Mefisto – Octagram

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Reviewed: January, 2020
Released: 2019, GMR Music Group
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Ambra Chilenwa

The second I began streaming this release from Swedish Blackened thrash group Mefisto, I was already grasped by its melodic opening dancing with the acoustic, atmospheric rhythms. It opens with such an uplifting first track, providing hair-raising solos and sombre rhythms.

The band features Chaq Mol from Dark Funeral, who continues to spread occultism and darkness throughout Stockholm. When you reach the track “The Cult of Death”, you will lose your taste buds with its gripping solo and haunting vocal structure. This production has surely conquered the elements of mystery, gloom and obscurity. Each track is packaged with special packages waiting to demonstrate its touch in continuing to produce occult blackened speed thrash. This is possibly one of the most original passages I’ve ever reviewed as there is no need to compare this to anything else.

A classic that will rise in appreciation as the years go by is certainly what this release will labelled as amongst the black and thrash metal scene.


1. Octagram
2. Circulus Est Clasus
3. The Cult Of Death
4. Armageddon
5. Grand Demons At War
6. Roots Ov Thy Soul
7. Alpha And Omega
8. Megalomania

Band line-up:
Robert “Thord” Granath – Drums
Omar Ahmed – Vocals, guitar
Morgan Myrhberg – Bass
Chaq Mol – Guitars


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