Red Death – Sickness Divine

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Reviewed: January, 2020
Released: 2019, Century Media Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Ambra Chilenwa

The modern metal scene has been unveiling more passion as great examples of uniting thrash metal and crossover continue being demonstrated. Hailing from the United States’ capital, Washington, are Red Death, who have presented their 3rd full-length album in ‘Sickness Divine’.

The opening track, titled ‘Sickness Divine’, opens with a melodious acoustic passage later enhancing into a classic vocal delivery with an energetic flow of nostalgia. As we move on to ‘Face The Pain’, we see a blending of classic metal characteristics influenced by the emphasis on rhythm rather than melody. Further on, the productions develops into a heavy beat accompanied with body-aching riffs to allure you into more of their intensity. The harshness is paused and a small breather is taken before quickly returning to the fast pace.

Personally, this is a very solid release where, if released during thrash metal and hardcore’s prime decade, it would be perceived as a very notable classic.



1. Sickness Divine
2. Face the Pain
3. Sword Without a Sheath
4. The Anvil’s Ring
5. Sheep May Unsafely Graze
6. Path of Discipline
7. (Refuse to Be) Bound by Chains
8. Dreadful Perception
9. Ravage
10. Exhalation of Decay

Band line-up:

Robin – Bass
Connor – Drums
Ace – Guitars
DHD – Vocals



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