Death
05. Cut Throat
06. All Hallow’s Eve
07. Burn Tonight
08. Juggernaut
09. Purgatory’s Child
10. Blizzards
11. Hang ’em High
12. Honey Bun
Bonus tracks:
13. In The Blood Of Virgins (from “Metal Massacre VII”)
14. Vengeance (EP version)
15. Impaler (EP version)
16. Slow Death (EP version)
17. All Hallow’s Eve (EP version)
18. Hang ‘Em High (EP version)
19. Burn Tonight (EP version)


Harlan Glenn – vocals
Scott Womack – bass guitar, backing vocals, guitar in 12
Eddie Katilius – guitars
Bobby Jarzombek – drums
Dave McClain – drums in track 13
Several session drummers in tracks 14-19

DISC 2 ‘Trouble Within’
01. Without Warning
02. Vengeance
03. Russian Roulette
04. The Calm Before…
05. The Swarm
06. Trouble Within
07. Weeping In Fire
08. Onslaught Of The Hordes
09. The Pirate’s Blade
10. Stellae Rubeae

Bonus tracks:
11. All Thay You Give
12. From My Eyes
13. Pain
14. Wake Island (new song 2019)
15. No Prisoners (new song 2019)


Steve Cooper – vocals
Scott Womack – bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
Eddie Katilius – guitars
Bobby Jarzombek – drums

Tracks 10, 11, 12
Scott Womack – bass guitar
Denny Shoup – guitar
Stuart Moore – vocals in 12 and 13
Len Jarrell – vocals in 11
Phil Thomas – drums

Tracks 14-15:
Scott Womack – bass guitar
Harlan Glenn – vocals
Bob Catlin – guitar
Miguel Morales – drums