Ironflame – Blood Red Victory

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Reviewed: February 2020
Released: February 7th, 2020, Divebomb Records
Rating: 5 / 5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

IRONFLAME is a modern heavy metal outfit with traditionally based ideals. Meaning, their fist-banging anthems hearken back to the sounds of such venerable acts as Riot, Nocturnal Rites, Running Wild, and Fifth Angel. Multi-instrumentalist Andrew D’Cagna, (Icarus Witch) formed IRONFLAME in late-2016 as a solo project, but the group soon became a formidable live unit. As with every project that D’Cagna is involved with that I have come across the past couple of years, perfection is a guarantee.

BLOOD RED VICTORY is the bands third full-length release. That said, some backtracking to earlier releases is now a must. But what a way to start out the New Year with having the honor to listen to and review such a great album. I do not give 5 out of 5 ratings lightly. But from the first track, a powerful classic / speed metal riff, I knew immediately I was hooked!

Each track on this one is just as infectious as the next. This is what “Heavy Metal” is. Songs laced with steady and fast double-bass kicking, soaring vocals and Maiden-esque riffing from time to time make for an awesome sound. And even in their moments of melody, these guys will simply blow you away. Still kicking around the fact that I have only just now come across Ironflame and why more “metal” outlets do not push these guys more.

I can’t see trying to go through and say what exactly each track sounds like. I never have liked doing that anyway. What you really need to do is listen to any one track from this album and you will know that I am not bullshitting you one bit. Anyone, and I mean anyone who says they are fans of heavy metal and do not like Ironflame after the first listen, probably is not much of a metal fan to start off with.

Ironflame are carrying the “metal-flame” proudly. These guys fucking rule!


1. Gates of Evermore
2. Honor Bound
3. Seekers of the Blade
4. Blood Red Cross
5. On Ashen Wings
6. Graves of Thunder
7. Grace and Valor
8. Night Queen
9. The Serpent and the Throne*
10. Horns Held High*

Recording Lineup:
Andrew D’Cagna – Vocals and Music
Quinn Lukas – Guitar Solos
Jesse Scott – Guitar Solos

Live Performance Lineup:
Andrew D’Cagna – Vocals
Quinn Lukas – Guitars
Jesse Scott – Guitars
James Babcock – Bass
Noah Skiba – Drums