Iron Savior – Kill Or Get Killed

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Reviewed: February 2020
Released: 2019, AFM Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

Is there any Power Metal band more consistent than Iron Savior?   Not many!   The Teutonic titans put out album #12 in mid-2019 and since we have reviewed every other Iron Savior album I wanted to keep pace and share a few thoughts about KILL OR BE KILLED.

The band is still on the AFM Records label, for the fourth studio album in a row. They are still using Felipe Franco for their cool Sci-Fi themed cover artwork this time an alien dude with some neat looking futuristic electro/plasma rifle(?) of some sort.  Franco has done the last six Iron Savior releases giving them all an awesome consistent style and look. The only significant change for this album cycle is that long time drummer Thomas Nack is gone and ex-Scanner drummer Patrick Klose gets the call. He does a fine job.  The band have really found their groove and perfected their signature sound in my opinion.  It’s not that the songs are not good, far from it, (they are great!)  but any one of these songs could have fit on any other of the last four or five Iron Savior albums.  We interviewed Piet back in 2016, just before TITANCRAFT came out and he said that it was a bit more progressive.  I’m not sure I heard that myself, but if that subtle distinction is accurate then I’d suggest that KILL OR BE KILLED is bit more straight-ahead, sonically and lyrically.  The title doesn’t quite work to my ears. Maybe it’s a bit dull and in North America the phrase is generally Kill or Be killed, not GET killed so it seems a tiny bit odd, but that is a very minor thing.

It has been said that many of the ‘Power Metal’ bands really aren’t all that powerful. While I don’t necessarily agree, I do understand that sentiment and I would say that no one has ever said that about Iron Savior!  They are still crunchy and heavy and driven by Sielck’s throaty vocal style. I always love the big backing gang vocals on my Iron Savior album and this one does not disappoint in that department, especially on cuts like ‘Heroes Ascending’.  The album is largely very quick to fast paced with the occasional exception like the slower, more atmospheric track called ‘Until We Meet Again, buried down at track nine.

In a sense this is almost a non-review.  It’s Iron Savior. It’s awesome like all their albums.  No surprises, just quality and if all their future albums are as good as the band will never get killed or be killed!


Iron Savior
Iron Savior

Line up:

Piet Sielck-Vocals, Guitar
Joachim Küstner-Guitar
Jan-Sören Eckert-Bass
Patrick Klose-Drums

Track Listing:

1. Kill or Get Killed
2. Roaring Thunder
3. Eternal Quest
4. From Dust and Ruble
5. Sinner or Saint
6. Stand Up and Fight

7. Heroes Ascending
8. Never Stop Believing
9. Until We Meet Again
10. Legends of Glory
11. Sin City