Best of 2019: Celtic Bob

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01. Def Con Sound System – Silver Bullets

This may have not been my most played album of 2019 but it was the one that really blew my mind. It was like nothing I ever heard before. It was intense, stimulating, interesting and original. There were elements of different genres throughout but the album as a whole was in a league of its own.

02. Helix – Old School

This was my most played CD of 2019. It is exactly what the title says, OLD SCHOOL. These songs were recorded in the late 80’s but never released. Brian saved what he could from the old tapes and the current band re-recorded the songs. Some songs feature Vollmer’s original vocal along with guitar by former member Brent Doerner and the late Paul Hackman.

03. Tom Keifer – Rise

The second solo release from Ex-Cinderella? frontman. Took a few spins before I really got into the album but once I did it went in consistent rotation.

04. Mike Tramp – Stray From The Flock

Another amazing album from the former White Lion vocalist. This is nothing like his previous band. It is more stripped down and personal. Every album since 2013’s COBBLESTONE STREET has been fantastic.

05. Hollywood Vampires – Rise

The second album by the Super-group consisting of Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp. This side project is a fun listen with standout tracks “Heroes” and “People Who Died” sung by Depp.

06. Down n’ Outz – This Is How We Roll

Another side-project band. This time it’s Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) and Guy Griffin (The Quireboys). What started out as a cover band of early 70’s Glam (mainly Mott The Hoople) finally give us an album of originals in that same style. A real fun album that fits in your playlist alongside T.Rex, Bowie, New York Dolls and of course Mott The Hoople.

07. Death Angel – Humanicide

08.Mike Patton/Jean-Claude Vannier – Corpse Flower

09. Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper – At the Gates

10. Sacred Reich – Awakening

11. Michael Sweet – Ten
12.LA Guns – The Devil You Know
13. The Quireboys – Amazing Disgrace
14. Donnie Vie – Beautiful Things
15. Weapon UK – Ghosts Of War
16. Overkill – The Wings Of War
17. Tygers Of Pan Tang – Ritual
18. The End Machine
19. Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood
20. Flotsam & Jetsam – The End Of Chaos

Best Metal Blu-Ray
Quiet Riot – One Night In Milan

Best EP
Alice Cooper – Breadcrumbs

Honourable Mention;
My Wicked Twin – Twin Turbo (Digital Only)

Best Live Album
Molly Hatchet – Battleground

Honourable Mention;
Lee Aaron – Power, Soul Rock n’ Roll: Live In Germany

Best Covers Album
Toque – Never Enough

11 of the 12 Tracks by this Canadian “Supergroup/Side-Project” are covers of, you guessed it: Canadian Classics. How can you go wrong with a band that features Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz?

Best Concert
Def Leppard/Tesla (Arena show)
Honourable Mention;
Killer Dwarfs (Club Show)

Best New Band
Platinum Overdose – Murder In High Heels

Honourable Mention;
A New Revenge

My Favorite Discovery of 2019 was…
The Runaways
Heard a few tunes over the years but never really got into them. After watching a documentary on YouTube then getting the new compilation LP, I’m a fan.

Best Comeback of 2019
Sacred Reich
Knew a few songs but never really listened to them much. The new LP, AWAKENING was more than expected and easily one of the years best albums.

Best Single
There were a few ‘Digital Only’ singles that I really dug and listened to a lot.
Brighton Rock – End of Time
Honourable Mentions;
Sven Gali – Kill The Lies
Crash Kelly – Touch Me
Honeymoon Suite – Tell Me What You Want

Biggest Disappointment
The sound quality of the latest Helix LP. The CD sounds amazing but the vinyl sounds like a wet blanket has been placed over the speakers. At first I thought I received a bad pressing so I opened my other copy and heard the same. I did a side by side with the CD and the difference was night and day. The LP didn’t sound warm and inviting like it should have. It was though the life was sucked out of what is an amazing album. I hope that in 2020 we get a new pressing that has been properly mastered for vinyl.

Hopes for 2020

Looking forward to new records by Ozzy, Annihilator, Mike Tramp, Sven Gali, and Harem Scarem as well as new bands like Storm Force, Dirty Shirley and Black Swan.
Hopefully the next in the series of boxed sets by David Bowie gets released as we never got one in 2019.