Lucifer Rising Festival 2019

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Lucifer Rising Festival 2019

@Haus Auensee, Leipzig Germany

29th, December 2019

Review by Cathrine Wendt

Photography by Cathrine Wendt

The Lucifer Rising Festival is a brand new indoor concert event by Continental Concerts in Germany.

This year they put on 3 events in Lichtenfels, Leipzig and München. With a small handful of bands it gives a variety of extreme metal acts ranging from thrash to black metal and punk. In its first run they offered an impressive lineup: Deathrite (DE), Wiegedoood (BE), Midnight (US), Dark Funeral (SW) and Venom (UK). I went to the Leipzig event held at Haus Auensee. I expected it to be sold out but it surprisingly wasn’t.

I will start off by saying that calling it a festival at this point seems a stretch. It was basically a slightly longer concert. I mean 1 more hour than most typical metal gigs with 2-3 bands. Doors opened at 6:30 pm and the first band went on at 7 pm. It lacks anything I would say makes it a festival. There was no festival atmosphere, vendors, or a variety of food and drink. The bands had merch stands as is customary. Perhaps in the future they will expand with more bands and offering more that makes it a festival and not just a big concert. The venue Haus Auensee has a decent stage and I have attended a few gigs here. However the sound isn’t the best. It’s bigger than our main metal venue, Hellraiser, and I suspect they expected a sold out show though it was not so extremely packed and one could purchase tickets at the door.

Unfortunately they had the first band, Deathrite (a local Dresden/Leipzig death metal act), play the moment doors opened at 6:30. It’s usually the case that the doors open and you have 20 to 30 minutes before the first band goes on. I missed their set as I expected the first band to play at 7 as the schedule said. I arrived at 7 just in time for Wiegedood to go on.

It was my first time watching the Belgian black metal group Wiegedood, meaning “Death in the Cradle”. They put on a pretty good show. From first glance I thought this band was more like a death metal act. It’s also a small band with only 3 members. In appearance they do not look like any typical black metal band, dressed simply in jeans and t-shirts. No corpse paint, studs, spikes, or leather to be seen. There are plenty of other black metal bands that have simple stage attire, like Rotting Christ, but these guys were even more toned down. They keep their image simple.

Their set was 4 songs from their albums De Doden Hebben Het Goed II and III, and it was a great performance and full of energy. They started with Ontzieling and then played some of their shorter songs around 6-8 minutes long. They closed their set with Parool and were well liked by the audience. De Doden Hebben Het Goed II was the highlight of the set for me.

Lucicfer Rising Festival 2019 – Levy Seynaeve

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Wim Sreppoc

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Gilles Demolder

Next up was American metal/punk act Midnight. A mixture of metal and punk, this group comes out rocking hard and fast. They have a stage look of punk rockers and wear hooded masks so you cannot see their faces. You can hear many influences from Motörhead, Judas Priest, and Toxic Holocaust.

The sound was not working so well for this band’s set, however they did put on quite the high energy show and a full set for 45 minutes. Many attending were interested and excited to see them play. The set went by quite quickly and while I personally am not a big fan of them they nevertheless provided an excellent set. They opened with Vomit Queens, and there was very little talking or breaks in between each song. They did not lose their energy and kept the momentum up. They ended with Unholy and Rotten and made way for Dark Funeral.

Lucifer Rissing Festival 2019 – Midnight Athenar

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Midnight Comamnder Vanik

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Midnight

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Midnight

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Midnight

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Midnight

This was one of the bands I was really excited to see: Sweden’s long established black metal group Dark Funeral. As the stage was being prepared for their unholy performance we noticed the large banner being raised was sideways! Oops! They had to lower it again and change it quickly. It was a funny moment that gave everyone a chuckle. They appeared on stage with corpse paint in black leather armour and ready to give us a bath of Satanic black metal.

