The Murder Of My Sweet – Brave Tin World

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Reviewed: February, 2020
Released: 2019, Frontiers Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

It has been five years since I last checked in with The Murder of My Sweet on their album BETH OUT OF HELL.  BRAVE TIN WORLD is this Stockholm, Sweden band’s fifth album. Self-described as cinematic metal, the truth is TMOMS is basically a cross between Delain and Within Temptation, but with a less bombastic and more streamlined sound than either of their influences.  This relatively simplified approach provides a subtle distinction between TMOMS and the hordes of other like-minded female-fronted bands.

Credit the band for opening the album with arguably the best song on the album, when the trend is to lead with a cinematic instrumental in this style.  The hummable thump of “Tin Soldiers” is accompanied by Angelica Rylin’s confident and smooth delivery.  Rylin eschews the helium highs for a mid-ranged tone that shows strategic restraint where technical and operatic flourishes are often expected.  “Head Of The Snake” is the other stand-out track, with a basic verse structure that transitions into a radio-friendly chorus

Musically, keyboards and power chords provide the structure and the cinematic parts that are designed to create a film-noir type of experience and vibe.  BRAVE TIN WORLD is at it best when the band keeps things distorted and bouncy.  Unsurprisingly, momentum is lost when the band goes soft as on the weak “Safe In The Shadows.” This was an issue on BETH OUT OF HELL as well, which tells me this a flaw that is intrinsic within the band, as soft balladic music is not their strong point.  Album closer, “The Alchemy of Sin” channels E.L.O. and reveals another of the band’s inspirations.

While BRAVE TIN WORLD is more simplified than many symphonic female-fronted albums, it is not a one trick pony either.  There is a mix of pop, some metal, rock and even some prog sprinkled in with the cinematic passages.  There were several points in this album where I felt the band could have exploded with some energetic and heavy passages, but the formula of mid-paced and suppressed was ultimately my overriding impression.   No question, this album is very accessible and sounds great.  I just wish the band would up the aggression a notch here and there.  Those looking for a less symphonic and technical version of Within Temptation will find BRAVE TIN WORLD a welcome listen.


Track Listing: 

  1. Tin Soldiers
  2. My Religion
  3. Head Of The Snake
  4. Reasons To Live
  5. Safe In The Shadows
  6. Hit The Ground
  7. Everyone Wins
  8. Memento
  9. Keeper Of The Flame
  10. Worth Fighting For
  11. Alchemy Of Sins


Angelica Rylin – Vocals
Daniel Flores – Keyboards, strings arrangements, backing vocals and Drums
Christopher Vetter – Acoustic and electric guitars
Patrik Janson – Bass