Krvsade – Judgement Day

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February 2020
Released: January 31st, 2020
Rating: 3.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Krvsade is a mind-shattering thrash assault that formed back in 2015. With what the band calls a new blend of “extreme metal” from Charlotte, North Carolina, Krvsade incorporates death and black metal into the thrash equation, resulting in somewhat of a brutal sound.

The 3 tracks here have a powerful delivery. What they do here on this EP they do fairly well. There are moments of pure originality and others of similarity. All in all, their sound is distinctive enough to set them apart from most with a heavier down-tuned thrash approach to the music. There are some pretty cool riffs laid out as well. The vocals have more of a death metal feel to them and are done well.

Krvsade has shared the stage with the likes of Inquisition, Nervosa, and Uada. Krvsade is first and foremost a live band. With seasoned musicians comprising the line-up, a live gig from Krvsade is intense and interactive. Raw and in the moment. This is real, in your face, fast and angry metal; a full set of four dudes losing their minds. The way it should be.

I do like what I’ve heard here even if it doesn’t totally blow me away. But it is good. I like that they have some classic nuances to their sound while pushing the boundaries enough to sound current and relevant in the scene. Fans of Morbid Angel to Slayer, Sepultura and Kreator will be able to embrace these guys fairly easy. Just remember, these guys are a fairly new band and things can only get better, and longer from here.


1. Judgement Day
2. Keep it in the Church
3. The Key and The Gate

Keegan Dennis – Drums
Arthur Reid – Guitar
Jeb Laird – Bass
Andre Evans – Guitar, Vocals