Rivers Of Nihil – Interview with Adam Biggs

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Interview with Adam Biggs of Rivers Of Nihil

Interview by Kira Levine

Hello and thank you for your time. Please state your name and position in the band.

– Adam Biggs, Bass/vocals

Forming only a decade ago, Rivers of Nihil have already released 3 albums. What inspires the lyrics and songwriting process?

– That’s a large question, and to be honest it’s always a little different from record to record. We’ve never been totally satisfied by anything we’ve ever done so there’s always this feeling of wanting to top ourselves, which can also mean a lot of different things. Early on though, the focus was pretty predictable for a metal band; we wanted to play faster, heavier, more technical music each time. Now we tend to think more in terms of how engaging the music is, how relatable, genuine, emotive. Things like that. We put a lot of ourselves into this, we don’t have side projects really, so this band tends to act as a pretty significant emotional and musical outlet for us, maybe the most significant. So it’s hard not to be inspired by your total life experience while making new music for this band.

Do you have a favourite track from 2018’s Where Owls Know My Name?

– The title track is probably my favorite Rivers song ever up to this point. It’s all the things we do well but still adventurous and arranged in a way that makes me feel very proud.

British artist Dan Seagrave is responsible for the album artwork on all three of your full-length albums. Did the visuals come first, or did he use the music as inspiration each time?

– I think we may have sent him demos, whether or not he listened to them I’m not sure. But, I usually have an idea going in what I’d like the art to look like on these records and will write a pretty in depth description along with things like song titles and notes on the concept. He always ends up taking my ideas to a completely new level though, which is why Seagrave is an absolute legend.

Where Owls Know My Name (2018)

Andy Thomas from Black Crown Initiate is a guest vocalist on Where Owls Know My Name’s title track. How did this come about?

– Andy has been a friend of ours since before Black Crown Initiate OR Rivers of Nihil existed. We all grew up in the same area. Honestly, the guest spot wasn’t really even a premeditated thing. Andy was just hanging out in the studio a few times during the making of the record and it just so happened that the beginning of WOKMN could benefit from having his voice there, he was happy to do it.

You recently toured with Black Crown Initiate, MØL, and Orbit Culture. What was that experience like?

– It was fantastic, couldn’t have asked for a better lineup for our first headliner in Europe. They’re all great, innovative bands and great people to tour with. It was a pleasure to have such a sonically diverse lineup as well, none of these bands sounds alike and it made for a really interesting night of music.

Are you planning to go on tour again soon?

– We’ll be back in the EU/UK with Thy Art is Murder at the start of the new year!

Is there anywhere in the world that you haven’t toured yet, but would like to?

– Plenty! Japan/Asia, South America, and Russia to name a few.

Rivers Of Nihil

Do you have any hobbies or other projects outside of Rivers Of Nihil?

– I’ve tried to involve myself in a few other projects over the years but it never sticks, pretty much all of my musical time and energy ends up dedicated to Rivers for the time being. Maybe one day I’ll feel like I have something to say via another creative outlet, but for now this is the focus.

What do the next 12 months look like for the band?

– We have that Euro tour coming up as well as a few festival appearances, but other than that I think this year is mostly going to be focused on making a new record.

Thanks again!


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Rivers of Nihil
are currently on tour in Europe with Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Fit For An Autopsy, and I AM.

Tour dates:

25.1.20 Antwerp, BE @ Zappa
26.1.20 Manchester, UK @ Academy 2
27.1.20 Glasgow, UK @ Garage
28.1.20 Leeds, UK @ Stylus
29.1.20 Bristol, UK @ SWX
30.1.20 London, UK @ Electric Brixton
31.1.20 Birmingham, UK @ O2 Institute
01.2.20 Netherlands Tilburg @ 013
02.2.20 Paris, FR @ Cabaret Sauvage
04.2.20 Madrid, ES @ Mon Live
05.2.20 Barcelona, ES @ Razzmatazz
06.2.20 Lyon, FR @ Transbordeur
07.2.20 Pratteln, CH @ Z7
08.2.20 Munich, DE @ Backstage
09.2.20 Milan, IT @ Circolo Magnolia
10.2.20 Ljubljana, SI @ Kino Siska
11.2.20 Wien, AT @ Szene
12.2.20 Budapest, HU @ Barba Negra
13.2.20 Prague, CZ @ Meet Factory
14.2.20 Warsaw, PO @ Proxima
15.2.20 Berlin, DE @ Festsaal
16.2.20 Copenhagen, DK @ Amager Bio
17.2.20 Gothenburg, SE @ Trädgårn
18.2.20 Stockholm, SE @ Slaktkyrksn
20.2.20 Hamburg, DE @ Gruenspan
21.2.20 Leipzig, DE @ Felsenkeller
22.2.20 Oberhausen, DE @ Turbinenhalle
23.2.20 Wiesbaden, DE @ Schlachthof