Gunjack – The Cult Of Triblade

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Reviewed: January 2020
Released: December 16th, 2019 / Self-Release
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

These Italian rock-n-rollers are back with a punishing sophomore release to blow your hair back and rattle those patches right off your denim vests.

Gunjack was formed in 2017 and shortly thereafter released their debut album with the assistance of Sliptrick Records. I did not dig too deep as to why the band decided to release their latest, THE CULT OF TRIBLADE on their own, but I am glad they did.

THE CULT OF TRIBLADE includes 13 songs of pure old-style heavy music. The lyrics are about war, social problems, marginalization, religion and a bit of sci-fi. The band delivers their thrash metal style combined with rock ’n roll style and classic heavy metal. I say thrash metal loosely. Think Motorhead or Superchrist and you’ll get the picture.

On this album, the band continues the saga of the droid Gunjack who faces his main targets. Without listening to their previous work, I am not sure of the storyline. Another piece of this story has been unveiled in the second chapter of a concept that probably will go along with the band in the next years.

The opening track is one that is more of an intro I suppose as it is a bit atmospheric and almost more of an Avant-Garde, spoken word or alternative sounding song which is 1000 miles from what the other 12 tracks offer up which is a full-on assault of the senses when it comes to some of the catchiest heavy music out there.

Gunjack may possibly sound a bit too close to Motorhead at times, mainly due to the vocals, but they do not sound like clones. The music is well thought out and delivered with precision, passion and driving intensity that gets the head and fists a banging.


1. The Cult of Triblade
2. Behind the Truth
3. I’m Not Innocent
4. District 9
5. Fukushima
6. New Cold Soldier
7. Immortals
8. Mind’s Annihilation
9. Kneel Down
10. Normandy
11. Lake of Uniforms
12. Triblade
13. Last Conflict

M47 – Drums
Gamma Mörser – Guitars
Mr. Messerschmitt – Vocals, Bass