Best of 2019: Anders Sandvall

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Personal top 20 for 2019

01. Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia “Moonglow”
Sammet and his project keeps on going, this is the eight release by the symfonic/progressive/heavy metal constellation and features performances by previous singers in Jorn Lande, Michael Kiske, Bob Catly as well as some new contributions by Hansi Kursh, Mille Petrozza and Candice Night.

02. Diviner “Realms Of Time”
This greek metal band finally released their scond album which have taken a long time, but what a album it is. It’s jammed with great songs and is a beast of a album. The sad thing is that all members beside singer Yiannis Papanikolaou left and he is now the only remaining original member. The music is perfect melodic heavy metal with some progresiv US metal in the veins of Iced Earth.

03. Va Rocks “ I Love Va Rocks”
The all female trio from Malmoe/Lund, Sweden finally relesed their second album this year, the album is released by their brand new label Metalville Records and the music is the same good old rock ‘n roll in the veins of AC/DC or Airbourne. The album is really great however I think it’s kind of short with only 10 songs and one intro. If I can make a wish for next album I wish they add more songs on it because the trio has the potential to write some really ass-kicking rock’n’roll songs that for sure.

04. Grenouer “Ambition 999”
From Russia comes the band Grenouer that this year released a semi-new album. AMBITION 999 a have been re-released with new parts and vocals and this is alternative metal as it’s best. This is the band 9th full length album and it’s now time for the rest of the world to give Grenouer some recognition.

05. D.A.D “A Prayer For The Loud”

06. Evergray “The Atlantic”


07. Michael Monroe “One Man Gang”


08. In Flames “I, The Mask”


09. Cyhra “No Halos in Hell”

10. Black Star Riders “Another Sate Of Grace”

11. Volbeat “Rewind Replay Rebound”


12. Eclipse “Paradigm”

13. Danko Jones “A Rock Supreme”


14. Battle Beast “No More Hollywood Endings”


15. Haystack “The Sacrifice”
16. Amon Amarth “Berserker”

17. Overkill “The Wings of War”
18. Within Temptation “Resist”


19. Diamond Dogs “Recall Rock ‘N’ Roll And The Magic Soul”

20. Backyard Babies “Silver And Gold”


Best Metal DVD/Blu-Ray

King Damond “Songs For The Dead Live”
King Diamond shows how it is done on this two shows on this DVD/BlueRay, what can go wrong… nothing King still got it all the way.


Helloween “United Alive”
Helloween with old members Michael Kiske and Kaj Hansen deliver some solid power metal on these two show DVD/BlueRay discs recorded at Madrid, Spain and Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. I saw the show at Wacken Open Air Festival and it was 2,5 hour of pure power metal heaven.


Best EP

Electric Boys “Gone Gone Gone”

Best Live Album

1. Entombed “Clandestine – Live”
What can I say, this is the last act of two when Alex,Uffe and Nicke and new session members Edvin Aftonfalks on bass and singer Robert Anderssons played the album classic “Clandestine”. They did it to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album and it all took place at Malmö Live in Malmö,Sweden 2017. The album has been released one time before, then during a pledge music campaign as a live DVD/CD. The first act of the show is soon to be released.

2. Helloween “United Alive In Madrid”
What can you say when Helloween is joined by old members Michael Kiske and Kaj Hansen? This is pure heaven for all fans of power metal. The tour the band did was really great and I had the pleasure to see two of the shows.


Best Concert

Slayer Wacken Open Air Festival 2019 Germany

Michael Monroe One Man Gang European Tour 2019 – leg 1 – High Voltage Copenhagen, Denmark

Rob Zombie Copenhell Festival 2019 Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark

Hardcore Superstar Malmo Rock Festival 2019 Folkets Park Malmo, Sweden

Demons & Wizards Wacken open Air Festival 2019 Germany

Best Comeback of 2019

Diamond Dogs “Recall Rock ‘N’ Roll And The Magic Soul”
Singer/bandleader Sulo have woken up the beast again with a new lineup that includes some old members as well. The band has been gone since 2015 but are now back with a great album that consists pure english classic rock n roll with a lot of heart and soul.

