One Hour Hell – Voidwalker

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Reviewed: January 2020
Released: September 2019, Vicisolum Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Johnny Wolf

Swedish death metal is infamous with its high standards, setting the bar high for relatively newer Swedish death metal bands to establish presence in the midst of big names like Entombed and others.

One Hour Hell is an upcoming band that has been around since 2008, releasing three full-length albums so far; they were able to establish themselves in the scene nicely. Voidwalker, their third album, has been released in September 2019 after a change of bassist.

Voidwalker comes with nine tracks that hit you straight up with massive, crushing sounds kicking in with “A Violent Cancer”. These guys have no mercy and they mean business, they express that well in the entire album.

Aggression, brutality, riff after riff, heavy chugs infused with blast-beats all the way. One Hour Hell have mastered their craft with precise chugs and progressive drumming that gets the listener on a roll.

The album from start to end is an intense experience in every possible way. The technical breakdowns add a sweet taste to the riffs in a catchy way, some of the tracks are a bit slower and more focused, while others are more chaotic and destructive, and there’s even a bit of clean signing at the last track that adds a nice touch towards the end.

I cannot make up my mind on the following point, although I have listened to the album many times, but I feel like this album is not dynamic enough. Don’t get me wrong, consistency can be a good thing, but Voidwalker sounds like one piece from beginning to end.

It might be what the band is trying to achieve here, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, to establish a style by creating pure death metal sounding album, but with nine tracks I would’ve hoped for more variety here and there.

Nothing bad here, it’s a great album, it’s just I don’t feel hooked much, even after listening to it many times. The band possesses great talent, I’d enjoy watching them perform live.

As I said in the beginning of this review, with many sweet releases this year it is challenging to create something that stands out. One Hour Hell have done well with Voidwalker but I feel like they can do more still.



1. A Violent Cancer 3:37
2. Empty Eyes 5:02
3. Hall Of A Thousand Minds 5:50
4. Within 6:23
5. Exit 6:20
6. Purge 5:37
7. Ashes From A Last Breath 5:38
8. Re-Saw 5:47
9. Drivkraft 4:35

Band line-up:

Joakim Mikiver–Vocals
Ludvig Ågren Hertz–Guitars
Krister Andersen–Guitars
Teddy Möller–Bass
Martin Ågren–Drums