Magic Kingdom-Metalmighty

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Reviewed: February 2020
Released: 2019, AFM Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP


Dushan Petrossi is a fairly busy guy having had two bands, Iron Mask and Magic Kingdom running currently for over two decades. Now, we are back to Magic Kingdom for a year or so as they have released album number five called METALMIGHTY.

The cover art is quite striking (pun intended) as it has some sort of big warrior dude (flanked by two fierce dragons) wielding two mighty hammers,  pounding on an electric guitar on a fiery anvil, helped by two well-endowed, sexy female blacksmith assistants. A nice job if you can get it!  Stan Decker, who has also created awesome cover art for dozens of other bands like Jorn, Rage, Primal Fear and Stryper, could win most Metal album cover of the year!  For the record it is the fifth Magic Kingdom album in a row with a dragon on the cover.  At least he is consistent!  I’m not thrilled with the title, I get what he as trying to do; mix the words ‘Metal’ and ‘Mighty’, but it just sounds weird to me.

It has been about four years since SAVAGE REQUIEM and the big surprise of the album is that he has recruited none other than Mr. Michael Vescara to sing! Talk about a heavy hitter, he is probably the most high profile vocalist than any of the other three guys who have sung for Magic Kingdom.  Normally this constant rotation of singers might be considered a detriment, but Petrossi has always maintained that Magic Kingdom is more of his solo project and Iron Mask is more of his band.  Former vocalist Christian Palin was very decent, but he is not Vescara.  Vescara puts in a tour-de-force performance. He tells us admittedly conventional tales of ‘Wizards and Witches’  and dragons and demons, kings and trolls, all right out of the high fantasy playbook.

Musically Petrossi brings his neo-classical leaning to the fore with piles of speedy guitar, great riffs, and ample orchestration. Soaring over top of all of this metallic fury is the mighty pipes of Mike Vescara. The album is pretty darn fast head to toe with a few slower moments , great tracks like, ‘In The Den of The Mountain Trolls’. Petrossi and Vescara work wonderfully together on the Yngwie-inspired ‘Fear My Fury’  as it is no secret that Petrossi is a disciple of the maestro.

Back in July of 2016 I interviewed Petrossi and back then he told me that this album would be The Metallic Tragedy Part 3 with one giant song broken into 10 parts. Well, obviously  that never materialized… yet, but I’m sure it is something we can all look forward to.  Until then METALMIGHTY is a superb record.


Michael Vescera-Vocals

Dushan Petrossi-Guitars, Orchestrations, Lyrics

Vassili Moltchanov-Bass

Michael Brush-Drums

Track listing:

  1. Unleash the Dragon
  2. Wizards And Witches
  3.  In the Den of the Mountain Trolls
  4.  Fear My Fury
  5. Rise from the Ashes, Demon
  6. Metalmighty
  7. So Fragile
  8. Temple of No Gods
  9. Just a Good Man
  10. Dark Night, Dark Thoughts
  11. King Without a Crown