Haystack “The Sacrifice”

Best Local Band

Va Rocks: This band from Malmo/Lund is one of the bright new stars in the rock n roll scene. The new album which came out late 2019 is really great, in fact it’s so great I put it on the third place on my year-list of great albums. The band calls themselves a “Pull no punches rock’n’roll trio” and I can assure you they are damn right.

NonExist and Andromeda

I think it’s about time for the guitarist/bandleader/singer of Andromeda and NonExist Johan Reinholdz, now member of Dark Tranquillity to shape up and release something new with NonExist or/and Andromeda. I know he’s been busy touring with Dark Tranquillity but hey, what about us that longs for new stuff from your other bands? Latest release from Andromeda came 2011 and NonExist was 2018…give us something new to listen to.


Disappointments of 2019

Arch Enemy “Covered In Blood” why release a cover album?. If you are fan of the band you got all the songs already. This is a cheap way for record labels to cash in money from the fans and to be honest how much fun is it to listen to a cover album?

Children Of Bodom the Finnish act broke up and I really miss the guys music. RIP

It was really sad to hear that mother of Phil Lynott Philomena Lynott past away earlier this year. She was 88 year old so maybe it was her time to meet her son again, but sad anyway because she kept the memory of her son alive in a beautiful way for so many years.

Paul Raymond keybord player of UFO died on the band’s farewell tour in a heart attack at the age of 73 years old.

It was sad to see the almighty Slayer saying goodbye in November, no other bands can take their place.

Slash feat Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators at Copenhell Festival 2019 Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a sad show with nothing going on at all, only boring as hell in all kind of ways. The only fun thing was to see the legendary Slash in action, but that was all.

Steel Panther “Heavy Metal Rules” I have really liked the band since the first time I heard them, sure you have to take everything they say with a shovel of salt but they can be very entertaining. However I was really disappointed with their latest release. The material felt tired and it feels like the guys lacked a inspiration when they wrote the lyrics.

What is up with all these re-releases? A new way for all the labels to cash in on the fans, I mean how many copies do you need of the same album?

Hopes for 2020

Iron Maiden will conquer Europe once again with the Legacy Of The Beast Tour, it’s going to be great fun. Personally I’d like to see a new album by my all time favorite act but hey, I’m happy as long as I get to see the band live.

They let us wait for 15 years but finally, this January it’s time for the best band in Malmoe, Debase to do a re-union live show!!

A new album with Helloween will hit the stores this year and at the end of the year the new tour will start with Kiske and Hansen in the band. It’s going to be epic

The Kiss farewell tour rolls out in Europe this summer and the end is set for early 2021 in the US, is the guys capable of leaving the live stage…and the money it brings?

A lot of nice festivals this summer and a lot of band’s have already been booked as well so it look like it’s going to be a great summer.

The Headlines is finally coming out with a new album this year. The band have toured a little in 2019 but no album, let’s hope that a new one will come this year.

Since the band have performed quite a lot last year I wanna see a new album with The Hellacopters.

I think it is time for Sunburst and Black Fate from Greece to put out some new stuff, it has been a long time since their latest album saw the sun.

Malmo based Funhouse will come back alive next year and do some shows which I’m really looking forward to see. Let’s hope that a new album will come as well.

New albums with Lucifer, Hank Von Hell, Jorn Lande, King Diamond , Demons & Wizards, We Sell The Dead, Night Flight Orchestra and more. I think it is going to be a good year when it comes to record releases.

The meet and greet situations are still going on and it makes me really frustrated. How much money are the bands going to steal from the fans? With all cd’s, vinyl, dvd, concert tickets, beer/wine, books and things the fans buys, why can’t it still be free of charge to get an autograph or a picture from your favorite band?

I hope that InnerWish soon comes out with a new album…I’m waiting.