Brothers of Metal – Emblas Saga

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Reviewed: February 2020
Released: January 2020, AFM Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Ernie B

Sweden’s Viking metallers Brothers of Metal’s second album is ‘Emblas Saga’; rough translation, First Woman Saga. A follow up to their 2017 album ‘Prophecy Of Ragnarok’, a soundtrack album to all the Marvel Thor movies (not really, but it could have been). Two male vocalists & one female voice is a combination that brings atmosphere & storytelling without overshadowing one another, along with a three guitar line up, bass & drums, this is Viking metal at its best. Heavy as a Viking raid on your territory, an assault on your senses and, once finished pillaging, light & easy round the campfire with horns of mead and whatever Vikings get up to after dark.

The album opens with a dark brooding intro, followed by an opening salvo of crashing guitars setting you up for a helluva ride through Norse Mythology. Vocalists Ylva Eriksson, Joakim Lindback Eriksson & Johan Johansson add their combined voices to the mix & away you go on the ride of your life. On the plus side, all vocals are in English which is a plus for me as I can’t speak a word of Swedish.

The album as a whole is a potential future classic in the genre, with standout tracks ‘Theft of The Hammer’, ‘Weaver of Fate’, and campfire song ‘Njord’, a tribute to the God of the sea & wind. Respect! ‘Brothers Unite’, intentionally or otherwise, sounds like a tribute to the late great Gary Moore, listen & compare to Gary’s ‘Over The Hills & Far Away’.


Track listing:

1. Brood Of The Trickster
2. Powersnake
3. Hel
4. Chain Breaker
5. Kaunaz Dazar
6. Theft Of The Hammer
7. Weaver Of Fate
8. Njord
9. Emblas Saga
10. Brothers Unite
11. One
12. Ride Of The Valkyries
13. To The Skies & Beyond

Band Line-up:

Emil Warmedal – Bass
Dawid Grahn – Guitars
Pahr Nilsson – Guitars
Mikael Fehrm – Guitars
Johan Johansson – Drums
Ylva Eriksson – Vocals
Joakim Lindback Eriksson – Vocals
Mats Nilsson – Vocals