Dark Funeral started off with “Unchain My Soul” from their newest album Where Shadows Forever Reign. The set was a really great mix of old and new. However, Dominator was missed. Jalomaah is a great drummer and played really consistently but lacks the energy and presence of Dominator. Dark Funeral was, for me, the best act on stage that night. Everyone played a tight set and did not disappoint. Lord Ahriman and Chaq Mol played ferociously and delivered superb evil riffs. Heljarmadr’s vocals dominated and the clean vocals of rituals and incantations sent chills down my spine. He has an excellent range and one of the best black metal frontmen in the scene. They are not too theatrical but there are the moments like in Nail Them to the Cross where he holds a crucifix upside down and blasphemes it by rubbing it against his crotch and spitting on it.

I feel, though, that their energy was lacking and I think it’s due more to the fact the crowd also lacked energy. There was very little moshing, crowd surfing, maybe it was just everyone was still tired from Christmas. Who knows, but I felt this was the case for the entire gig aside from Midnight. Though still these guys slayed the stage with an excellent selection of songs from their discography. Open The Gates, My Funeral and The secrets of the Black Arts were some of my favourites along with Unchain My Soul and Nail Them to the Cross. They ended with Where Shadows Forever Reign.

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Dark Funeral Heljarmadr

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Dark Funeral Lord Ahriman

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Dark Funeral Chaq Mol

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Dark Funeral

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Dark Funeral

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Dark Funeral

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Dark Funeral

Legendary British extreme metal act Venom was the last band to play. Venom, being considered one of the founding bands of what would become black metal, was something to behold. These guys have been around a long time but still rock the stage like no one else. Cronos is the only original member.

While Dark Funeral take their Satanism quite seriously Venom used Satanism and the imagery more for effect and theme. Cronos knows how to really engage with the audience and he puts on quite the show with his bass guitar. His vocals are still strong and he is one of those who you will always recognise when you hear a Venom song. They played a long set and pleased the crowd with plenty of classics. They like to open up with their most well known single, “Black Metal”.

The group used some pyrotechnics but not overly used. Overall the group put on an amazing show! It was for me really a treat to be able to see Venom live.

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019- Venom

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Venom Danté

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Venom Chronos

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Venom

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Venom

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Venom

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Venom Rage

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Venom

Lucifer Rising Festival 2019 – Venom

Overall it was a really good lineup. The festival feel was not there but it was still a really entertaining evening. There is much potential; indoor winter music festivals are gaining more traction. Wacken Winter Nights for example has been ever-growing. Lucifer Rising gets off to a fair start with a decent selection of bands. Hopefully if they continue doing these events they will organise a little better with the schedule, venue and invite more bands and make it longer, at least more like most the day.

In the US I went to festivals that were only a day long that travelled across the country. I think having a black metal festival like this in the winter is a great idea. Hopefully this is the start of something really cool because why should festivals be limited to the summer?



When Nightmares Reign
Appetite For Murder
Invoke Nocturnal Light
Where Evil Arises
Obscure Shades
Temptation Calls


De Doden Hebben Het Goed II


Vomit Queens
Poison Trash
All Hail Hell
Satanic Royalty
Rebirth by Blasphemy
Lust Filth and Sleaze
Violence on Violence
Prowling Leather
Evil like a Knife
You Can’t Stop Steel
Unholy and Rotten

Dark Funeral

Unchain My Soul
The Arrival of Satan’s Empire
Temple of Ahriman
The Secrets of the Black Arts
As I Ascend
Open the Gates
My Funeral
Nail Them to the Cross
Where Shadows Forever Reign


Black Metal
Bring Out Your Dead
100 Miles to Hell
The Death of Rock’n’Roll
Long Haired Punks
Pedal to the Metal
Don’t Burn the Witch
In Nomine Satanas
Welcome to Hell
Countess Bathory
Suffering Dictates
Dark Night ( Of the Soul)
The Evil One
Encore – In League With Satan