Syryn-From The Depths

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Reviewed: February 2020
Released: 2020, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

Syryn is a relatively new act but has managed to develop a higher profile in a short period of time due to a combination of hard work, good music and by avoiding oversaturation in a crowded local market, by not playing too often.  The band has just released their independent debut, FROM THE DEPTHS.

Syryn play classic/traditional Metal with a bit of a nautical theme.  I know there are many, bands that have embraced nautical and sea-faring themes rather than your traditional swords and sorcery/dungeons and dragons lyrics and imagery, but Syryn uses these archetypes really well.  It’s not exactly goofy Pirate Metal, like Swashbuckle or Alestorm, but a little more serious in terms of mythology and ideas from the golden age of naval battle and exploration.  Yes, piracy is touched upon lyrics but it is not the main thrust.  The album has a bit of an interesting structure…it is 12 tracks, 32 minutes long, but there are six intro or interlude pieces, so rally the album is six songs long. However, those interludes add quite a bit of atmosphere into the album, for example on the piece ‘Bound In Torment’ with a bit of gentle acoustic guitar and what sounds like cello, make for a haunting piece. FROM THE DEPTHS clips along at a nice pace, even verging into Power territory at times, some great guitar lines and overall excellent song-writing.

The album art is excellent the production is very decent too.   The individual performances of the quintet are commendable.  I like the back-up gang vocals that stand-out nicely on tracks like ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Three Sheets to The Wind’, a classic sing-along drinking song if I’ve ever heard one.   Lead vocalist Sloan has a powerful voice with excellent range.  She is not always singing in the song-bird soprano style, but certainly not gruff either; she can hit clear high notes with ease.  Her singing is certainly a major advantage for this band.

Calgary is a crowded and competitive Metal market and it takes a complete package to compete these fays.  In addition there are very few bands actually doing this style in Western Canada so that automatically makes them stand out from the pack.  FROM THE DEPTHS  is a very enjoyable commendable debut.



Sloan Voxxkills-Vocals

Byron Gorier-Guitar

Paulo Rage-Guitar

Lynx Rose-Bass

Bryan Campbell-Drums

Track listing:

1. Song of the Syrynite
2. Neverending Nightmare
3. Inebriated Outcasts
4. Three Sheets to the Wind
5. Panic Room
6. Unbreakable
7. Bound in Torment
8. Paradise for Demise
9. Prelude to Fatality
10. Dead Men Tell No Tales
11. Adrift
12. Through It All